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Stereo 45's - 1958-60

I have created a list of the early (1958-61) STEREO 45's, 7"-33 singles and EP's that are on this site. I know that there were many more issued back in the day. (Fleetwoods, Paul Anka, Connie Francis, Fabian, and other acts) If you know of any other 1958-61 stereo discs presently posted here, please let me know to add them to the list. If you own any that have not yet been uploaded, get them up here so us early-stereo collectors can enjoy them. Thanks!
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1Eydie Gorme

A: Who's Sorry Now
B: Toot Toot Tootsie, Goodbye
ABC-Paramount USAS-9968Nov 19587"
2The Keymen

A: Isle Of Capri
B: Miss You
ABC-Paramount USA45-9977SNov 19587"
3Paul Anka

A: (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
B: That's Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9987Nov 19587"
4The De Castro Sisters

A: Teach Me Tonight Cha Cha
B: The Things I Tell My Pillow
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9988Dec 19587"
5Candido In Indigo

A: Softly, But Blue
B: Blue Prelude
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9990Jan 19597"
6Lloyd Price

A: Where Were You On Our Wedding Day
B: Is It Really Love

Stereo 45
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9997Feb 1959Special Edition 7"
7Johnny Nash

A: As Time Goes By
B: The Voice Of Love
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-9996Mar 19597"
8Paul Anka

A: Late Last Night
B: I Miss You So

I Miss You So was the "hit" side
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-10,011Mar 19597"
9Steve Lawrence

A: Pretty Blue Eyes
B: You're Nearer
ABC-Paramount USA45-S-10,058Nov 1959Special Edition 7"
10Bobby Darin

A: Plain Jane
B: While I'm Gone
Atco USASD45-6133Jan 1959Special Edition 7"
11The Coasters

A: Charlie Brown
B: Three Cool Cats
Atco USASD-45-6132Jan 1959Special Edition 7"
12Sammy Turner

A: Lavender-Blue
B: Wrapped Up In A Dream

Stereo 45
Bigtop USA45-3016Jun 1959Special Edition 7"
13Sammy Turner

A: Always
B: Symphony
Bigtop USA45-3029Oct 19597"
14The Chordettes

A: The Exodus Song
B: Theme From Goodbye Again (Say No More - It's Goodbye)

Stereo jukebox 33 single
Cadence USA260619617"
15The Chordettes

A: Never On Sunday
B: Wooden Heart
Cadence USA251119617"
16Frank Sinatra

French Foreign Legion

A1: French Foreign Legion
A2: Mr. Success
B1: Come Dance With Me
B2: The Last Dance

Stereo EP
Capitol USASEP 1-12331959EP
17Ray Anthony And His Orchestra

A: Walkin' To Mother's
B: The Bunny Hop
Capitol USAS41761959Special Edition 7"
18The Kingston Trio

The Tijuana Jail - Stereo EP

A1: The Tijuana Jail
A2: Oh Cindy
B1: Coplas
B2: Tom Dooley
Capitol USA1-1129Mar 1959EP
19Earl Holliman

A: I'm In The Mood For Love
B: Wanna Kiss You To-Night
Capitol USAS 4194Apr 1959Special Edition 7"
20The Johnny Otis Show

A: Castin' My Spell
B: Telephone Baby
Capitol USAS416827 Apr 1959Special Edition 7"
21Tennessee Ernie Ford

A: Love Is The Only Thing
B: Sunny Side Of Heaven
Capitol USAS4302Nov 19597"
22The Kingston Trio

A: Coo Coo-U
B: Green Grasses
Capitol USAS43037 Dec 1959Special Edition 7"
23Jack Scott

A: The Way I Walk
B: Midgie
Carlton USA514May 1959Special Edition 7"
24Jack Scott

A: There Comes A Time
B: Baby Marie
Carlton USA519Sep 1959Special Edition 7"
25Anita Bryant

A: Promise Me A Rose
B: Do-Re-Mi
Carlton USA523Dec 1959Special Edition 7"
26Frankie Avalon

A: Venus
B: I'm Broke
Chancellor USAS-C 1031Jan 1959Special Edition 7"

A: Stop Thief
B: Turn Me Loose

Stereo 45
Chancellor USAS-C 1033Mar 1959Special Edition 7"
28Frankie Avalon

A: Just Ask Your Heart
B: Two Fools
Chancellor USAS-C 1040Aug 1959Special Edition 7"
29Jimmy Darren

A: Angel Face
B: I Don't Wanna Lose Ya
Colpix USASCP 119Aug 1959Special Edition 7"
30Johnny Mathis

A: The Best Of Everything

Percy Faith And His Orchestra

B: The Theme From "A Summer Place"
Columbia Stereo Seven USASS 719597"
31Johnny Mathis

A: Small World
B: You Are Everything To Me
Columbia Stereo Seven USAS7 3041019597"
32Johnny Cash

A: I Got Stripes
B: Five Feet High And Rising

Stereo 33 single
Columbia Stereo Seven USAS7 30427Aug 19597"
33The McGuire Sisters

Stereo EP

A1: I'll Think Of You
A2: One Fine Day
B1: May You Always
B2: Peace
Coral USAEC 7811841959EP
34The Fleetwoods

A: Graduation's Here
B: Oh Lord, Let It Be
Dolton USAS-22-3May 1959Special Edition 7"
35Pat Boone

A: With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair
B: Good Rockin' Tonight
Dot USAS-200Jan 1959Special Edition 7"
36Louis Prima And Keely Smith

A: Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
B: I Don't Know Why
Dot USA45-209Jun 19597"
37Pat Boone

A: Candy Sweet
B: Delia Gone
Dot USA45-226Jul 1960Special Edition 7"
38Debbie Reynolds

A: I'll Pretend
B: Please
Dot USA45-227Jul 1960Special Edition 7"
39Roy Hamilton

A: I'll Never Be Free
B: Jungle Fever
Epic USAEA-218 Aug 1961Special Edition 7"
40Roy Hamilton

A: Don't Let Go
B: I'll Live True To You
Epic USAS 3046418 Aug 1961Special Edition 7"
41The Arthur Lyman Group

A: Bahia
B: Jungle Jalopy
HiFiRecord USASR-564-45Jul 19597"
42Ray Charles

A: One Mint Julep
B: I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
Impulse! USAA2S3Mar 1961Special Edition 7"
43Duane Eddy


A1: Lonesome Road
A2: I Almost Lost My Mind
B1: Detour
B2: Loving You
Jamie USAJEP-3011959EP
44Duane Eddy His 'Twangy' Guitar And The Rebels

A: The Lonely One
B: Detour
Jamie USA1117Jan 1959Special Edition 7"
45Jerry Keller

A: Here Comes Summer
B: Time Has A Way
Kapp USAKS-277XJun 1959Special Edition 7"
46Hank Ballard And The Midnighters

A: Kansas City
B: I'll Keep You Happy
King USA45-5195Mar 19597"
47Dion And The Belmonts

Stereo 45

A: A Teenager In Love
B: I've Cried Before

Stereo 45
Laurie USA3027S1959Special Edition 7"
48Dion And The Belmonts

A: A Teenager In Love
B: I'm Through With Love
Laurie USAST 7-6091960Special Edition 7"
49Dion And The Belmonts

A: In The Still Of The Night
B: All The Things You Are

Stereo 33
Laurie USAST 7- 6071960Special Edition 7"
50Martin Denny

A: Quiet Village
B: Llama Serenade
Liberty USAS-77162Apr 1959Special Edition 7"

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