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Alice Cooper - Discography

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  USA  73
  UK  48
  Canada  32
  Australia  26
  Germany  24
  Brazil  20
  Netherlands  20
  France  18
  Japan  17
  New Zealand  17
  Italy  14
  Philippines  14
  Spain  14
  Portugal  12
More Countries (38 Total)All Records  432
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Alice Cooper

A: Eighteen
B: Body
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB-744919717"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Caught In A Dream
B: Hallowed Be My Name
Warner Bros. Australia7490Aug 19717"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Be My Lover
B: Yeah Yeah Yeah
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB-756819727"0 
Alice Cooper

A: School's Out
B: Gutter Cat
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB-759619727"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Elected
B: Luney Tune
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB-763119727"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Hello Hurray
B: Generation Landslide
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB-767319737"0 
Alice Cooper

A: No More Mr. Nice Guy
B: Raped And Freezin'
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB-769119737"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Teenage Lament '74
B: Hard Hearted Alice
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB 776219747"07.0
Alice Cooper

A: Department Of Youth
B: Cold Ethyl
Anchor AustraliaANC-10731Apr 19757"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Only Women
B: Devils Food
Anchor AustraliaANC-1082116 Jun 19757"1 
Alice Cooper

A: Only Women Bleed
B: Welcome To My Nightmare
Anchor AustraliaAN-10273119767"0 
Alice Cooper

A: I Never Cry
B: Go To Hell
Warner Bros. AustraliaWBS-822819767"0 
Alice Cooper

School's Out

A1: School's Out
A2: Elected
B1: Caught In A Dream
B2: Be My Lover
Warner Bros. AustraliaEPW 1771977EP0 
Alice Cooper

A: (No More) Love At Your Convenience
B: My God
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB 677019777"1 
Alice Cooper

A: You And Me
B: It's Hot Tonight
Warner Bros. AustraliaWBS 834919777"1 
Alice Cooper

A: How You Gonna See Me Now
B: Schools Out (Live Version)
Warner Bros. AustraliaWBA 4099Oct 19787"0 
Alice Cooper

A: From The Inside
B: Nurse Rozetta
Warner Bros. AustraliaWBS 8260Feb 19797"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Clones (We're All)
B: Model Citizen
Warner Bros. AustraliaWBS 49204May 19807"2 
Alice Cooper

A: You Want It, You Got It
B: Who Do You Think We Are
Warner Bros. AustraliaWBS 49780Sep 19817"0 
Alice Cooper

A: I Am The Future (Theme From "Class Of 1984")
B: Zorro's Ascent
Warner Bros. AustraliaWB 0706Oct 19827"0 
Alice Cooper

A: He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
B: Billion Dollar Babies (Recorded Live, 1976)
MCA Australia7-52904Sep 19867"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Teenage Frankenstein
B: Schools Out
MCA Australia7-13824Mar 19877"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Poison
B: Trash
Epic Australia655061 7Aug 19897"1 
Alice Cooper

A: Bed Of Nails
B: I'm Your Gun
Epic Australia655318 7Nov 19897"0 
Alice Cooper

A: House Of Fire
B: This Maniac's In Love With You
Epic Australia655472 75 Feb 19907"0 
Alice Cooper

A: Only My Heart Talkin'
B: Only Women Bleed
Epic Australia655758 7Apr 19907"0 

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