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  21st Sep 2012, 4:36 PM#1  QUOTE  REPORT  
Dr Doom

I know I need a small vacation
Joined: Feb 2008
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Coming soon...

Holland pt2

Side 1:

The Fun of It: "Drollery" – Rel. 1966
The Bumble Bees: "Girl of My Kind" – Rel. 1967
The Phantoms: "Someday I'm Somebody" – Rel. 1965
Chapter II: "East of My Place"
The Jets: "I Was So Glad"
The Haigs: "Never Die" – Rel. 1966
The Marquees: "Call My Name" – Rel. 1967
The Haigs: "Where to Run" – Rel. 1966

Side 2:

The Jets: "Worker in the Night"
The Lords: "Day after Day" – Rel. 1966
The Counsellors: "I'll Be Your Man" – Rel. 1965
Les Baroques: "Working on a Tsjing Tsjang"
The Motions: "I've Got Misery" – Rel. 1964
The Jay/Jays: "Come Back If You Dare" – Rel. 1966
Zen: "Please Accept My Invitation"
The Outsiders: "If You Don't Treat Me Right" (Wally Tax/Ron Splinter) – Rel. 1967

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