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10CC - Discography

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Formerly Hotlegs, See also Godley And Creme, Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  UK  43
  USA  30
  Germany  25
  Netherlands  22
  Australia  19
  Ireland  17
  Canada  14
  France  14
  New Zealand  13
  Belgium  11
  Norway  9
  Japan  7
  Denmark  3
  Italy  3
+ More Countries (25 Total)All Records  245
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A: Donna
B: Hot Sun Rock
UK UKUK 64 Aug 19727"79.0
Festival [10cc]

A: Today
B: Warm Me
RCA Victor UKRCA 22756 Oct 19727"110.0
10 c.c.

A: Johnny, Don't Do It!
B: 4% Of Something...
UK UKUK 221 Dec 19727"47.0

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Waterfall
UK UKUK 3630 Mar 19737"159.1
10 c.c.

A: The Dean And I
B: Bee In My Bonnet
UK UKUK 4810 Aug 19737"28.3
10 c.c.

A1: Wall Street Shuffle
B1: Hotel
B2: Silly Love
UK UKZXDR 551181974Promo Only 7"39.0
10 c.c.

A: The Worst Band In The World
B: 18 Carat Man Of Means
UK UKUK 5711 Jan 19747"129.2
10 c.c.

A: The Wall Street Shuffle
B: Gismo My Way
UK UKUK 6924 May 19747"118.6
10 c.c.

A: Silly Love
B: The Sacro-Iliac
UK UKUK 7723 Aug 19747"78.3
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love (Edited Version For Radio Play)
B: I'm Not In Love (Full Version)
Mercury UK6008 0141975Promo Only 7"4 
10 cc

A: Life Is A Minestrone
B: Channel Swimmer
Mercury UK6008 01028 Mar 19757"119.0
10 cc

A: Waterfall
B: 4% Of Something...
UK UKUK 10016 May 19757"39.0

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Good News
Mercury UK6008 01423 May 19757"248.4

A: Art For Arts Sake
B: Get It While You Can
Mercury UK6008 01721 Nov 19757"58.3

A: I'm Mandy Fly Me
B: How Dare You
Mercury UK6008 01912 Mar 19767"59.0

A: The Things We Do For Love
B: Hot To Trot
Mercury UK6008 0223 Dec 19767"59.0

A1: I'm Not In Love
A2: Good Morning Judge
B1: I'm Mandy Fly Me
B2: The Things We Do For Love
Mercury UKBRAUN 11977Promo Only 7"3 

A: Good Morning Judge
B: Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
Mercury UK6008 0251 Apr 19777"78.9

A: People In Love
B: I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out
Mercury UK6008 028Aug 19777"96.5

A: Dreadlock Holiday
B: Nothing Can Move Me
Mercury UK6008 03521 Jul 19787"98.4

A: Reds In My Bed
B: Take These Chains
Mercury UK6008 03610 Nov 19787"18.0
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: For You And I
Mercury UK6008 04321 Sep 19797"3 
10 cc

A: One-Two-Five
B: Only Child
Mercury UKLOOK 129 Feb 19807"6 
10 cc

A: It Doesn't Matter At All
B: From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
Mercury UKLOOK 223 May 19807"3 
10 c.c.

A: Les Nouveaux Riches
B: I Hate To Eat Alone
Mercury UKTEN 10May 19817"1 
10 cc

A: Don't Turn Me Away
B: Tomorrows World Today
Mercury UKMER 86Nov 19817"0 

A: The Power Of Love
B: You're Coming Home Again
Mercury UKMER 95Mar 19827"2 

A: Run Away
B: Action Man In Motown Suit
Mercury UKMER 113Jul 19827"0 
10 cc

A: We've Heard It All Before
B: Overdraft In Overdrive
Mercury UKMER 121Oct 19827"0 
10 cc

A: 24 Hours
B: Dreadlock Holiday
Mercury UKMER 139Apr 19837"1 
10 cc

A: Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma)
B: She Gives Me Pain
Mercury UKMER 143Sep 19837"1 
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Good News
Mercury UK6008 014Oct 19847"18.0
10 c.c.

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Dreadlock Holiday
Old Gold UKOG 9475Jan 19857"99.0

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Donna
Old Gold UKOG 9786Jun 19887"19.0
10 cc

A: Wall Street Shuffle
B: The Dean And I
Old Gold UKOG 9788Jun 19887"0 

A: Woman In Love
B: Man With A Mission
Polydor UKPO 195 DJ1992Promo Only 7"0 
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love (Acoustic Session' 95)
B: Bluebird
Avex U.K. UKAvex S219957"49.0

A: Ready To Go Home (Radio Edit)
B: Age Of Concent
Avex U.K. UKAVEXS819957"2 

Appears On

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Put It On Record – The P-orn Story

Symphonic 2000

01: Swan Song [Dance of the little swans] [Excerpt]

Mike Sammes Singers

02: Up,Up and Away (Instrumental) [Excerpt]


03: ?

Peters And Lee

04: Medley: Bye Bye Blackbird/Bill Bailey

Nana Mouskouri

05: Your Love My Love [Excerpt]


06: Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 / Pathetique (Midnight Blue) [Excerpt]
07: ?

The Chi-Lites

08: I Turn Away


09: You Sure Love To Ball [Excerpt]
10: L.A. Sunshine [Excerpt]


11: ?
12: ?

Shirley Bassey

13: Fire Down Below [Excerpt]

Demis Roussos

14: Can't Say How Much I Love You [Excerpt]

Thin Lizzy

15: Johnny [Excerpt]

Frank Sinatra

B1: Someone To Light Up My Life [Excerpt]


B2: Everything Comes In Time [Excerpt]


B3: Colonel Bogey (Instrumental) [Excerpt]

Peters And Lee

B4: Medley Bye Bye Blackbird/ Bill Bailey etc[Excerpt]

Spike Jones And His City Slickers

B5: William Tell Overture (aka Champagne Gallop / The Lone Ranger Theme Song) [Excerpt]

Rod Stewart

B6: Maggie May [Excerpt]


B7: I'm Not In Love [Excerpt]

Philharmonic 2000

B8: Save Our Soul [Excerpt]
Phonogram Special Projects UKSPD 1011977Promo Only 7"9 
Music For 5 a.m.


A1: People In Love

Purify Brothers (Featuring Ben Moore)

A2: Slow Dancin'

The Hollies

B1: The Air That I Breath

Johnny Bristol

B2: Memories Don't Leave Like People Do
Mercury / Polydor UKYARD 0021977EP4 
Classic Love Songs


A1: I'm Not In Love


A2: You Are Everything

Mike Berry

B1: The Sunshine Of Your Smile

Peter Skellern

B2: You're A Lady
Littlewoods Stores UKPSP 0011982Promo Only 7"28.0
Synchronised Perfection

10 c.c.

A1: I'm Not In Love
A2: Good Morning Judge
B1: I'm Mandy Fly Me
B2: The Things We Do For Love

Dire Straits

C1: Sultans Of Swing
D1: Lady Writer

Rod Stewart

E1: Maggie May
F1: You Wear It Well
F2: (Find A) Reason To Believe
Braun / Phonogram UKBRAUN 1 - 3Box Set 7"110.0

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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10 cc

A: Rubber Bullets
Decca UK1973Acetate0 

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