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10CC - Discography

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Formerly Hotlegs, See also Godley And Creme, Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart
  UK  39
  USA  28
  Germany  23
  Netherlands  22
  Australia  19
  Ireland  15
  France  13
  Canada  11
  New Zealand  9
  Norway  9
  Belgium  8
  Japan  6
  Denmark  3
  Italy  2
More Countries (23 Total)All Records  218
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A: Donna
B: Hot Sun Rock
UK UKUK 64 Aug 19727"79.2
10 c.c.

A: Johnny, Don't Do It!
B: 4% Of Something...
UK UKUK 221 Dec 19727"47.0

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Waterfall
UK UKUK 3630 Mar 19737"139.1
10 c.c.

A: The Dean And I
B: Bee In My Bonnet
UK UKUK 4810 Aug 19737"28.3
10 c.c.

A1: Wall Street Shuffle
B1: Hotel
B2: Silly Love
UK UKZXDR 551181974Promo Only 7"29.0
10 c.c.

A: The Worst Band In The World
B: 18 Carat Man Of Means
UK UKUK 5711 Jan 19747"109.0
10 c.c.

A: The Wall Street Shuffle
B: Gismo My Way
UK UKUK 6924 May 19747"118.7
10 c.c.

A: Silly Love
B: The Sacro-Iliac
UK UKUK 7723 Aug 19747"48.2
10 cc

A: Life Is A Minestrone
B: Channel Swimmer
Mercury UK6008 01028 Mar 19757"78.9
10 cc

A: Waterfall
B: 4% Of Something...
UK UKUK 10016 May 19757"310.0
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Good News
Mercury UK6008 01423 May 19757"88.4

A: Art For Arts Sake
B: Get It While You Can
Mercury UK6008 01721 Nov 19757"48.3

A: I'm Mandy Fly Me
B: How Dare You
Mercury UK6008 01912 Mar 19767"38.9

A: The Things We Do For Love
B: Hot To Trot
Mercury UK6008 0223 Dec 19767"59.2

A1: I'm Not In Love
A2: Good Morning Judge
B1: I'm Mandy Fly Me
B2: The Things We Do For Love
Mercury UKBRAUN 11977Promo Only 7"4 

A: Good Morning Judge
B: Don't Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste
Mercury UK6008 0251 Apr 19777"29.0

A: People In Love
B: I'm So Laid Back I'm Laid Out
Mercury UK6008 028Aug 19777"16.5

A: Dreadlock Holiday
B: Nothing Can Move Me
Mercury UK6008 03521 Jul 19787"88.4

A: Reds In My Bed
B: Take These Chains
Mercury UK6008 03610 Nov 19787"18.0
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: For You And I
Mercury UK6008 04321 Sep 19797"3 
10 cc

A: One-Two-Five
B: Only Child
Mercury UKLOOK 1Feb 19807"6 
10 cc

A: It Doesn't Matter At All
B: From Rochdale To Ocho Rios
Mercury UKLOOK 2May 19807"3 
10 c.c.

A: Les Nouveaux Riches
B: I Hate To Eat Alone
Mercury UKTEN 10May 19817"0 
10 cc

A: Don't Turn Me Away
B: Tomorrows World Today
Mercury UKMER 86Nov 19817"0 

A: The Power Of Love
B: You're Coming Home Again
Mercury UKMER 95Mar 19827"0 

A: Run Away
B: Action Man In Motown Suit
Mercury UKMER 113Jul 19827"0 
10 cc

A: We've Heard It All Before
B: Overdraft In Overdrive
Mercury UKMER 121Oct 19827"0 
10 cc

A: 24 Hours
B: Dreadlock Holiday
Mercury UKMER 139Apr 19837"1 
10 cc

A: Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma)
B: She Gives Me Pain
Mercury UKMER 143Sep 19837"1 
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Good News
Mercury UK6008 014Oct 19847"08.0
10 c.c.

A: I'm Not In Love
B: Dreadlock Holiday
Old Gold UKOG 9475Jan 19857"89.0

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Donna
Old Gold UKOG 9786Jun 19887"19.0
10 cc

A: Wall Street Shuffle
B: The Dean And I
Old Gold UKOG 9788Jun 19887"0 

A: Woman In Love
B: Man With A Mission
Polydor UKPO 195 DJ1992Promo Only 7"0 
10 cc

A: I'm Not In Love (Acoustic Session' 95)
B: Bluebird
Avex U.K. UKAvex S219957"49.0

Appears On

  Click to View LabelCat#DateFormatCommentsRating
Put It On Record – The P-orn Story

Symphonic 2000

01: Swan Song [Dance of the little swans] [Excerpt]

Mike Sammes Singers

02: Up,Up and Away (Instrumental) [Excerpt]


03: ?

Peters And Lee

04: Medley: Bye Bye Blackbird/Bill Bailey

Nana Mouskouri

05: Your Love My Love [Excerpt]


06: Beethoven's Sonata No. 8 / Pathetique (Midnight Blue) [Excerpt]
07: ?

The Chi-Lites

08: I Turn Away


09: You Sure Love To Ball [Excerpt]
10: L.A. Sunshine [Excerpt]


11: ?
12: ?

Shirley Bassey

13: Fire Down Below [Excerpt]

Demis Roussos

14: Can't Say How Much I Love You [Excerpt]

Thin Lizzy

15: Johnny [Excerpt]

Frank Sinatra

B1: Someone To Light Up My Life [Excerpt]


B2: Everything Comes In Time [Excerpt]


B3: Colonel Bogey (Instrumental) [Excerpt]

Peters And Lee

B4: Medley Bye Bye Blackbird/ Bill Bailey etc[Excerpt]

Spike Jones And His City Slickers

B5: William Tell Overture (aka Champagne Gallop / The Lone Ranger Theme Song) [Excerpt]

Rod Stewart

B6: Maggie May [Excerpt]


B7: I'm Not In Love [Excerpt]

Philharmonic 2000

B8: Save Our Soul [Excerpt]
Phonogram Special Projects UKSPD 1011977Promo Only 7"9 
Music For 5 am


A1: People In Love

Purify Brothers (Featuring Ben Moore)

A2: Slow Dancin'

The Hollies

B1: The Air That I Breath

Johnny Bristol

B2: Memories Don't Leave Like People Do
Mercury / Polydor UKYARD 0021977EP4 
Classic Love Songs


A1: I'm Not In Love


A2: You Are Everything

Mike Berry

B1: The Sunshine Of Your Smile

Peter Skellern

B2: You're A Lady
Littlewoods Stores UKPSP 0011982Promo Only 7"18.0
Synchronised Perfection

10 c.c.

A1: I'm Not In Love
A2: Good Morning Judge
B1: I'm Mandy Fly Me
B2: The Things We Do For Love

Dire Straits

C1: Sultans Of Swing
D1: Lady Writer

Rod Stewart

E1: Maggie May
F1: You Wear It Well
F2: (Find A) Reason To Believe
Braun / Phonogram UKBRAUN 1 - 3Box Set 7"1 

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