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Thnk you stevep for your sterling work in maintaining this list :-)
List of 356 records by zabadak  :   Discuss (362 Comments)

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1Georgie Fame And The Blue Flames

A: Getaway
[none] UK1966Special Edition 7"
2A. Pizzigoni

Fantasia Romantica

A1: Concerto Per Piano E Orchestra N. 21
A2: "Presto" Dalla Sinfonia N. 7 Opera 92
Microwatt ItalyM/3-73Mar 1973Flexi
3Michelin 'X'

A: Michelin 'X' tyres
B: Michelin 'X' tyres
Michelin UKJU 597"
4Bruce Turner And His Jump Band

A: Cave Girl
B: Charlie - My Darling
Audio Plastics Ltd. UKLYN 2081961Flexi
5Het Leedy Trio

A: O, Wat Een Sigaret!
B: Ay, Ay, Ay, Die Caballero
Bovema Special Products NetherlandsRC 12219617"
6De Berini's

A: Ik Wil Jou
B: Tommy
Munich NetherlandsMRS 77019917"
7Joe Loss And His Orchestra

Ernie And Joe

A: New York, New York
B: R.A.C. AL (Y.M.C.A.)
Decca UKDec 19877"
8The Goodies

A: It's A Gas

The Potterton Theme

B: Put In A Potterton
Potterton UK1974Promo Only 7"
9[no artist listed]

A: The Hipster
B: Come Fly A Kite
Philips UK6006 57819777"
10Mies Bouwman En Joop Doderer

A: 3 Minuten Met Quiz-Miss

Michelin Band

B: 3 Minuten Cha-Cha-Cha
Microwatt Netherlands961-41961Flexi
11[no artist listed]

A: Molly - Molly - Mäuschen

Illo Schieder

B: Ich bin rund und gesund
Triumph Germany7F654787"
12Arthur Paul Society

A: Cristallina Prima

Jean Michel Borgeat

B: Ballade Pour Une Bergère
Cristallina Extra SwitzerlandPZM 17"
13[no artist listed]

A: The Frigidaire Equipped Washeteria Profit Story
Lyntone UKLYN 18237"
14[no artist listed]

Roselands Invites You To Sing-Along "Roselands We Love You"

A1: Roselands We Love You
A2: Roselands We Love You
A3: Roselands We Love You
A4: Roselands We Love You
A5: Roselands We Love You
A6: Roselands We Love You
Ambassador AustraliaFlexi
15Terry Wogan

A: 'Fight The Flab' With Terry Wogan
Playtex 18 Hour UKSFI 1171972Flexi
16Jack Hazlett

A: The "Mobil Man" Campaign

No Artist Listed

B: "Mobil Man" Jingles
Mobil Oil New ZealandPR 1055Promo Only 7"
17T. Rex

A: 20th Century Boy
B: The Groover
Carrere France9031-75373-719917"
18Lainie Kazan Sings Air New Zealand's Pacific

Lainie Kazan

A: Lainie Kazan Sings Air New Zealand's Pacific

[no artist listed]

B: The Big-10 Theme
Air New Zealand New ZealandPromo Only 7"
19Roy Orbison

A: I Drove All Night
B: Crying
Virgin America UKVUS 79Nov 19937"
20[no artist listed]

Die Coca - Cola GmbH Präsentiert :

A: Besser geht's mit Coca - Cola
B: Rum Und Coca - Cola
Coca Cola Germany7"
21Mary Jane Boyd

The Continuing Bacardi Rum Campaign Is Hitting The Charts Again.

A: Taste Life Theme
B: Taste Life Taste Bacardi Rum (Disco Version)
Bacardi & Company Limited AustraliaPRS 26121979Promo Only 7"
22Noel Brophy

Victa Songs For '73

A1: Hey It's Victa Time
A2: Zip On The Doo Dah
A3: Hey It's Mowing Time
A4: Zip On The Doo Dah - Chorus
Victa Australia1973Flexi
23Larry King

The Braddock Way Of Seeing Things

A1: Woman
A2: Red Tape
A3: Remember
A4: Fashion
A5: A Man
B1: Environment Theme
B2: Fashion
B3: A Man
[none] AustraliaPRS-23531973Promo Only 7"
24Bob Gibson And His Orchestra

The Craven A Theme

A1: The Craven A Theme....Cha Cha
A2: The Craven A Theme....Rhythm Group
A3: The Craven A Theme....Dixieland
B1: The Craven A Theme....Concert Orchestra
B2: The Craven A Theme....Military Band
Craven A Australia1961Promo Only 7"
25Delle Haensch Und Seine Solisten

Bahlsen Cocktail Geflüster (Bahlsen Platte Nr. 4)

A: Cocktail-Geflüster
B: Folklore - Modern
Bahlsen GermanyTST 76 5241970Special Edition 7"
26Liam Clancy

A: Songs From The Kerrygold Irish Cheddar Gold Commerical

Kevin Flood

B: Interview With Cartan Finegan — Chief Marketing Officer And Alan Boardman — Manager UK
Kerrygold IrelandFDE 382861 / FDE 382862Promo Only 7"
27[no artist listed]

Take Off - A Journey In Sound Aboard The BEA Trident

A: Take Off
B: Take Off
[none] UK1596919637"
28[no artist listed]

A: The Spirit Of Freedom
B: Good Evening Madam (Variations On A Theme By Smirnoff)
Smirnoff AustraliaSVPD 1Promo Only 7"
29Loeki, Rieki En Wieki

Plaat 1

A: En Het Zwemmende Pakje
B: En Het Pakje Dat Van Het Balcon Klom
Bovema Special Products NetherlandsRC 5451968EP
30Professor Schiess

A: Neueste Forschungsergebnisse über Lecithin ( Part 1)
B: Neueste Forschungsergebnisse über Lecithin ( Part 2)
C.H. Buer Germany0 1677"
31Rufus; Susan Mellen, Ace, The Tams; Demis Roussos

A: Cinedisc Record Promotions
B: [tone Signal]
Cinedisc UKLYN 30831975EP
32Friar Tuck & The Sherwoods

Keith Witham

A1: Corner Of The Sky

Keith Witham And David Hockey

A2: Perhaps Love

Keith Witham

B1: A Man Without Love

Steve Martin [Australia]

B2: I Write The Songs
Peverel Promotions AustraliaFTS 00101983EP
33What A Birthday. It's Mini.

The Byrds

A: Mr. Tambourine Man

The Ting Tings

B: Shut Up And Let Me Go
Sony France8869757848710 Sep 2009Special Edition 7"
34[no artist listed]

A: Prinz Van Houten Preisausschreiben

Aero - Swingers

B: Prinzen - Letkiss
Van Houten GermanyT 74 9967"
35Neville Smith

A: The Whiter Shades Of Pale From Dulux
ICI UKTV 35300219827"
36Jackie Lee [Ireland]

A: Sleep
B: Space Age Lullaby
ICI UKICI 1/219727"
37Nicolas Kynaston

Great Organ Works

A1: Carillon - Sortie
A2: Toccata In B Minor
B1: Etude De Concert
B2: Canon In D Minor Op 56 No 5
ICI UKIC 2Promo Only 7"
38Werner Müller Und Sein Orchester

A: My Fair Lady ( Medley)

Orchester Der Städtischen Oper Berlin

B: Waldmeister
Endopharm GermanyT 75 6607"
39H.-G. Papperitz

A: Tragoedia Hominis Crassi

Otto Reutter

B: O Jugend, wie bist du schön
Temmler Werke Germany006 0967"
40The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go Vol 2

Ray Charles

A1: The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go

The Everly Brothers

A2: The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go

The Sound 67 Group And Refreshers

B1: The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go
Coca-Cola Company Norway1967EP
41The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go Vol 1

Petula Clark

A1: The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go

The Supremes

A2: The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go

The Sound 67 Group

B1: The Coca-Cola Jingle A Go-Go
Coca-Cola Company Norway19677"
42Beaudesert Centenary, 1974

Warren Cox

A: One Hundred Years To Celebrate

Jenny Clark

B: The Country's Gentle Song
RCA Custom AustraliaTR-4500119747"
43It´s The Real Song

The New Seekers

A1: Buy The World A Coke
A2: Look At The People
A3: Sell A Million

The Fortunes

A4: It's The Real Thing

Billy Joe Royal

A5: Sing With Me


B1: Travelling Souls Need Company
B2: Good Times
B3: Join Me
B4: It´s All Right
B5: Beautiful Day
Coca-Cola Company NorwayFlexi
44Music From The Nurofen Tv Commercial By Michael Oldfield

Michael Oldfield

A: Etude

The Ono Gagaku Kaï Society Orchestra

B: Gakkaen
Virgin UKVS 132819907"
45Chas And Dave

All The Best

A1: Rabbit
A2: Sideboard Song
B1: Gertcha
B2: I'm In Trouble
Courage Brewing UKCOURAGE 1EP
46Vico Torriani

A: Das machen nur die Beine von Dolores

Boyd Bachmann

B: Ich hab' das Fräulein Helen baden 'sehn
Venotropal GermanyT 75 0437"
47[no artist listed]

Selections From South Seas Adventure

A1: Intro Theme
A2: Little Grass Shack
A3: Hawaiian War Chant
A4: 'Te Vega' Theme
A5: Tahiti Nui
A6: Onward Christian Soldiers
B1: Entr'Acte Theme
B2: Maori Poi Chant
B3: Click Go The Shears
B4: Hawaiian Wedding
B5: Closing Theme
Nikreis UK1958EP
48Sounds Of The Blues Brothers

Southern Comfort Presents The Sound Of The Blues Brothers

A: In The Midnight Hour
B: In The Midnight Hour (Instrumental)
Southern Comfort UK19947"
49Christopher Rainbow

A: We're All Going On A Ladbroke Holiday
Sound For Industry UKSFI 1911974Flexi

Soita Aurinko / Laula Aurinko

A: Aurinkoon
B: Aurinko (Karaoke)
Aurinko Finland1992Promo Only 7"

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