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Tracks Produced By: C. S. Dodd

Take A RideAl Campbell 
Take A Ride (Ver)Al Campbell 
Righteous DubAlbert Griffiths And The Gladiators2014
Righteous ManAlbert Griffiths And The Gladiators2014
Don't Wait AroundAlbert Tomilinson2014
Don't Wait VersionAlbert Tomilinson2014
Please Be TrueAlexander Henry 
Freedom, Equality And JusticeAlf And Teep1971
Down At The BoneyardAlf And Teep1971
I'm Still In LoveAlton And Doreen 
I'm Still In Love (Ver)Alton And Doreen 
I'm Still In Love (Ver)Alton And Doreen 
I'm Still In LoveAlton And Doreen 
Don't Cry BabyAlton And Eddy 
My HeavenAlton And Eddy 
My HeavenAlton And Eddy 
Don't Cry BabyAlton And Eddy 
Oppression (Ver.)Alton And Zoot1972
OppressionAlton And Zoot1972
Only SixteenAlton Ellis1967
BabyAlton Ellis1967
Better ExampleAlton Ellis1969
More ReggaeAlton Ellis1969
Sunday ComingAlton Ellis1970
Sunday VersionAlton Ellis1970
African VersionAlton Ellis1971
African DescendantsAlton Ellis1971
Let's Stay TogetherAlton Ellis1972
Let's Stay (Version)Alton Ellis1972
Sitting In The ParkAlton Ellis 
Sitting In The Park- Pt.2Alton Ellis 
Live And LearnAlton Ellis 
Live And Learn (Version)Alton Ellis 
I'm Just A Guy (Ver.)Alton Ellis 
I'm Just A GuyAlton Ellis 
A FoolAlton Ellis 
They SayAndy And Joey1964
My LoveAndy And Joey1964
You're Wondering NowAndy And Joey1964
Don't You KnowAndy And Joey1964
My Man Is GoneAngelia Prince1980
Double Minded VersionAnthony Ellis2013
Double Minded ManAnthony Ellis2013
I Second That EmotionAnthony Ellis And The Heptones2014
Please Be TrueAnthony Ellis And The Heptones2014
Give LoveBarry Brown 
Give Love (Ver.)Barry Brown 
Sharing LoveBB Seaton 
Sharing Love Pt. 2BB Seaton 
Proud As I AmBB Seaton 
VersionBB Seaton 
PowerBB Seaton 
Give A Helping HandBB Seaton 
VersionBB Seaton 
I'm TryingBB Seaton 
Only YouBB Seaton 
BoogalooBB Seaton 
If You KnewBB Seaton And The Gaylads 
Walk The Proud LandBB Seaton And The Gaylads 
PaseroThe Beltones1972
Wrapped Up In LoveThe Beltones1972
MamaluluBen Bow2001
College RockBig Willie2013
Eanie Meanie Minie MoBig Willie2013
Freedom VersionBigger D. And The All Stars1970
Love In Still WaterBigger D. And The All Stars1970
The Sometime Loving (Ver)The Blackstones2005
The Sometime LovingThe Blackstones2005
Desperate LoverBob And Marcia1970
Let Them SayBob Andy1968
ExperienceBob Andy1968
Feeling Soul (Ver)Bob Andy 
UnchainedBob Andy 
My TimeBob Andy 
Unchained (Ver)Bob Andy 
Feeling SoulBob Andy 
Part TwoBob Marley2013
Just In TimeBob Marley2013
Just In TimeBob Marley 
Part TwoBob Marley 
Rude Boy PrayerBob Marley And Alton Ellis And Zoot Simms1966
Unknown InstrumentalBob Marley And Alton Ellis And Zoot Simms1966
How Many TimesBob Marley And The Wailers 
Go Jimmy GoBob Marley And The Wailers 
Rude BoyBob Marley And The Wailers 
DestinyBob Marley And The Wailers 
Wrapped Up In LoveBob Taylor [reggae]1972
I'm A BelieverBob Taylor [reggae]1972
Life Could Be A DreamBrentford Rd All Stars1970
Love At First SightBrentford Rd All Stars1970
Soul ShakeBrentford Rd All Stars1970
Moon RideBrentford Rd All Stars1970
Can I Change My Mind (Instrumental)Brentford Rd All Stars1970
Early DucklingBrentford Rd All Stars1970
Feeling GoodBrentford Rd All Stars1970
Version 2Brentford Rd All Stars1970
Wait On The Lord (Ver)Bunny And Sheryl 
Wait On The LordBunny And Sheryl 
Bongo ChantBunny And Skitter2013
LumumboBunny And Skitter2013
Rocking TimeBurning Spear1970
Tell It All BrotherBurning Spear1970
Mr. PolicemanBusty And Cool1962
What A WorldBusty And Cool1962
Be A ManCables1968
Baby WhyCables1968
More LoveCables1969
So LongCables1969
How Can I Trust You (Instrumental)Cables1970
How Can I Trust YouCables1970
What Kind Of WorldThe Cables 
Peace And LoveThe Cables 
Baby Why (Ver)The Cables 
Baby WhyThe Cables 
Correction TrainCarey Johnson1972
Version RhythmCarey Johnson1972
Happy LandCarlton And His Shoes1968
Love Me ForeverCarlton And His Shoes1968
Love Me Forever (Ver.)Carlton And The Shoes 
Love Me ForeverCarlton And The Shoes 
Don't Say NoCedric Brooks 
EthiopiaCedric Brooks 
Lonely BoyCharmers2013
Can The Poor SurviveCharmers2013
Tell Me Something GoodCherry Ann2014
Version Is GoodCherry Ann2014
BabylonChosen Few1971
Red BloodChosen Few1971
Don't Break Your PromiseThe Chosen Few 
Don't Break Your Promise (Ver.)The Chosen Few 
You Can't Be HappyThe Claredonians1967
Goodbye ForeverThe Claredonians1967
The JerkThe Clarendonians1966
The JerkThe Clarendonians1966
You Won't See MeThe Clarendonians1966
You Won't See MeThe Clarendonians1966
He Who Laughs LastThe Clarendonians1967
I Need YouThe Clarendonians1967
Tables Going TurnThe Clarendonians1967
I Can't Go OnThe Clarendonians1967
He Who Laughs LastThe Clarendonians1967
Just A Kiss From YouThe Clarendonians1967
How LongThe Clarendonians2013
Have YouThe Clarendonians2013
Mr Fire Coal ManThe Classics [Reggae]1971
VersionThe Classics [Reggae]1971
Love Me VersionThe Classics [Reggae]2014
Rock But Don't FallThe Classics [Reggae]2014
Love Got MeClyde Alphonso1968
Musical ScorcherClyde Alphonso1968
Good EnoughClyde Alphonso1968
Let The Music PlayClyde Alphonso1968
Bongo SkankThe Conquerors1971
You Hold The HandleThe Conquerors1971
Stars VersionCornel Campbell 
Pretty Looks Isn't AllCornell Campbell 
Pretty (Version)Cornell Campbell 
WhyCosmo Bobienco2013
Face Man VersionCosmo Bobienco2013
Crime Race (Hit And Run)Count Machuki1969
Dr. SappatooCount Machuki1969
Rhythm Of The BluesCreator And Enid1964
Simple ThingsCreator And Enid1964
Rhythm Of The BluesCreator And Norma1964
Simple ThingsCreator And Norma1964
SilkyCyclones [reggae]1971
My Sweet Lord (Instrumental)Cyclones [reggae]1971
VersionDave Barker1970
Johnny DollarDave Barker1970
Hooligan DubDawn Penn2015
No No NoDawn Penn2015
Loving BabyDelroy And Paulette 
Lovers VersionDelroy And Sporty1970
Having A PartyDelroy And Sporty1970
Back BiterDelroy Wilson1963
One Two And ThreeDelroy Wilson1963
More And More AmourDelroy Wilson1966
Dancing MoodDelroy Wilson1966
Never ConquerDelroy Wilson1967
Run For Your LifeDelroy Wilson1967
Run For You LifeDelroy Wilson1967
Never ConqueorDelroy Wilson1967
Port O JamDelroy Wilson1967
Get ReadyDelroy Wilson1967
I Am Not A KingDelroy Wilson1968
Take MeDelroy Wilson1968
Lion Of JudahDelroy Wilson1970
HeavenDelroy Wilson1970
I Love You MadlyDelroy Wilson1971
Just Because Of YouDelroy Wilson1971
OpressionDelroy Wilson2013
Lion Of JudahDelroy Wilson2013
Naughty PeopleDelroy Wilson2013
I've Got To Make ItDelroy Wilson2013
Help Me Pick Up The PiecesDelroy Wilson2013
Searching For YouDelroy Wilson2013
Mother WordsDelroy Wilson2015
Sure ShotDelroy Wilson2015
King PharoahDelroy Wilson 
Dancing MoodDelroy Wilson 
True Beliver In Love (Ver)Delroy Wilson 
Yours Until TomorrowDelroy Wilson 
Dancing (Ver.)Delroy Wilson 
True Beliver In LoveDelroy Wilson 
Run RunDelroy Wilson 
Run Run (Ver.)Delroy Wilson 
Won't You Come HomeDelroy Wilson 
Won't You (Ver.)Delroy Wilson 
War No Right- Pt. 2Denise Darlington1981
War No Right - Pt. 1Denise Darlington1981
War No RightDenise Darlington 
War No Right (Ver)Denise Darlington 
Forever VersionDennis Alcapone1971
I Don't Want To See You CryDennis Alcapone1971
Power VersionDennis Alcapone1972
MartieDennis Alcapone1972
Have A Little FaithDennis Alcapone2014
Fever TeaserDennis Alcapone2014
Home VersionDennis Alcapone And Ken Boothe2013
Babylon RockDennis Alcapone And Ken Boothe2013
Another NightDennis Brown1970
No Man Is An IslandDennis Brown1970
Less ProblemDennis Brown1970
Love GrowsDennis Brown1970
Never Fall In LoveDennis Brown1971
Make It Up To YouDennis Brown1971
Impossible VersionDennis Brown1972
It's ImpossibleDennis Brown1972
I'll Be ThereDillinger2013
Chuky SkankDillinger2013
Tell Me You're MineDon Drummond1963
ScandalDon Drummond1963
My IdealDon Drummond1963
The ShockDon Drummond1963
FidelDon Drummond1965
Gal And BoyDon Drummond1965
Scrap IronDon Drummond2013
Further EastDon Drummond2013
Don CosmicDon Drummond 
Don Cosmic Ver.Don Drummond 
Oh Me Oh MyDonna1970
Gold MineDonna1970
Alton's GrooveDub Specialist2015
Dub CreationDub Specialist2015
Having A PartyDudley Sibbly2014
Choice Of MusicDudley Sibbly2014
Love In Our NationDudley Sibley1973
Moody GrooveDudley Sibley1973
The MonkeyDudley Sibley2014
Gun ManDudley Sibley2014
Let's Make VersionDynamic Four2013
Let's Make LoveDynamic Four2013
Love Is A Feeling Pt. 2Earl Sixteen 
Love Is A FeelingEarl Sixteen 
Your LoveThe Epics [Reggae]1970
Driving Me CrazyThe Epics [Reggae]1970
Surfing (Ver)Ernest Rangling 
SurfingErnest Rangling 
Rock And SockErnest Wilson [Reggae]1968
Money WorriesErnest Wilson [Reggae]1968
Why Oh WhyErnest Wilson [Reggae]2013
Why Oh Why Pt. 2Ernest Wilson [Reggae]2013
SatisfactionErrol Dunkley1970
Sing Out LoudErrol Dunkley1970
Walkie TalkieEthiopians1970
Moan And GroanEthiopians1970
You'll Want To Come BackEthiopians1970
Baby Why (Inst.)Ethiopians1970
Prophet Pt. 2Ethiopians2014
The ProphetEthiopians2014
What A FireEthiopians 
I Won't Be DiscourageFitzi And Freddy2013
Why Did My Little Girl CryFitzi And Freddy2013
How Could You VersionFreddie McGregor1979
How Could You LeaveFreddie McGregor1979
Bobby BobylonFreddie McGregor1980
Boby BabylonFreddie McGregor1980
Sweet ChildFreddie McGregor 
When I Am ReadyFreddie McGregor 
I Am Ready VersionFreddie McGregor 
Little Girl - PT. 2Freddie McGregor 
Little GirlFreddie McGregor 
Rastaman CampFreddie McGregor 
VersionFreddie McGregor 
I Man A RastaFreddie McGregor 
VersionFreddie McGregor 
Picture On My WallFreddie McKay1971
Picture On My Wall (Version)Freddie McKay1971
Sweet You Sour YouFreddie McKay1971
VersionFreddie McKay1971
VersionFreddie McKay1972
Sweet You, Sour YouFreddie McKay1972
You'll Be SorryFreddie McKay2013
My True LoveFreddie McKay2013
You'll Be Sorry Ver.Freddie McKay2013
True Love VersionFreddie McKay2013
High School DanceFreddy McKay1971
High School VersionFreddy McKay1971
Drunken VersionFreddy McKay1972
Drunken SailorFreddy McKay1972
In Cold BloodFreedom Singers [Jamaica]1970
Give Peace A ChanceFreedom Singers [Jamaica]1970
In Cold BloodThe Freedom Singers [Jamaica]1970
Real Gone LoserThe Freedom Singers [Jamaica]1970
Slipping And SlidingGaylads2013
Never Let Your Country DownThe Gaylads1967
Tears From My EyesThe Gaylads1967
Give An Helping HandsThe Gaylads2013
Never Let Your Country DownThe Gaylads2013
Congo RockThe Gaylads2015
AfricaThe Gaylads2015
Chi-Chi-BudThe Gaylads 
Just One KissThe Gaylads 
River JordanThe Gaylads 
Message To My GirlThe Gaylads 
Love Me With All Your HeartThe Gaylads 
AfricaThe Gaylads 
Just One KissThe Gaylads 
Don't Try To Reach MeThe Gaylads 
I Am FreeThe Gaylads 
Peculiar ManThe Gaylads 
Mexican DivorceThe Gaylads 
I'll Be True To YouThe Gaylads 
Gates Of ZionGeorge Dudley 
Zion DubGeorge Dudley 
Love You Still (Version)George Scott 
Love You StillGeorge Scott 
Mommy, Out The LightGirl Wonder1966
Cutting WoodGirl Wonder1966
SoniaThe Gladiators1972
SolasThe Gladiators1972
PeaceThe Gladiators 
Peace VersionThe Gladiators 
TribulationThe Gladiators 
Tribulation-Pt. 2The Gladiators 
Oh! My DarlingThe Hamlins1967
Trying To Keep A Good Man DownThe Hamlins1967
Let's Get TogatherThe Hamlins1967
Soul And InspirationThe Hamlins1967
Ting A LingHeptones1967
Equal RightsHeptones1967
Mama SayHeptones1968
Tripe GirlHeptones1968
I Shall Be ReleasedHeptones1969
Darling I Love YouHeptones1969
Be A ManHeptones1970
Shock AttackHeptones1970
Young Gifted And BlackHeptones1970
You Turned AwayHeptones1970
Jamaica UndergroundHeptones1970
Message From A Black ManHeptones1970
Freedom LineHeptones1971
Baby VersionHeptones 
Jump For JoyThe Heptones1967
Fattie FattieThe Heptones1967
Nobody KnowsThe Heptones1967
A Change Is Gonna ComeThe Heptones1967
Try AgainThe Heptones1967
Why Must IThe Heptones1967
Party TimeThe Heptones1968
Love Me AlwaysThe Heptones1968
Oil In Your LampThe Heptones1968
Soul PowerThe Heptones1968
Hands Of The LordThe Heptones1969
Love Is A Special FeelingThe Heptones1969
Suspicious MindsThe Heptones1971
Havn't You Got Any Fight LeftThe Heptones1971
In The Mood (Ver.)The Heptones1982
We're In The MoodThe Heptones1982
Haven't You Any Fight LeftThe Heptones2014
Suspicious MindsThe Heptones2014
Be A Man VersionThe Heptones 
How Could I VersionThe Heptones 
Time Will TellThe Heptones 
Be A ManThe Heptones 
How Could I LeaveThe Heptones 
Time Will Tell (Ver)The Heptones 
Love Won't Come Easy PT. 2The Heptones 
Love Won't Come EasyThe Heptones 
Get In The GrooveThe Heptones 
Get In The (Version)The Heptones 
West Of The SunThe Heptones 
My Guiding StarThe Heptones 
Fattie (Version)The Heptones 
Fattie FattieThe Heptones 
Hard To Confess Pt. 2The Heptones 
Hard To ConfessThe Heptones 
Party TimeThe Heptones 
Party (Version)The Heptones 
Party TimeThe Heptones 
Equal RightsThe Heptones 
Hoppin GuitarHersang And The City Slickers2014
Old McTarveyHersang And The City Slickers2014
Hey YouThe Hi Teens2013
Part TwoThe Hi Teens2013
Powie's BopHiggs And Wilson1962
My BabyHiggs And Wilson1962
Your Love Is MineHiggs And Wilson1965
There's A RewardHiggs And Wilson1965
Sucu SucuThe Hiltonaires2013
Bolo ManThe Hiltonaires2013
VersionHorace Andy1972
Night OwlHorace Andy1972
Mother And Child Re-UnionHorace Andy2014
Love And Power Re-UnionHorace Andy2014
Napoleon SoloHorace Andy2015
Mr BassieHorace Andy2015
Fever (Ver)Horace Andy 
FeverHorace Andy 
I May Never See My BabyHorace Andy 
A'int No SunshineHorace Andy 
Show And TellHorace Andy 
Show And Tell VersionHorace Andy 
Take TenHugh Godfrey1967
A, Dey Pon DemHugh Godfrey1967
You're My BabyHugh Godfrey 
Mad WorldHugh Godfrey 
Mr. Fire Coal ManHugh Roy1972
So Long Rastafari CallingIm And Count Ossie1971
Give Me Back My Language And Me CultureIm And Count Ossie1971
Candid EyeIm And David1970
Federated BackdropIm And David1970
Thelma VersionIm And The Sound Dimension2014
Guess WhatIm And The Sound Dimension2014
Duppy SerenadeInn-Keepers1971
Sunshine VersionInn-Keepers1971
Duppy SerenadeThe Innkeepers [Jamaica]2014
Lover's SerenadeThe Innkeepers [Jamaica]2014
TodayIrvin Brown1970
Young Gifted And Black (Inst.)Irvin Brown1970
Run ComeIrvin Brown1970
I'm Still AroundIrvin Brown1970
FreeIrvin Brown1970
Let's Make It UpIrvin Brown1970
Evrything Will Be AlrightJ. Randall2013
Evrything Will Be (Ver.)J. Randall2013
Work It UpJack And The Bean - Stalks [Reggae]1969
Chatty ChattyJack And The Bean - Stalks [Reggae]1969
Beggers Have No ChoiceJack Sparrow2013
Double TroubleJack Sparrow2013
Give Me Your LoveJack Spratt1969
Magic MomentsJack Spratt1969
Ba-Ba-Boom (Jamaica 1967 Festival Tune)Jackie Mitto1967
Mercy MercyJackie Mitto1967
La-La 69Jackie Mitto1969
Our ThingJackie Mitto1969
Somebody Help MeJackie Mittoo1967
Sounds Of SilenceJackie Mittoo1967
Clean UpJackie Mittoo1969
Spring TimeJackie Mittoo1969
Holy VersionJackie Mittoo1970
I've Got To Make ItJackie Mittoo1970
Peenie WallieJackie Mittoo1970
Can't Go OnJackie Mittoo1970
Gold DustJackie Mittoo1970
Real Gone LooserJackie Mittoo1970
Dancing GrooveJackie Mittoo1970
Peanut ButterJackie Mittoo1970
Toronto ExpressJackie Mittoo2013
Lazy BonesJackie Mittoo2013
Hot TomatoJackie Mittoo2013
Purple LightJackie Mittoo2013
Going HomeJackie Mittoo2014
Version EverJackie Mittoo2014
Everybody Plays A FoolJackie Mittoo2014
Never NeverJackie Mittoo2014
See A Man's FaceJackie Mittoo2015
One Step BeyondJackie Mittoo2015
El Bang BangJackie Mittoo 
Take 10Jackie Mittoo 
Take 10Jackie Mittoo 
Version DreadJackie Mittoo 
I Need Your LovingJackie Mittoo 
Don't Run AwayJackie Mittoo 
Don't Run AwayJackie Mittoo 
High JackJackie Mittoo 
Evening TimeJackie Mittoo 
Ease UpJackie Mittoo 
Man Pon StopJackie Mittoo And Sound Dimention1970
Dark Of The MoonJackie Mittoo And Sound Dimention1970
Old Rocking ChairJackie Opel1971
King LigesJackie Opel1971
Gujara SkaJackie Opel2014
Old Rocking ChairJackie Opel2014
Try MeJackie Opel2014
Ska In Vienna WoodsJackie Opel2014
Solid RockJackie Opel 
Old Rocking ChairJackie Opel 
Old Rocking ChairJackie Opel 
King LigesJackie Opel 
Blending LoveJamaican Shadows1967
Have MercyJamaican Shadows1967
Forward To JahThe Jay Tees2013
Forward To JahThe Jay Tees2013
Consider MeJennifer Lara1980
Consider Me-Pt. 2Jennifer Lara1980
Do It To Me One More TimeJennifer Lara1980
Do It To Me One More Time (Ver.)Jennifer Lara1980
Consider MeJennifer Lara 
Consider Me (Ver)Jennifer Lara 
My ManJennifer Lara 
My Man Pt. 2Jennifer Lara 
Natural Misty (Version)Jennifer Lara 
Natural MistyJennifer Lara 
I'm In Love VersionJennifer Lara 
I'm In LoveJennifer Lara 
Tell Me Where (Ver.)Jennifer Lara 
Tell Me WhereJennifer Lara 
The Way To My HeartJerry And Freedom Singers1970
It's All In The GameJerry And Freedom Singers1970
Still WatersJerry Jones1970
WigwamJerry Jones1970
Ska La ParisienneJimmy James2014
Swinging Down The LineJimmy James2014
How I FeelJoe Grinne1969
Mr. EditorJoe Grinne1969
Neighbour NeighbourJoe Higgs1967
I Should Have Made It UpJoe Higgs1967
Why Can't I Touch YouJohn Holt1970
TouchingJohn Holt1970
Long Liver ManJohn Holt1970
Love I Can FeelJohn Holt1970
Stranger In LoveJohn Holt1970
JailhouseJohn Holt1970
Holly HolyJohn Holt1970
Do You Love MeJohn Holt1970
O.K. FredJohn Holt1971
Make UpJohn Holt1971
Build Our DreamJohn Holt And The Gang1971
Love In Our NationJohn Holt And The Gang1971
My Man VersionJohn Holt And The Soul Gang2014
Build Our DreamJohn Holt And The Soul Gang2014
Dub StreetJohnny Earl Jenny2013
Dub Street VersionJohnny Earl Jenny2013
Truth And RightsJohnny Osbourne2015
CrabwalkingJohnny Osbourne2015
Let Me InJohnny Osbourne 
Truths And RightsJohnny Osbourne 
Merry ChristmasJohnny Osbourne 
Merry Christmas (Ver)Johnny Osbourne 
Love Is Here To Stay - Pt.IIJohnny Osbourne 
Love Is Here To StayJohnny Osbourne 
Play Play GirlJohnny Osbourne 
Play Play Girl Pt.2Johnny Osbourne 
MurdererJohnny Osbourne 
Murderer VersionJohnny Osbourne 
Lend Me The SixteenJohnny Osbourne 
Lend Me The Sixteen (Ver.)Johnny Osbourne 
See A Man FaceJoncuno1971
Everyday PeopleJoy Roberts1970
Some Day We'll Be TogetherJoy Roberts1970
Always Trying (Ver)Judah Eskanda 
Always TryingJudah Eskanda 
Always Trying - Pt. IIJudah Eskende Tafari1980
Always TryingJudah Eskende Tafari1980
Rasta Tell YouJudah Eskender 
Rasta Tell You (Ver.)Judah Eskender 
Message To Her VersionJudah Eskender Tafari2013
Rastafari Tell YouJudah Eskender Tafari2013
Wreck Up A PaganKeith Balfour1969
DreamingKeith Balfour1969
There You Go With A Broken HeartKen Boothe1966
Rock Me Baby All Night LongKen Boothe1966
Oo We BabyKen Boothe1967
Lonely TeardropsKen Boothe1967
Home, Home, HomeKen Boothe1967
WindellKen Boothe1967
Feel GoodKen Boothe1967
Mustang SallyKen Boothe1967
Why Did You LeaveKen Boothe1967
Don't Try To Reach MeKen Boothe1967
After LaughterKen Boothe1968
TomorrowKen Boothe1968
When I Fall In LoveKen Boothe1968
Moving AwayKen Boothe1968
Just Another GirlKen Boothe1969
Fooling YouKen Boothe1969
PleadingKen Boothe1969
Call 1143Ken Boothe1969
Be YourselfKen Boothe1969
RathidKen Boothe1969
Original Six (Part One)Ken Boothe1971
Original Six (Part Two)Ken Boothe1971
Be YourselfKen Boothe2013
RahtidKen Boothe2013
My Heart Is GoneKen Boothe2013
Summer VersionKen Boothe2013
When I Fall In LoveKen Boothe 
Danger ZoneKen Boothe 
Train Is ComingKen Boothe 
I'm A FoolKen Boothe 
ThinkingKen Boothe 
Home Home HomeKen Boothe 
I Don't Want To See You CryKen Boothe 
Just Another GirlKen Boothe 
ArtibellaKen Boothe And Stranger Cole2013
Woman Of The WorldKen Boothe And Stranger Cole2013
My Whole World Is Falling DownKen Parker1969
Choking KindKen Parker1969
My Whole World Is Falling DownKen Parker1969
Choking KindKen Parker1969
Zion HigherKing Cry Cry1971
I Had A TalkKing Cry Cry1971
Cook BookKing Perry1964
Twin DoubleKing Perry1964
D.J. SpecialKing Sporty1970
Trust No ShadowKing Sporty1970
InspirationKing Sporty1970
Choice Of MusicKing Sporty1970
D.J. SpecialKing Sporty1970
Creation VersionKing Sporty1970
Back Out VersionKing Stitt1971
Holly RhythmKing Stitt1971
RealityKing Stitt1971
Rhyming TimeKing Stitt1971
Can't You UnderstandLarry And Alvin1968
WeppLarry And Alvin1968
HushLarry And Alvin1968
Nanny GoatLarry And Alvin1968
So LongLarry And Alvin1969
Hokey JokeyLarry And Alvin1969
Any-WhereLarry And Alvin1969
Baby FaceLarry And Alvin1969
Give It AwayLarry And Alvin1970
Girl Of My DreamLarry And Alvin1970
Press Along NyahLarry And Alvin1971
Press Along Nyah (Ver)Larry And Alvin1971
So LongLarry And Alvin2013
Hokey JokeyLarry And Alvin2013
Your LoveLarry And Alvin 
Your Love (Ver.)Larry And Alvin 
Mean GirlLarry And Alvin 
Mean Girl (Ver.)Larry And Alvin 
Lonely RoomLarry Marshall1968
Mean GirlLarry Marshall1968
Stay A Bit LongerLarry Marshall1970
He'll ProvideLarry Marshall1970
It Will Soon Be DoneLarry Marshall1970
Man From GalileeLarry Marshall1970
Economical HeatwaveLarry Marshall1972
Maga DogLarry Marshall1972
Hush Up VersionLarry Marshall2013
It Makes Me FeelLarry Marshall2013
Hush UpLarry Marshall2013
It Makes Me Feel VersionLarry Marshall2013
VersionLarry Marshall 
Throw Me CornLarry Marshall 
Polka DotsLascelles Perkins1970
Tell It All BrothersLascelles Perkins1970
Two For OneLascelles Perkins2013
I Don't KnowLascelles Perkins2013
The ChickenLee Arab2004
NowLee Arab2004
Rape BaitLee Perry1965
Sly MongooseLee Perry1965
Help The WeakLee Perry2013
TimothyLee Perry2013
Chatty Chatty WomanLee Perry2013
ExodusLee Perry2013
GummaLee Perry2013
Road BlockLee Perry2013
Hand To HandLee Perry And The Dynamites2013
Solid As A RockLee Perry And The Dynamites2013
The RocketLee Perry And The Dynamites2013
Roast DuckLee Perry And The Dynamites2013
White Belly Rat - Pt. IILen Allen Jnr.1980
White Belly RatLen Allen Jnr.1980
Love Me GirlLeroy And Rockie 
Love Me Girl (Ver)Leroy And Rockie 
Express YourselfLeroy Sibbles2015
RespectLeroy Sibbles2015
Far BeyondLeroy Wallace2013
Far Beyond (Ver.)Leroy Wallace2013
Whale BoneLester Sterling And The City Slickers2013
Diamond RingLester Sterling And The City Slickers2013
NamibiaLiberation Group2013
Buck Town CornerLiberation Group2013
It Ain't (Your Cheating Heart)Lloyd And Randolph1968
Soul TromboneLloyd And Randolph1968
Where It's At (Ver.)Lloyd Forrest2013
Where It's AtLloyd Forrest2013
Part TwoLloyd Jones [Reggae]2013
Get Up And TryLloyd Jones [Reggae]2013
Little School GirlLloyd Williams1970
Reggae FeetLloyd Williams2004
ShaftLloyd Williams2004
Tribute To MarleyLone Ranger1981
Tribute To Marley (Version)Lone Ranger1981
Obeah Man StyleLone Ranger1989
AutomaticLone Ranger 
ShuffleLone Ranger 
Natty ChalawaLone Ranger 
Tribute To MarleyLone Ranger 
Tribute To Marley (Version)Lone Ranger 
Congo WarLord Bryner1964
Teach Me To SkaLord Bryner1964
Rhythm RebellionLord Comic1970
Reggae ChildrenLord Comic1970
Unfaithful BabyLord Creator1968
Hello CarolLord Creator1968
Mother's LoveLord Creator And The Studio 1 Orchestra2014
March Jamaica MarchLord Creator And The Studio 1 Orchestra2014
When You're GoneLord Tanamo1970
Rainy Night In GeorgiaLord Tanamo1970
A Get ItThe Lyrics [Jamaica]1967
I'll Give It To YouThe Lyrics [Jamaica]1968
Music Like DirtThe Lyrics [Jamaica]1968
A Get ItThe Lyrics [Jamaica]2014
Truth HurtsThe Lyrics [Jamaica]2014
GrandnationalM. Burke1961
I Am Her PapaM. Burke1961
Ten To OneMad Lads 
Ten To One VersionMad Lads 
Ten To OneThe Mad Lads [Jamaica]2015
Totally TogetherThe Mad Lads [Jamaica]2015
Nanny VersionMad Roy1970
Freedom VersionMad Roy1970
Home VersionMad Roy1971
One TimeMad Roy1971
Universal LoveMad Roy1971
Shelly BellyMad Roy1971
DroughtMarcia Griffiths1968
Melody LifeMarcia Griffiths1968
Feel Like JumpingMarcia Griffiths1968
TrulyMarcia Griffiths1968
Mark My WordMarcia Griffiths1968
Lemon TreeMarcia Griffiths1968
Mun-Dun-GuMarcia Griffiths1970
My BabyMarlene Webber1970
You Gonna Hold MeMarlene Webber1970
Cheer UpMaytals1963
Life Could Be A DreamThe Maytals1970
Love At First SightThe Maytals1970
Cheers UpThe Maytals2013
Another ChanceThe Maytals2013
Life Could Be A DreamThe Maytals2013
Let's KissThe Maytals2013
Hurry UpThe Maytals2013
Always On SundayThe Maytals2013
Love At First SightThe Maytals2013
FeverThe Maytals2013
A Man Who KnowsThe Maytals2013
Love LaneThe Maytals2013
Hey Hey GirlThe Maytals2014
Are You MineThe Maytals2014
El Pussy SkaThe Maytals 
Just Got To BeThe Maytals 
Darling Here I StandThe Mediators1969
Hit And RunThe Mediators1969
Nice Up The DanceMichigan And Smiley1981
Western Standard TimeMichigan And Smiley1981
Nice Up The DanceMichigan And Smiley2015
Simmer DownMichigan And Smiley2015
People Get ReadyThe Minstrells [Reggae] 
Everyone Got To Be ThereThe Minstrells [Reggae] 
Yours Until TomorrowMinstrels [Reggae]1968
Tropic IslandMinstrels [Reggae]1968
People Get ReadyThe Minstrels [Reggae]1967
Everyone Got To Be ThereThe Minstrels [Reggae]1967
Go Tell HimMr. Foundation1966
Jail HouseMr. Foundation1966
See Them A ComeMr. Foundation1967
Have A Good TimeMr. Foundation1967
Easy SqueezeMr. Foundation1967
All Rudies In JailMr. Foundation1967
Young BuddMr. Foundation1969
Time To PrayMr. Foundation1969
What About MeMyrna Hague1983
What About (Ver.)Myrna Hague 
What About MeMyrna Hague 
A Little LoveNana McLean1971
Heavy BeatNana McLean1971
Black Is BlackNew Religion1972
Barb Wire VersionNina Sola1981
Barb WireNina Sola1981
Dreamland Version[no artist listed]1972
Dreamland[no artist listed]1972
Telling Me LiesNorma Fraser1967
Reggae RumbleNorma Fraser1967
I Stand PredominateNorma Frazer1967
Come By HereNorma Frazer1967
First Cut Is The DeepestNorma Frazer 
First Cut Is The Deepest (Ver)Norma Frazer 
Sure ShotThe Octaves1968
The BattleThe Octaves1968
I'll Be AroundOtis Gayle 
Dub For LadyOtis Gayle 
LadyOtis Gayle 
Down The RoadOwen And Leon2014
I Have Done You WrongOwen And Leon2014
SmilingOwen Boyce2013
Hurt In SideOwen Boyce2013
Ain't Nobody HomeOwen Gray1968
Give It To MeOwen Gray1968
Break Up To Make UpOwen Gray1968
You Should've KnownOwen Gray1968
Just Call To Say I Love YouOwen Gray1984
Version InstrumentalOwen Gray1984
It Isn't SoOwen Gray2013
Give Me Little SignOwen Gray2013
Wala, WalaOwen Right1970
Got To Be SureOwen Right1970
Push PullPablo Black 
VersionPablo Black 
High LocksPablo Black 
Soul LocksPablo Black 
High LocksPablove Black 
Soul LocksPablove Black 
My SatisfactionThe Paragons [Jamaica]1968
Reggae A Go GoThe Paragons [Jamaica]1968
Change Your StyleThe Paragons [Jamaica]2013
Have You Ever Been In LoveThe Paragons [Jamaica]2013
Lemon TreePeter Austin And Hortense Ellis2013
I Want MoneyPeter Austin And Hortense Ellis2013
Have FaithPeter Austin And The Freedom Singers2014
DinahPeter Austin And The Freedom Singers2014
I Want MoneyPeter Tosh And The Wailers1966
Lemon TreePeter Tosh And The Wailers1966
Hoot Nanny HootPeter Tosh And The Wailers2015
Do You RememberPeter Tosh And The Wailers2015
The ToughestPeter Touch2013
I Don't Need Your LovePeter Touch2013
Making LovePeter Touch And The Chorus1966
CrawfishPeter Touch And The Chorus1966
Sunshine LovePlyiers And The Ridgewood Rockers1988
Sunshine VersionPlyiers And The Ridgewood Rockers1988
To The BumpPrince Francis1972
Mend A Broken HeartPrince Francis1972
Rock Fort RockPrince Francis1973
You'll Never KnowPrince Francis1973
Street DoctorPrince Francis2014
Doctor Ring DingPrince Francis2014
Soul PeoplePrince Jazzbo1972
Jah DreadPrince Jazzbo1972
I'm Still In LovePrincess Rebel2004
I'm Still In Love (Ver)Princess Rebel2004
Minister For GanjaRapper Robert And Jim Brown 
Minister For VersionRapper Robert And Jim Brown 
PiratesRapper Robert And Jim Brown 
Good People Pt. 2Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus2013
Good PeopleRas Michael And The Sons Of Negus2013
Love To CherishRichard Ace1968
You're On My MindRichard Ace1968
Welcome You Back HomeRita Anderson [Marley] 
A Deh Pon DemRita Anderson [Marley] 
Zip CodeRobert Lynn1971
Junior's JiveRoland Alfanso 
Way Out WestRoland Alfanso 
Feeling GoodRoland Alphanso 
Kingston To Mo-BayRoland Alphanso And Skatalites2013
StuffyRoland Alphanso And Skatalites2013
Regay In The GrassRoland Alphonso1968
Get SmartRoland Alphonso1968
Marching OnRoland Alphonso1971
Mellow MoodRoland Alphonso1971
Guns FeverRoland Alphonso1974
Phoenix CityRoland Alphonso1974
El Pussy CatRoland Alphonso1974
Can't Go OnRoland Alphonso And The Skatalites1965
Ball 'O' FireRoland Alphonso And The Skatalites1965
PuzzleRoland And His Soul Bros2013
Rollie PollieRoland And His Soul Bros2013
Well ChargeRolando Alphonso And The Soul Brothers1964
SauvittRolando Alphonso And The Soul Brothers1964
A Night In JamaicaRosco Gordon1982
High In JamaicaRosco Gordon1982
Reggae For DaysRoy And Enid1969
Holy MosesRoy And Enid1969
Central KingstonRoy And Eric1961
JennyRoy And Eric1961
Never Say GoodbyeRoy And Millie2013
This WorldRoy And Millie2013
Step One UpRoy Richards1971
Fat DogRoy Richards1971
Reggae Children (Ver.)Roy Richards2014
Reggae ChildrenRoy Richards2014
Selection TrainSelected Four1971
VersionSelected Four1971
Give To GetShenley Duffus 
Burning (Ver.)The Silvertones2013
Burning In My SoulThe Silvertones2013
Buddy BumThe Silvertones 
Buddy Bum Ver.The Silvertones 
Don't Cry (Pt 2)The Silvertones 
Don't Cry (Pt 1)The Silvertones 
I Love YouSimms And Robinson2013
I'm Crying Over YouSimms And Robinson2013
Guns Of NavaroneSkatalites1973
Bonanza SkaSkatalites1973
Sucu SucuThe Skatalites1965
Dr. KildareThe Skatalites1965
Queen Of The MinstrelsThe Skatalites2015
Addis AbabaThe Skatalites2015
Banana WalkThe Skatalites2015
Man In The StreetThe Skatalites2015
Lee OswaldThe Skatalites 
By My SideThe Skatalites 
My GirlThe Skatalites 
Dick TracyThe Skatalites 
Free SoulSlim And Delroy 
Look Who Is Back AgainSlim And Delroy 
Do Dang DoSlim And Freedom Singers1970
Never Let GoSlim Smith 
Never Let Go (Ver.)Slim Smith 
Hip HugSlim Smith 
Keep That LightSlim Smith 
Never Let GoSlim Smith 
Never Let Go (Version)Slim Smith 
Throw Me CornSonny [Reggae]1971
Smile Like An AngelThe Soul Agents [Reggae]1967
Hot RodThe Soul Brothers [Jamaica]1967
AfricaThe Soul Brothers [Jamaica]1967
MeditationSoul Defenders1972
Sounds AlmightySoul Defenders1972
I Need YouSoul Vendors1967
Cool ShadeSoul Vendors1967
Puss In BootsSoul Vendors1968
If I Were A CarpenterSoul Vendors1968
Six FigureSoul Vendors1968
Sound Of SilenceSoul Vendors And The Gaylads 
Everyday Is Like A HolidaySoul Vendors And The Gaylads 
Pupa LickThe Soul Vendors1967
Leave My Business AloneThe Soul Vendors1967
Last WaltzThe Soul Vendors1968
Sentimental ReasonsThe Soul Vendors1968
What Will We DoThe Soul Vendors 
Musical HappinessThe Soul Vendors 
Don't Care What The People SayThe Soulettes1966
Tighten UpThe Soulettes1966
Spring Is Coming OnThe Soulettes2014
Hey SenoritaThe Soulettes2014
I Want To BeThe Souletts2013
How Could IThe Souletts2013
Love Me TonightThe Soulites1970
BotherationThe Soulites1970
Full UpThe Sound Demensions 
Full Up (Ver)The Sound Demensions 
Hold Me BabySound Dimension1968
Musical ScorcherSound Dimension1968
Maga DogSound Dimension1970
More GamesSound Dimension1970
Heavy RockSound Dimension1976
Time Is TightSound Dimensions1969
Sad SongSound Dimensions1969
Heavy DubSound Dimensions 
Heavy RockSound Dimensions 
WhoopySound Dimention1969
WorkingSound Dimention1969
Bitter BloodSound Dimention1969
Black OnionSound Dimention1969
Jamaica BagSound Dimention1969
I Need Your LovingSound Dimention1969
BonopartSound Dimention1970
Poison IvySound Dimention1970
Soul FoodSound Dimention1970
Door PeeperSound Dimention1970
First Time I Met YouThe Splendors [Jamaica]1970
Money MakerThe Splendors [Jamaica]1970
Hang On NattySugar Minnot 
Hang On Natty (Ver)Sugar Minnot 
Roof Over My HeadSugar Minott 
Roof Over My Head (Ver)Sugar Minott 
Jah A Love You (Ver)Sugar Minott 
Wrong DoersSugar Minott 
Vanity Pt. 2Sugar Minott 
Vanity Pt. 1Sugar Minott 
Freedom BluesSuper Tones1970
First Time I Met YouSuper Tones1970
Stay A Little Bit LongerTermites1967
Do It Right NowTermites1967
Mercy - Mr. PercyThe Termites1967
Hot And ColdThe Termites1967
I Made A MistakeThe Termites1968
Mama Didn't KnowThe Termites1968
Beach BoyThe Termites1968
It Takes Two To Make LoveThe Termites1968
Rub Up Push UpThe Termites 
UnknownThe Termites 
Slipping And SlidingTheopholus Beckford 
Easy SnappingTheopholus Beckford 
Good WaysThree Tones1970
Everything We DoThree Tones1970
Man Of ChancesThe Three Tops2014
Trust No ShadowThe Three Tops2014
My Arms Are WaitingTommy McCook1970
SampsonTommy McCook1970
SampsonTommy McCook2014
My Arms Are WaitingTommy McCook2014
Soul LimboThe Tonettes [Jamaica]2014
I'll Give It To YouThe Tonettes [Jamaica]2014
Fun VersionTony And Howie1972
Fun It UpTony And Howie1972
Fun It UpTony And Howie2013
Fun It Up Ver.Tony And Howie2013
Giving Up On LoveTrevor Clarke1968
Rocking TimeTrevor Clarke1968
Hi JackTrevor Clarke2013
SufferationTrevor Clarke2013
Addis AbabaVarious Artists2015
Simmer DownVarious Artists2015
Armagideon TimeVarious Artists2015
Totally TogetherVarious Artists2015
Hooligan DubVarious Artists2015
Queen Of The MinstrelsVarious Artists2015
Feel Like JumpingVarious Artists2015
Nice Up The DanceVarious Artists2015
Ten To OneVarious Artists2015
No No NoVarious Artists2015
Don't Let The Sun Catch You CryingThe Viceroys2013
Maga DownThe Viceroys2013
Hear What The Old Man SayThe Victors [Reggae]1968
Things A Come Up To BumpThe Victors [Reggae]1968
Lady With The Bright LightVincent Gordon1968
HeavenlessVincent Gordon1968
Slogan On The WallThe Voiceroys2014
Version On The WallThe Voiceroys2014
Backramassa Pt. 2Wadada 
Dancing ShoesThe Wailers1966
Don't Look BackThe Wailers1966
Tell Me LordThe Wailers2013
Your LoveThe Wailers2013
Christmas Is Here (Sound The Trumpet)The Wailers2013
Play BoyThe Wailers2013
HabitsThe Wailers2014
Streets Of GoldThe Wailers2014
PlayboyThe Wailers 
Put It OnThe Wailers 
Your LoveThe Wailers 
Thou Shall Not StealWailing Souls1970
Row Fisherman RowWailing Souls1970
Back OutWailing Souls1970
Pack Your ThingsWailing Souls1970
Love Me VersionWailing Souls1971
Walk, Walk, WalkWailing Souls1971
Blue DotWailing Souls2013
Thou Shalt Not StealWailing Souls2013
Come OnWebber Sisters1968
More ReggaeWebber Sisters1968
Longing To Hold YouWestmorelites1971
Lion's DenWestmorelites1971
Soul PeopleWilliam Brown1971
Feel Like JumpingWillie Williams [Reggae]2015
Armagideon TimeWillie Williams [Reggae]2015
Moses (Ver)The Willows [Reggae]2014
Send Another MosesThe Willows [Reggae]2014
I Had A DreamWinston And Barbara1964
I Love YouWinston And Barbara1964
Message To My GirlWinston And Bibby1988
River JordanWinston And Bibby1988
Joybells For IndependenceWinston And Bibby 
Whole WorldWinston And Bibby 
Sweet MessageWinston And Ceceil1970
United We StandWinston And Ceceil1970
Got To Get Ourselvers TogetherWinston And Donna1970
Great Mu, Ga, Ru, GaWinston And Donna1970
African ChantWinston And Jerry2013
Get Ourselves TogetherWinston And Jerry2013
All In The GameWinston And Jerry And The Brentford All Stars2014
Soul JointWinston And Jerry And The Brentford All Stars2014
Mr. Fix ItWinston Francis1968
Rattle OnWinston Francis1969
Same Old SongWinston Francis1969
Soul BowlWinston Francis1970
Turn Back The Hands Of TimeWinston Francis1970
Soul StewWinston Francis1970
California Dreamin'Winston Francis1974
Soul FoodWinston Francis1974
Groovy SituationWinston Francis2014
Up FullyWinston Francis2014
Johnny DollarWinston Francis 
VersionWinston Francis 
Lets Go To ZionWinston Francis 
VersionWinston Francis 
Losing YouWinston Jarrett1969
Peck Up A PaganWinston Jarrett1969
Fear NotWinston Jarrett2013
Dread NotWinston Jarrett2013
Sun Is ShiningWinston Mathews1971
Me FriendWinston Mathews1971
I Won't Be DiscouragedWinston Samuels1967
Why Did My Little Girl CryWinston Samuels1967
No More (In Life)Winston Stewart1964
The Kiss You GaveWinston Stewart1964
Royal FlushWinston Wright1970
Reggae FeetWinston Wright1970
African BeatZoot Simms1968
Reggae RumbleZoot Simms1968
Small GardenZoot Simms2013
AfricanZoot Simms2013
She Boom (Version)Zoot Simms2013
Popcorn ReggaeZoot Simms2013
AfricaZoot Simms 
Popcorn ReggaeZoot Simms 
African ChallengeZoot Simms 
Challenge (Ver.)Zoot Simms 

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