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This is a list of all records, that peaked as 1# on the Swedish "Tio-I-Topp" chart.
It was a voting list, with a jury that voted direct in the radio broadcast, and the rules changed over the years.
From the beginning it was 30 tracks in "Trettio I Test". Ten were eliminated.
There were 20 tracks each Saturday, but five were eliminated before the broadcast. First you voted on 5 tracks, that should NOT be on the list. Then you voted on the rest to get the Tio I Topp.
When finished, the list will contain some hundred tracks.
The list will start on the 14th of October, 1961, and end on the 29th of June, 1974.
I will add them in order of when they reached the 1# position.
Most RCA and RCA Victor 45rpm releases at this time were not really Swedish releases. They were German releases, but sold in Sweden.
Tio-I-Topp went on export in appr. 1965. BBC Radio One f. ex. started an own variation called "The Top Ten Game".
There was also a production between 6 countries (Sweden
, England, Norway, Belgium, Switzerland and Finland) called "European Pop Jury" based in London, UK. BBC:s Johnny Beerling and SR:s Klas Burling were the producers.
But that's another story.

Winners year by year:
1961 Damita Jo 73 p
1962 Cliff Richard 180 p
1963 Cliff Richard 178 p
1964 The Beatles 571 p
1965 The Beatles 333 p
1966 The Kinks 228 p
1967 The Beatles 211 p
1968 The Beatles 210 p
1969 Elvis Presley 149 p
1970 Creedence Clearwater Revival 317 p
1971 Middle Of The Road 193 p
1972 Tony Christie 156 p
1973 Elton John 164 p
1974 Abba 127
List of 116 records by lorangrecords  :   Discuss (5 Comments)

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1Ron Goodwin And His Orchestra

A: Murder She Says
B: Double Scotch
Parlophone Sweden45-R 482119617"
2The Beatles

A: I Want To Hold Your Hand
B: This Boy

I Want To Hold Your Hand entered the list on Jan. 4, 1964, and peaked first week as #1. Four weeks on top and a total of 8 weeks on the list.
Parlophone SwedenR 5084Dec 19637"
3The Byrds

A: Mr. Tambourine Man
B: I Knew I'd Want You
CBS Sweden192219657"
4Robert Karl-Oskar Broberg

A: Uppblåsbara Barbara
B: Elisabeth
Columbia Sweden4E 006-34087 M19707"
5The Beatles

A: Hello, Goodbye
B: I Am The Walrus
Parlophone SwedenR 5655Nov 19677"
6The Beatles

A: Michelle
B: Girl
Parlophone SwedenSD 598727 Jan 19667"
7The Beatles

A: I'll Follow The Sun
B: I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
Parlophone SwedenSD 598113 Jul 19657"
8The Beatles

A: A Hard Day's Night
B: Things We Said Today
Parlophone SwedenR 516022 Jul 19647"
9The Beatles

A: Can't Buy Me Love
B: You Can't Do That
Parlophone SwedenR 5114Mar 19647"
10Beach Boys

A: Surfin' Safari
B: 409
Capitol SwedenF 477719627"
11Eddie Hodges

A: I´m Gonna Knock On Your Door
B: Ain´t Gonna Wash For A Week

"I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door" won the very first 4 lists. 6 weeks on the list in total.
I'm Gonna Knock was launched in 1959 by The Isley Brothers (RCA 47-7537); also with The Blizzards 1973; and with Jimmy Osmond & Albert West in 1974.
Cadence SwedenC 139719617"
12The Viscounts [UK]

A: Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)
B: What Am I Saying

18 Nov. 1961.
Who Put The Bump remained on the list for 11 weeks, but only one week as 1#.
Pye Sweden7N 1537919617"
13Anita Lindblom

A: Sån't Är Livet (You Can Have Her)
B: Det Är Nå't Mysko (Mysterious Tango)

"Sån't Är Livet" entered the list Nov. 18 1961.
Next week Nov. 25 peaked as 1#. Stayed there for 5 weeks in a row. In total 8 weeks on the list.
Swedish version of "You Can Have Her" launched by Roy Hamilton in 1961. (Epic 5-9434 / US.
Fontana Sweden271 201 TFOct 19617"
14Bobby Darin

A: Multiplication
B: Irresistible You

Multiplication entered the list on it's 3rd try as #5. Peaked as#1 dec. 30 1961 & Jan. 13 1962. In all 8 weeks on the list.
Multiplication was from Darin's debut film "Come September" in 1961.
Atlantic SwedenATL 70.073Nov 19617"
15Kenny Ball And His Jazzmen

A: Midnight In Moscow
B: My Mother's Eyes

"Midnight In Moscow". Only one week on the list Jan. 6 1962, but as 1#.
This is what happens sometimes with a voting list.
Pye Jazz Sweden7NJ.2049Dec 19617"
16Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Good Luck Charm
B: Anything That's Part Of You

"Good Luck Charm". Into the list on March 24 1962 as 3#. March 31 as 1#. Stayed there for 2 weeks. Was replaced by Chattanooga Choo Choo for 5 weeks, and entered to the top for the last time on May 19. In total 9 weeks on the list.
RCA Germany47-79927 Mar 19627"
17Floyd Cramer

A: Chattanooga Choo Choo
B: The Big Chihuahua

Entered the list March 24 as 6#, and peaked as 1# April 14. Stayed there for 5 weeks. In total 10 weeks on the list.
Chattanooga Choo Choo was launched 1941 in the film "It Happened In Sun Valley" by Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.
RCA Germany47-9391Mar 19627"
18Russ Conway

A: Lesson One
B: Angelo

"Lesson One" entered the list on May 26 1962 as 1#.
Stayed there for 3 weeks. A total of 6 weeks on the list.
Columbia UKDB 4784Mar 19627"
19Perry Como

A: The Island Of Forgotten Lovers
B: Caterina

It was Caterina that went into the list as 4# on June 9 1962. Caterina only peaked as 1# once, June 16, but stayed on the list for 10 weeks.
RCA Germany47-8004May 19627"
20Cliff Richard

A: I'm Lookin' Out The Window

Cliff Richard And The Shadows

B: Do You Want To Dance

Do You Want To Dance entered the list as 5# on June 9 1962. Reached the 1# June 30. Only one week at the top, but remained on the list for 15 weeks.
Launched by Bobby Freeman in 1958 (London HL-J 8644).
Columbia UKDB 48284 May 19627"
21Pat Boone

A: Speedy Gonzales
B: That's For Me

Speedy entered the list as 1# on July 28 1962. Remained on first place for 6 weeks. Two more weeks and then out. Eight weeks in total.
David Dante launched Speedy as B-side of K-K-K-Katy (RCA 47-7860) in 1961. Also The Hep Stars made a version of S.G. in 1969, but it peaked as 2# on the list and stayed for 9 weeks.
Dot SwedenD 29619627"
22Larry Finnegan

A: Dear One
B: Candy Lips

Dear One entered the list on July 28 1962 as 3#. Reached the top on Sept. 8. Remained on first place for 3 weeks. Total on the list were 11 weeks.
His Master's Voice SwedenPOP 10229 Jul 19627"
23Little Eva

A: The Loco-Motion
B: He Is The Boy

"The Loco-Motion" peaked as #1 on Sept. 29 & Oct. 6, 1962. It spend 11 weeks on the list.

This track was also recorded by Plums (Swedish pop group) in 1968, Grand Funk in 1974, plus a Swedish version by Pugh Rogefeldt 1973.
London Sweden45-HL 958119627"
24Gene Vincent

A: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B: The King Of Fools

A re-recording of "Be-Bop-A-Lula" his break through hit from 1956. Into the list as 8# Nov. 3 1962. Peaked as 1# on Nov. 24. Only 1 week on top, but 10 weeks on the list.
Capitol SwedenCL 1526419627"
25Marcie Blane

A: Bobby's Girl
B: A Time To Dream

Bobby's Girl entered the list as 5# on Dec. 1 1962.
Next week it peaked as 1#. Stayed on top for 2 weeks. In total 8 weeks on the list.
London SwedenHL 959919627"
26Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: Return To Sender
B: Where Do You Come From

Return To Sender run up to 3# as a newcommer on Dec. 15 1962. Dec. 22 it peaked as 1#. Also the 2 following weeks. A total of 6 weeks on the list. From the film "Girls Girls Girls" 1962.
RCA Germany47-81001 Oct 19627"
27John Leyton

A: Cupboard Love
B: Land Of Love

Cupboard Love entered on April 6 1963. Reached 1# April 27.
Was also 3 times 2#. In total 9 weeks on the list.
John Leyton had 8 tracks on the list, but this was his only 1# on the Tio-I-Topp.
His Master's Voice SwedenPOP 11223 Mar 19637"
28Gerry And The Pacemakers

A: How Do You Do It?
B: Away From You

"How Do You Do It?" peaked as #1 on May 4 & 11, 1963. It entered the list on April 20 and stayed on the list for 9 weeks.
Columbia SwedenDB 4987Apr 19637"
29Elvis Presley

Kiss Me Quick

A1: Kiss Me Quick
A2: Night Rider
B1: Joshua Fit The Battle
B2: Judy

"Joshua Fit The Battle" was picked from this EP and reach 1# on Tio-I-Topp on May 18 1963. Three weeks on the chart.
RCA GermanyEPA 90736 Nov 1962EP
30Cliff Richard And The Shadows

A: Lucky Lips
B: I Wonder

"Lucky Lips" entered Tio-I-Topp on June 1, 1963 as #2. Then 5 weeks on top. In total 14 weeks on the list, mostly as #2 or #3.
Columbia SwedenDB 7034Jun 19637"
31Elvis Presley With The Jordanaires

A: (You're The) Devil In Disguise
B: Please Don't Drag That String Around

Devil in Disguise entered the chart as 1# on July 20 1963. Stayed on the top for 8 weeks. Then 5# and out.
RCA Germany47-818818 Jun 19637"
32Françoise Hardy

A1: L'Amour S'en Va
A2: Je Pense A Lui (A wonderful dream)
B1: L'Amour D'un Garçon (The love of a boy)
B2: Comme Tant D'Autres

"L'amour S'en Va" was sold in Sweden both on a single (Vogue V 45-1079) and an EP (Vogue EPL 8076). It entered the list on Sept. 14, 1963 as #4. Sept. 28 it reached the top. Only one week there, and 5 weeks in total.
Monaco's entry at the "Eurovisionsschlagerfestivaln" (European Song Contest) in London 23/3 1963. Ended on 5th place.
Vogue FranceEPL. 80761963EP
33Brenda Lee

A: My Whole World Is Falling Down
B: I Wonder

My Whole World Is Falling Down entered the list as #6 7 Sept. 1963.
Reached #1 on 5 Oct. Next week also #1.
Stayed in total 10 weeks on the list.
Decca Sweden05891Aug 19637"
34Bobby Bare

A: Detroit City
B: Heart Of Ice

"Detroit City" was Bobby's first of two releases to join the T-I-T. Both in 1963. It spend 10 weeks on the list, but only Oct. 19 & Nov. 2 as #1.
RCA Victor Germany47-8183Sep 19637"
35The Beatles

A: She Loves You
B: I'll Get You

She Loves You entered the list Oct. 5, 1963 as the first entry for The Beatles. The 6th week it peaked as #1. 6 weeks on top in a row, only with a break Dec. 14 by The Streaplers and Diggety Doggety. In all 14 weeks on the list.
Parlophone SwedenR 505521 Aug 19637"
36The Beatles

A: All My Loving
B: I Saw Her Standing There

Entered the list as #1 on Febr. 15, 1964. Stayed there for five weeks, and was replaced by Can'r Buy Me Love.
Remained on the list for 9 weeks.
Odeon SwedenSD 595818 Feb 19647"
37Jerry Lee Lewis

A: Bonnie B
B: When I Get Paid

"Bonnie B" was on the list for 9 weeks. It peaked as #1 only once. March 28, 1964.
First rel. 1961 (Sun 371 / US).
London SwedenHL 712319647"

A: My Boy Lollipop
B: Something's Gotta Be Done

"My Boy Lollipop" was on the list for 11 weeks. Entered May 2, 1964. Peaked as #1 May 16.
This track was launched by Barbie Gaye (Darl R 1002 / US) in 1956.
Fontana Sweden267 331 TFApr 19647"
39Alma Cogan

A: Tennessee Waltz
B: I Love You Much Too Much

Tennessee Waltz was on the list for 16 weeks.
It entered May 16, 1964 as #3. Peked as #1 on June 13. Stayed the following 7 weeks on top.
Launched in 1948 by Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys (RCA 20-2680/US 78rpm).Sold more than 1.000 000 copies for Pattie Page (Metronome B 538). Also by Kerstin Aulén in 1973.
Columbia SwedenDB 7233Apr 19647"
40Manfred Mann

A: Do Wah Diddy Diddy
B: What You Gonna Do?

"Do Wah Diddy Diddy" entered the list & peaked as #1 on Aug. 15, 1964. Three more weeks on top & 7 weeks in total on the list.
It was launched by "The Exciters"' the same year (UA 67.061. Also by Claes Dieden in 1969.
His Master's Voice SwedenPOP 1320Aug 19647"
41The Beatles

A: I Should Have Known Better
B: You Really Gotta Hold On Me

The Beatles 7th #1. Entered and peaked as 1# Oct. 10, 1964. #2 next week, passed by Roy Orbison and Oh, Pretty Woman. Back on top the week after, and stayed there for 5 more weeks. 6 weeks on top, and in all 13 weeks on the list.
From the film "A Hard Day's Night".
Odeon SwedenSD 59711 Oct 19647"

A: Sleep Little Girl
B: Tell Me You're Mine

Sleep Little Girl entered as 3# 21 Nov. 1964.
The following week it peaked as #1.
Only one week as #1, but 9 more weeks on the list.
Platina SwedenPA 102Oct 19647"
43The Rolling Stones

A1: Time Is On My Side
A2: Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
B1: Congratulations
B2: Route 66

"Tell Me" was picked from this EP, and entered the list on Dec. 5, 1964. The following 6 weeks it peaked as #1. 11 weeks on the list. It was the first of only 3 Rolling Stones' tracks that peaked as #1. Although thay had 16 tracks on the list through the years.
Decca SwedenSDE 7260Nov 1964EP
44The Honeycombs

A: She´s Too Way Out
B: That´s The Way

"That's The Way" entered the list as #1 on Jan. 23, 1965. Earlier that month The Honeycombs took part in the Swedish TV program "Drop In". Might have helped a bit. This record was released in England 6 months later. (The TV show again?).
3 weeks on top and 7 on the list.
Pye Sweden7N 30119657"
45Del Shannon

A: Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow The Sun)
B: Broken Promises

"Keep Searchin'" stayed 8 weeks on the list.
It entered on Jan. 23, 1965 as #8.3 weeks later it peaked as #1, and also the following week.
Also released by Eleanor Bodel in 1969.
Stateside SwedenKSS 101519647"
46The Beatles

A: Rock And Roll Music
B: If I Fell

Entered and peaked as 1# on Feb. 20, 1965 and stayed there for 7 weeks. In all 10 weeks on the list.
Rock And Roll Music was launched by Chuck Berry in 1957. London HLM 8531.
Parlophone SwedenSD 59748 Feb 19657"
47The Hep Stars

A: Cadillac
B: Mashed Potatoes

"Cadillac" was on the list for 7 weeks, and peaked as #1 the first and only week on top Apr. 17, 1965.
It was launched in 1964 by The Renegades (Polar POS 1007). A re-writing of Vince Taylor's "Brand New Cadillac" (Parlophone R 4534) from 1959. Also with "Rockfolket" (a Swedish R'n'R retro group from Sweden) 1973.
Olga SwedenSO 09Mar 19657"
48The Beatles

A: Ticket To Ride
B: Yes It Is

Ticket To Ride only peaked as 1# for one week. May 1, 1965. In total it was 7 weeks on the list.
Parlophone SwedenR 52654 Apr 19657"
49The Hep Stars

A: Farmer John
B: Donna

"Farmer John" entered the list the same week as "Cadillac". It reached 3rd place the first week. May 8, 1965 it peaked as #1. Stayed on top for 4 weeks. 12 weeks on the list.
Launched by Don & Dewey (Specialty 659/US). Also with The Deejays in 1965.
This Saturday the list contained 3 tracks from The Hep Stars & 2 tracks from The Beatles.
Olga SwedenSO 06Mar 19657"
50The Animals

A: Bring It On Home To Me
B: For Miss Caulker

"Bring It On Home To Me" was their 4th entry on the list. It was launched in 1962 by Sam Cooke (RCA 47-8036); also with Eddie Floyd but in 1969.
It entered the list on 15 May, 1965 as #9. June 5 it peaked as #1. The following week as 3 and the there after again #1. 13 weeks on the list in total.
Columbia SwedenDB 7539May 19657"

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