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Al Martino - Discography

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  USA  92
  UK  60
  Australia  43
  Germany  33
  Netherlands  28
  Canada  21
  New Zealand  12
  France  4
  Belgium  3
  Norway  2
  Denmark  1
  South Africa  1
  Spain  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  302
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Al Martino

A: Here In My Heart
B: I Cried Myself To Sleep
BBS USA101Apr 19527"3 
Al Martino

A: Take My Heart
B: I Never Cared
Capitol USAF2122Jun 19527"0 
Al Martino

A: I've Never Seen
B: Say You'll Wait For Me
Capitol USAF 2185Aug 19527"27.0
Al Martino

A: Now
B: In All This World
Capitol USAF2260Oct 19527"0 
Al Martino

Al Martino Sings

A1: Take My Heart
A2: I've Never Seen
B1: Say You'll Wait For Me
B2: Now
Capitol USAEAP 1-4051953EP0 
Al Martino

A: Rachel
B: One Lonely Night
Capitol USAF2353Jan 19537"0 
Al Martino

A: Here Are My Arms
B: There's Music In You
Capitol USAF2431Apr 19537"0 
Al Martino

A: This Night I'll Remember
B: When You're Mine
Capitol USAF2480May 19537"0 
Al Martino

A: All I Want Is A Chance
B: You Can't Go On Forever Breaking My Heart
Capitol USAF2535Jul 19537"0 
Al Martino

A: Say It Again
B: The Story Of Tina
Capitol USAF 29821954Promo Only 7"0 
Al Martino

A: Melancholy Serenade
B: Way, Paesano (Uei...Paesano)
Capitol USAF2737Feb 19547"0 
Al Martino

A: Say It Again
B: The Story Of Tina
Capitol USAF2982Nov 19547"0 
Al Martino

A: The Man From Laramie
B: To Please My Lady
Capitol USAF 317119557"0 
Al Martino

A: A Love To Call My Own
B: The Girl I Left In Rome
Capitol USAF3501Aug 19567"0 
Al Martino

A: I'm Sorry
B: I'm A Funny Guy
Capitol USAF3605Jan 19577"1 
Al Martino

A: Here In My Heart
B: Two Lovers
Cub USAK9018Oct 19587"3 
Al Martino

A: I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart (Ti Amo, Ti Voglio, Amor)
B: Two Hearts Are Better Than One
20th Fox USA45-132Mar 19597"2 
Al Martino

A: Darling I Love You
B: The Memory of You
20th Fox USA45-153Jul 19597"2 
Al Martino

A: Summertime
B: I Sold My Heart
20th Fox USA45-173Dec 19597"0 
Al Martino

A: Mama
B: And I Have You My Love
20th Fox USA45-18019607"1 
Al Martino

A: Dearest
B: Hello My Love
20th Fox USA45-184Feb 19607"5 
Al Martino

A: Only The Broken-Hearted
B: Journey To Love
20th Fox USA200May 19607"3 
Al Martino

A: Our Concerto (Il Nostro Concerto)
B: In My Heart Of Hearts
20th Fox USA213Jul 19607"0 
Al Martino

A: Come Back To Me
B: It's All Over But The Crying
20th Fox USA232Oct 19607"1 
Al Martino

A: Little Boy, Little Girl
B: My Side Of The Story
20th Fox USA237Jan 19617"03.0
Al Martino

A: Here In My Heart
B: Granada
Capitol USA4593Jun 19617"0 
Al Martino

A: Pardon
B: Another Time, Another Place
Capitol USA4643Oct 19617"0 
Al Martino

A: There's No Tomorrow
B: The Memory Of You
Maze [New Jersey] USA702519627"4 
Al Martino

The Exciting Voice Of Al Martino

A1: The Loveliest Night Of The Year
A2: Mattinata
A3: The Exodus Song
B1: Granada
B2: Non Ti Scordar Di Me
Capitol 33 Compact USASXA-17741962EP0 
Al Martino

A: Love, Where Are You Now
B: Exodus
Capitol USA4710Feb 19627"0 
Al Martino

A: Because You're Mine
B: Make Me Believe
Capitol USA4797Jul 19627"0 
Al Martino

A1: Open End Interview
A2: I Love You Because
B1: It's A Sin
Capitol USAPRO 23841963Promo Only 7"1 
Al Martino

Painted Tainted Rose

A1: To Each His Own
A2: Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
A3: That's The Way It's Got To Be
B1: Till Then
B2: Ramona
B3: More
Capitol USASU-19751963EP0 
Al Martino

A: I Love You Because
B: Merry-Go-Round
Capitol USA49304 Mar 19637"4 
Al Martino

A: Painted, Tainted Rose
B: That's The Way It's Got To Be
Capitol USA50008 Jul 19637"3 
Al Martino

A: Living A Lie
B: I Love You Truly
Capitol USA506014 Oct 19637"0 
Al Martino

A: I Love You More And More Every Day
B: I'm Living My Heaven With You
Capitol USA510813 Jan 19647"1 
Al Martino

A: My Side Of The Story
B: It's All Over But The Crying
20th Century-Fox USA508May 19647"1 
Al Martino

A: Tears And Roses
B: A Year Ago Tonight
Capitol USA518311 May 19647"2 
Al Martino

A: I Can't Get You Out Of My Heart (Ti Amo, Ti Voglio, Amor)
B: Come Back To Me (Torna A Me)
20th Century-Fox USA530Jul 19647"4 
Al Martino

A: Always Together
B: Thank You For Loving Me
Capitol USA52393 Aug 19647"0 
Al Martino

A: We Could
B: Sunrise To Sunrise
Capitol USA5293Oct 19647"0 
Al Martino

A: Silver Bells
B: You're All I Want For Christmas
Capitol USA5311Nov 19647"1 
Al Martino

We Could

A1: I Won't Forget You
A2: Jealous Heart
A3: You Don't Know Me
B1: Always Together
B2: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
B3: Less Than Tomorrow
Capitol 33 Compact USASXA-22001965EP0 
Al Martino

A: Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
B: My Heart Would Know
Capitol USA5341Jan 19657"2 
Al Martino

A: Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
B: With All My Heart
Capitol USA5384Mar 19657"0 
Al Martino

A: My Cherie
B: Ramona
Capitol USA5434May 19657"1 
Al Martino

A: What Now, My Love
B: Forgive Me
Capitol USA5506Sep 19657"0 
Al Martino

A: Spanish Eyes
B: Melody Of Love
Capitol USA5542Nov 19657"4 
Al Martino

A: Wiederseh'n
B: The Minute You're Gone
Capitol USA5652Dec 19657"0 

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