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Kenny [England]  »  kenny (70's band) rare lyrics   

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  27th Apr 2012, 11:58 AM#1  QUOTE  REPORT  

Joined: Mar 2012
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I search this lyrics of Kenny (the 70's band) :
Anyone can write this lyrics please ?

Forget The Janes, The Jeans And The Mights Have Been
I'm A Winner
The Sound Of Super K
Dancin' Feet
Happiness Melissa

Hey Mr Dream Seller
Glad Glad Glad
Long Lost Summer
Just A Word Away

Bangin My Head Against A Brick Wall
Be My Girl
Make Up Break Up
Alone Together
I Won't Cry
You Wrote The Words
I'm Coming Home
Go Into Hiding
End Of A Love Affair

Old Songs Never Die
Don't Hold On
Time Is The Healer

  30th Apr 2012, 7:28 AM#2  QUOTE  REPORT  

Joined: Mar 2012
Posts: 85
I try with You Wrote The Words

I was free as a bird,
Flying high in the sky.
Now you care in the world,
No you've done in your eyes.
Movin' on everyday,
For I could in go home.
Do you know to sold down
And then you came in love.

You wrote the words
Then I maked a song.
You give me your love
And we never go on ...?
You wrote the words
Then I maked a song.
You give me your love
And we never go on.

I was working alone
For the view of my mind.
But I decided to stay
And be my free life behind.
And then open the door
Feeling in would to me
And did you know what you saying
Then we was came to me.

You wrote the words

You wrote the words

I try with End Of A Love Affair

This is the end of a love affair
It's been so long and never fool it cool
So said goodbye and please is think on me
And did we me again your middle truth friends choose.

There was a time, now so long ago
When we were so happy together
Nothing no more it you every change anything
A word of love if I get everyday,
But it's all over now.

Rember time we shade within girl
I as so much fun, you know I work again
But now my love, I as to go away
Shy the passing word, see nothing me a grey

There was a time

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