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Using the Website

Discuss the 45cat website or get help on using it

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[PINNED]  List of listsHarvestmanMan
5th Sep 2014
3Using the Website
Track numbers for big box sets. Klepsie
23rd Jun 2016
1Using the Website
New image uploading page.The Toad
21st Jun 2016
13Using the Website
Adding imagesGetalife
16th Jun 2016
19Using the Website
New Country 123DeadWax
16th Jun 2016
41Using the Website
New feature: linked releases 12RecordDragon
15th Jun 2016
32Using the Website
Downloading your collectiongypsyofthesky
31st May 2016
5Using the Website
28th May 2016
2Using the Website
Best program to use in order to upload labelsnhumbard
28th May 2016
12Using the Website
Alternative Programs to PaintThe Toad
14th May 2016
1Using the Website
Using Paint.NETtosc.ts
12th May 2016
6Using the Website
How to Add New Releases?loadedcat
11th May 2016
2Using the Website
45cat images can be used in the forumGetalife
2nd May 2016
13Using the Website
Comments not working...Monolith
30th Apr 2016
7Using the Website
Explore -> ... -> 404 Page not foundOrbiting Cat
29th Apr 2016
2Using the Website
Email notifications?lukpac
28th Apr 2016
1Using the Website
Box Setiisiboi
27th Apr 2016
12Using the Website
25th Apr 2016
5Using the Website
Help in loading images.fabgear66
24th Apr 2016
13Using the Website
Verifying email addressOrbiting Cat
20th Apr 2016
3Using the Website
Having PMs sent to your regular email addressZiggy72
20th Apr 2016
3Using the Website
Tags -: How To SearchOrbiting Cat
18th Apr 2016
6Using the Website
New! Collection and Wishlist iconsannaloog
18th Apr 2016
7Using the Website
Order of the records 123Break-In master
10th Apr 2016
40Using the Website
Bugs in collection?carryonsidney
7th Apr 2016
0Using the Website
Unusual link?Lanark
2nd Apr 2016
5Using the Website
Maximum 100 Records Shown - filterAppletree1
11th Mar 2016
2Using the Website
7th Mar 2016
5Using the Website
Error advancing beyond page 200 on a label page?Orbiting Cat
5th Mar 2016
3Using the Website
small band's self released, so not on label, singlesskabuoy
20th Feb 2016
3Using the Website
Edit Image 12cassotto74
19th Feb 2016
22Using the Website
Mono and Stereo ideaSomeCallMeTim
17th Feb 2016
10Using the Website
Changing the main image of a recordcassotto74
7th Feb 2016
4Using the Website
Search Discogs not Amazon. 12Whyperion
22nd Jan 2016
21Using the Website
Uploading a listmusictom
10th Jan 2016
4Using the Website
smartphones, androids, etc.musictom
26th Dec 2015
8Using the Website
700,000 and up? 12Graham7
13th Dec 2015
34Using the Website
Adding picturesTheJudge
11th Dec 2015
1Using the Website
A point worth notingJuke Jules
9th Dec 2015
2Using the Website
Image viewing problem!vincenzo
28th Nov 2015
5Using the Website

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