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10 cc - Discography

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For main discography see 10CC
  USA  16
  UK  13
  Germany  12
  Ireland  12
  Netherlands  8
  Australia  5
  Belgium  5
  Japan  5
  New Zealand  4
  France  3
  Norway  3
  South Africa  2
  Rhodesia  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  90
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10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Channel Swimmer
Mercury USA73678Mar 19757"510.0
10 cc

A: Art For Art's Sake
B: Get It While You Can
Mercury USA73725Oct 19757"59.0
10 cc

A: Art For Art's Sake (3.37 Edit)
B: Art For Art's Sake (4.12)
Mercury USADJ-444 / DJ-441Oct 1975Promo Only 7"0 
10 cc

A: I'm Mandy Fly Me (Stereo Edited Version)
B: How Dare You (Stereo Edited Version)
Mercury USA7377919767"1 
10 cc

A: Life Is A Minestrone
B: Lazy Ways
Mercury USA73805Aug 19767"210.0
10 cc

A: The Things We Do For Love
B: Hot To Trot
Mercury USA73875Dec 19767"18.5
10 cc

A: People In Love
B: Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
Mercury USA73917May 19777"1 
10 cc

A: Good Morning Judge
B: I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out
Mercury USA73943Jul 19777"3 
10 cc

A: Wall Street Shuffle
B: You've Got A Cold
Mercury USA73980Dec 19777"0 
10 cc

A: Dreadlock Holiday
B: Nothing Can Move Me
Polydor USAPD 14511Sep 19787"3 
10 cc

A: For You And I
B: Take These Chains
Polydor USAPD 14528Jan 19797"0 
10 cc

A: For You And I [Short Version]
B: For You And I [Long Version]
Polydor USAPD 14528Jan 1979Promo Only 7"1 
10 cc

A: It Doesn't Matter At All
B: Strange Lover
Warner Bros. USAWBS49266May 19807"0 
10 cc

A: The Power Of Love [Edit-Mono]
B: The Power Of Love [Edit-Stereo]
Warner Bros. USAPRO-S-105819827"0 
10 cc

A: The Power Of Love
B: Action Man In Motown Suit
Warner Bros. USA7-29973May 19827"1 
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Lazy Ways
Mercury Celebrity Series USAC-301757"0 

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