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Mod Revival singles

List of 143 records by Nicktr0706  :   Discuss (15 Comments)

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1The Afex

She's Got The Time

A1: She's Got The Time
A2: Too Many Things
B1: I Never Knew Love Was Like This
B2: Moon Blues
Acid Jazz UKAJX286S16 Apr 2012EP
2Andy Lewis And Paul Weller

A: Are You Trying To Be Lonely?
B: Tell Me Once Again You Love Me
Acid Jazz UKAJX 193 USSep 20077"
3Aunt Nelly

A: Never Gonna' Sleep At Night
B: DNA Groove
Heavy Soul UKROR 017 HS 5Feb 20117"
4Back To Zero

A: Your Side Of Heaven
B: Back To Back
Fiction UKFICS 00421 Sep 19797"
5The Big Sound Authority

A: This House (Is Where Your Love Stands)
B: I Miss My Baby
C: (Call Me) Soul Man
D: In The Hands Of Love
Source [MCA] UKBSAD 1Jan 1985Double Pack
6Booker T. And The MGs

A: Green Onions
B: Boot Leg
Atlantic UKK 10109Dec 19797"
7Brighton 64

A: Deja De Tocar A Mi Chica
B: No Volverán
Bip Bip SpainBSG0737"
8Bruce Foxton

A: Freak
B: Writing's On The Wall
Arista UKBFOX 1Jul 19837"
9Bruce Foxton

A: It Makes Me Wonder
B: Trying To Forget You (Instrumental Mix)
Arista UKBFOX 3Apr 19847"
10The Bureau

A: Only For Sheep
B: The First One
WEA UKK 18478Mar 19817"
11The Chords [UK 80s]

A: Now It's Gone
B: Don't Go Back
Polydor UK2059 14114 Sep 19797"
12The Chords [UK 80s]

A: The British Way Of Life (This Is The Life)
B: The Way It's Gotta Be
Polydor UK2059 2584 Jul 19807"
13The Chords [UK 80s]

A: In My Street
B: I'll Keep On Holding On
Polydor UKPOSP 18510 Oct 19807"
14The Chords [UK 80s]

A: One More Minute
B: Who's Killing Who
Polydor UKPOSP 270May 19817"
15The Chords [UK 80s]

A: Turn Away Again
B: Turn Away Again (Again)
Polydor UKPOSP 288Aug 19817"
16The Co-Stars

A: Kiss And Make Up
B: Roll On The Weekend
Individual Record Co. UKAIRS 1017 Jul 19857"
17The Crooks

A: Modern Boys
B: The Beat Goes On
Blueprint UKBLU 200228 Sep 19797"
18The Cybermen [USA]

A1: Every Night And Day
B1: Someday Will Come
B2: Losing You
Get Hip USAGH-11719907"
19The Cybermen [Finland]

A1: From Beyond
A2: Sands Of Mars
B1: Strange Looks
B2: Why Dontcha Like It
Destination Uranus FinlandDESURE 0031992EP
20Dee C. Lee

A: See The Day
B: The Paris Match
CBS UKA 6570Nov 19857"
21Dennis Greaves And The Truth

A: God Gave Rock And Roll To You
B: Come On Back To Me
I.R.S. UKEIRS 11919897"
22Dennis Greaves And The Truth

A: Throwing It All Away
B: It's Hidden (Theme From The Motion Picture "The Hidden")
I.R.S. UKEIRS 10219897"
23Eddie Floyd

A: The Beat Song
B: London
I-Spy UKSEE 9Aug 19807"
24Eleanor Rigby

A: Take Another Shot Of My Heart
B: 1995 (Will Anyone Survive)
Waterloo Sunset UKRUSS 102Jul 19857"
25Eleanor Rigby

A: Kiss Me Quickly Its Xmas
B: Mad Christmas
Waterloo Sunset UKRUSS 104Nov 19867"
26Eleanor Rigby

A: Love On The Phone
B: Play With Fire
Future Legend UKFLER 219977"
27Exit [Detour]

A: I Don't Follow Your Dream
B: Splinter In My Eye
Detour UKDR 05117 Feb 19977"

A: Tango In Mono
B: Thumbs On The Ground
WEA UKK 18431Feb 19817"
29Fine Young Cannibals

A: Johnny Come Home
B: Good Times And Bad
London UKLON 68May 19857"
30The Gents

A: Revenge
B: Girl
Posh UKPOSH 007Aug 19837"
31The Gents

A: Shout
B: The Faker
Lambs To The Slaughter UKGN 7Mar 19857"
32The Gents

A: Friday On My Mind
B: Have A Good Time
Prism UKGN 12Sep 19867"

A: Elvis Should Play Ska
B: Julie Julie
Precision UKPAR 100Mar 19807"

A: Ever Met A Day
B: Shut Up
Precision UKPAR 104May 19807"
35The Headboys

A: The Shape Of Things To Come
B: The Mood I'm In
RSO UKRSO 4027 Jul 19797"
36The Headboys

A: Stepping Stones
B: Before Tonight
RSO UKRSO 4923 Nov 19797"
37The Headboys

A1: Kickin The Kans
B1: Double Vision
B2: My Favourite DJ
RSO UKRSO 5628 Feb 19807"
38The Inmates

A: The Walk
B: Talkin' Woman
Radar UKADA 479 Nov 19797"

A1: (Welcome To The) Beat Club
B1: As Time's Gone (Fad Boy)
B2: Looking Out For Love
Detour UKDR 06319987"
40The Jam

A: In The City
B: Takin' My Love
Polydor UK2058 86615 Apr 19777"
41The Jam

A: All Around The World
B: Carnaby Street
Polydor UK2058 90322 Jul 19777"
42The Jam

A1: The Modern World
B1: Sweet Soul Music
B2: Back In My Arms Again
B3: Bricks And Mortar (Part)
Polydor UK2058 94521 Oct 19777"
43The Jam

A1: News Of The World
B1: Aunties And Uncles (Impulsive Youths)
B2: Innocent Man
Polydor UK2058 99524 Feb 19787"
44The Jam

A: David Watts
A: "A" Bomb In Wardour Street
Polydor UK2059 05426 Aug 19787"
45The Jam

A1: Down In The Tube Station At Midnight
B1: So Sad About Us
B2: The Night
Polydor UKPOSP 821 Oct 19787"
46The Jam

A: Strange Town
B: The Butterfly Collector
Polydor UKPOSP 3417 Mar 19797"
47The Jam

A: When You're Young
B: Smithers-Jones
Polydor UKPOSP 6917 Aug 19797"
48The Jam

A: The Eton Rifles
B: See Saw
Polydor UKPOSP 8326 Oct 19797"
49The Jam

A: The Eton Rifles
B: See Saw
Polydor JapanDPQ 6177Nov 19797"
50The Jam

A: Going Underground
B: The Dreams Of Children
Polydor UKPOSP 11310 Mar 19807"

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