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Elektra / Asylum Discography E-47000 Series (1980-1982) [list in progress]

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1Helmet Boy

A: Hurts Like Love [Mono]
B: Hurts Like Love [Stereo]
Asylum USAE-47000Jul 1980Promo Only 7"

A: Mystery Dancer
B: Hot City
Elektra USAE-47002Jul 19807"
3Jackson Browne

A: Boulevard
B: Call It A Loan
Asylum USAE-47003Jun 19807"
4Johnny Lee

A: Lookin' For Love


B: Lyin' Eyes
Full Moon / Asylum USAE-47004Jun 19807"
5Johnny Lee

A: Lookin' For Love


B: Lyin' Eyes
Asylum USAE-47004Jun 19807"
6Robbie Dupree

A: Hot Rod Hearts
B: Love Is A Mystery
Elektra USAE-47005Jul 19807"
7The Kings

A: Switchin' To Glide
B: My Habit
Elektra USAE-47006Jul 19807"
8Side Effect

A: Georgy Porgy
B: The Thrill Is Gone
Elektra USAE-47007Jul 19807"
9Stanley Turrentine

A: Inflation
B: Is It You
Elektra USAE-47008Jul 19807"

A: It Doesn't Matter Anymore
B: The Woman In White
Elektra USAE-47010Jul 19807"
11David Gates

A: Falling In Love Again
B: Sweet Desire
Elektra USAE-47011Jul 19807"
12Jim Stafford

A: Don't Fool Around (When There's A Fool Around)
B: I Took Your Love Too Lightly
Elektra USAE-47013Jul 19807"
13Red Steagall

A: Hard Hat Days And Honky Tonk Nights
B: Last Call For Alcohol
Elektra USAE-47014Aug 19807"
14Mel Tillis And The Statesiders

A: Steppin' Out
B: Whiskey Chasin'
Elektra USAE-47015Jul 19807"
15Hank Williams, Jr.

A: Old Habits
B: Won't It Be Nice
Elektra / Curb USAE-47016Jul 19807"
16Neil Sedaka

A: Letting Go
B: It's Good To Be Alive Again
Elektra USAE-47017Aug 19807"
17The Korgis

A: Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
B: Perfect Hostess
Asylum USAE-47018Aug 19807"
18Allan Clarke

A: The Only Ones [Mono]
B: The Only Ones [Stereo]
Elektra / Curb USAE-47019Aug 1980Promo Only 7"

A: What's A Nice Girl Like You (Doin' In A Love Like This)
B: Do That To Me Again
Elektra / Curb USAE-47021Aug 19807"
20Sylvia St. James

A: Better Things
B: So I Say To You
Elektra USAE-47022Aug 19807"
21Five Special

A: Do Something Special (For Your Lady)
B: Why Not Be Mine For A While
Elektra USAE-47023Aug 19807"
22Andrew Gold

A: Stranded On The Edge [Mono]
B: Stranded On The Edge [Stereo]
Asylum USAE-47024Aug 1980Promo Only 7"
23Nervous Eaters

A: No Sleep Tonite
B: Last Chance
Elektra USAE-47025Aug 19807"
24Jerry Lee Lewis

A: Folsom Prison Blues
B: Over The Rainbow
Elektra USAE-47026Aug 19807"
25Roy Head

A: Drinkin' Them Long Necks
B: Baby's Found Another Way To Love Me
Elektra USAE-47029Aug 19807"

A: Another One Bites The Dust
B: Don't Try Suicide
Elektra USAE-47031Aug 19807"
27Bruce Roberts

A: With All Of My Love, With All Of My Heart
B: Heart Be Steady
Elektra USAE-47032Aug 19807"
28Bonnie Raitt

A: Don't It Make Ya Wanna Dance

Gilley's "Urban Cowboy" Band

B: Orange Blossom Special / Hoedown
Full Moon / Asylum USAE-47033Aug 19807"

A: Something In The Air
B: Mayday
Elektra USAE-47034Aug 19807"
30Lawler And Cobb

A: Ready Or Not
B: My Love (Will Find You)
Asylum USAE-47035Aug 19807"
31Jackson Browne

A: That Girl Could Sing
B: Of Missing Persons
Asylum USAE-47036Aug 19807"
32Joni Mitchell

A: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B: Black Crow
Asylum USAE-47038Aug 19807"
33The Cars

A: Touch And Go
B: Down Boys
Elektra USAE-4703925 Aug 19807"
34Ernie Watts

A: Just Holdin' On
B: Look In Your Heart
Elektra USAE-47042Sep 19807"
35Twennynine With Lenny White

A: Kid Stuff
B: Slip Away
Elektra USAE-47043Sep 19807"
36Billy Earl McClelland

A: I Can't Stop Her Now
B: Old Photographs
Elektra USAE-47044Sep 19807"
37Helmet Boy

A: Rebel (She's A) [Mono]
B: Rebel (She's A) [Stereo]
Asylum USAE-47045Sep 1980Promo Only 7"
38Charlie Rich

A: A Man Just Don't Know What A Woman Goes Through
B: Marie
Elektra USAE-47047Oct 19807"
39Sonny Curtis

A: Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover
B: You Made My Life A Song
Elektra USAE-47048Sep 19807"
40Pebble Daniel

A: I'm Your Puppet
B: If I Can't Have It All
Elektra USAE-47049Sep 19807"
41John Klemmer

A: Magnificent Madness
B: Heart (Summer Song)
Elektra USAE-47050Sep 19807"
42The Kings

A: Switchin' To Glide
B: This Beat Goes On
Elektra USAE-47052Sep 19807"
43The Korgis

A: Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
B: Perfect Hostess
Asylum USAE-47055Sep 19807"
44Greg Kihn

A: I Can't Stop Hurting Myself
B: Serenade Her
Beserkley USAB-47058Oct 19807"

A: Afraid To Love
B: Sidewalk
Elektra / Curb USAE-47059Oct 19807"
46Hank Cochran

A: A Little Bitty Tear
B: He's Got You
Elektra USAE-47062Nov 19807"
47Whitey Shafer

A: You Are A Liar
B: Like I Want To
Elektra USAE-47063Oct 19807"
48Robbie Dupree

A: Nobody Else
B: It's A Feeling
Elektra USAE-47065Oct 19807"
49Eddie Rabbitt

A: I Love A Rainy Night
B: Short Road To Love
Elektra USAE-47066Oct 19807"
50Patrice Rushen

A: Look Up
B: The Dream
Elektra USAE-47067Nov 19807"

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