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Agustus Pablo - Discography

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Usually spelled Augustus Pablo.

Check there for a full discography.
  Jamaica  20
  UK  5
  USA  2
All Records  27
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Agustus Pablo

A: Java

Impact All-Stars

B: Version
Impact! Jamaica19717"1 
Denis Alcapone

A: Go Johnny Go

Agustus Pablo

B: Melodica
Jaguar JamaicaJ-2619717"0 
Jah T.

A: Lick The Pipe Peter Pt. 4

Agustus Pablo

B: Hot And Cold
Justice League Jamaica19727"1 
Keith Hudson

A: Fight On Fight On

Agustus Pablo

B: Fat Baby
Mafia Jamaica19727"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Kid Ralph

Pablo's All Star

B: Version
Panther JamaicaP 6919737"0 
Dellinger And Clivey

A: Brace A Boy

Agustus Pablo

B: A. P. Special
Rockers Jamaica19747"1 
Agustus Pablo

A: Pablo In Dub

Santic All Stars

B: Hell Boat
Santic Jamaica19747"1 
Nora Deane

A: Scorpion In His Underpant

Agustus Pablo

B: The Scorpion
Micron Music Limited Jamaica19757"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Ride Mamma Fanny

Agustus Pablo

B: Pablo's Big Ride
Hot Stuff Jamaica19757"1 
Agustus Pablo

A: Scanking Easy
B: Scank Version
Hot Stuff Jamaica19757"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Don D Special

[no artist listed]

B: Version
Message Jamaica19787"0 
Ricky Storme A.k.a. I. Kong

A: The Way It Is (Original)

Agustus Pablo

B: The Way
Top Ranking Jamaica19797"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Corner Stone Dub

Rockers All Roots

B: Freedom Step
Message Jamaica19817"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Leaf Of Life

Myre And Pablo

B: Ital Root Dub
Rockers International Jamaica19887"0 
Blacka "T"

A: Etheopian Calling

Agustus Pablo

B: Ammagiddeon Dub
Rockers International Jamaica19907"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Unfinished Melody

Pablo All Stars

B: Melody Dub
Rockers International Jamaica7"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Valley Of Jehasophat

[no artist listed]

B: Dry Bones Dub
Rockers International Jamaica7"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: Up Waricka Hill
B: Mountain View Dub
Rockers International Jamaica7"0 
Agustus Pablo

A: School Days

Trans-am All Stars

B: Batten Down
Trans-AM Jamaica7"1 
Jah T.

A: El Rockers

Agustus Pablo

B: Dub 4
Rockers International Jamaica7"0 

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