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Andy Griffith - Discography

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  USA  31
  Australia  9
  UK  7
  New Zealand  3
  Netherlands  1
All Records  51
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Deacon Andy Griffith

A: What It Was, Was Football
B: Romeo And Juliet
Colonial USAE3-KW-685319537"4 
Deacon Andy Griffith

A: What It Was, Was Football (Part I)
B: What It Was, Was Football (Part II)
Capitol USAF2693Dec 19537"4 
Andy Griffith

A: What It Was, Was Football Part 1
B: What It Was, Was Football Part 2
Capitol USAF1-160319547"1 
Andy Griffith

What It Was, Was Football!

A: What It Was, Was Football
B: Romeo And Juliet
Capitol USAEAP 1-498Jan 1954EP6 
Deacon Andy Griffith

A: Romeo And Juliet Part I
B: Romeo And Juliet Part II
Capitol USAF2698Jan 19547"1 
Andy Griffith

A: Swan Lake (Part I)
B: Swan Lake (Part II)
Capitol USAF2855Jul 19547"2 
Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith Make Yourself Comfortable

A1: Make Yourself Comfortable
A2: Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So
B1: Swan Lake
Capitol USAEAP 1-6301955EP0 
Andy Griffith

A: Make Yourself Comfortable
B: Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)
Capitol USAF3057Feb 19557"2 
Andy Griffith

A: Carmen Part 1
B: Carmen Part 2
Capitol USAF3402Apr 19567"0 
Andy Griffith

A: No Time For Sergeants
B: Standing On The Corner
Capitol USAF3498Aug 19567"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Free Man In The Morning
B: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Capitol USAF370619577"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Mama Guitar
B: A Face In The Crowd
Capitol USAF3705Apr 19577"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Silhouettes
B: Conversation With A Mule
Capitol USAF 3872Jan 19587"4 
Andy Griffith

A: Thank Heaven For Little Girls
B: Andy's Lament
Capitol USAF3938Mar 19587"0 
Andy Griffith

A: To The Lovely Juanita Beasley
B: Togetherness
Capitol USAF3990May 19587"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Midnight Special
B: She's Bad, Bad Business
Capitol USAF4052Sep 19587"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Hamlet Part 1
B: Hamlet Part 2
Capitol USAF4157Feb 19597"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Once Knew A Fella
B: Don't Look Back
Capitol USAF 4204May 19597"0 
Andy Griffith

A: What It Was, Was Football
B: Romeo And Juliet
Capitol 33 Compact USAMA 1-96219617"3 
Earle Hagen And His Orchestra

A: The Andy Griffith Theme

Andy Griffith

B: New River Train
Capitol USA4539Mar 19617"0 
Andy Griffith

Selections From The Album This Here Andy Griffith

A1: North Carolina, My Home State
B1: Love Poems: "To The Lovely Juanita Beasley"
B2: Love Poems: "Togetherness"
Capitol USAPRO 1174Jun 1961Promo Only 7"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Flop Eared Mule
B: A Good Man Is Hard To Find
Capitol USA4684Jan 19627"2 
Andy Griffith

A: Andy And Cleopatra, Part I
B: Andy And Cleopatra, Part II
Capitol USA50734 Nov 19637"0 
Andy Griffith

A: Romeo And Juliet (Part 1)
B: Romeo And Juliet (Part 2)
Capitol USA2571Aug 19697"0 
Andy Griffith

A: What It Was, Was Football Pt. 1
B: What It Was, Was Football Pt. 2
Capitol Starline USA617019727"5 
Andy Griffith

A: Lead Me To That Rock
B: Somebody Bigger Than You And I
Columbia USA4-457116 Oct 19727"0 
Andy Griffith

A: What It Was, Was Football

The Ventures

B: Hawaii Five-o
American Pie USA90767"1 
Ferlin Husky

A: Gone

Andy Griffith

B: What It Was, Was Football
Collectables USACOL 60657"0 

Appears On

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Stan Kenton

A1: Officer Krupke

Ray Anthony

A2: As Time Goes By / Soon

The Four Amigos

B1: Arrivederci Roma

Andy Griffith

B2: The Fishin' Hole
Capitol USAPRO 1878 / 18791961Promo Only 7"1 
Cooperative Forest Fire Prevention Campaign - 1964

The Chipmunks With David Seville

A1: Smokey's A-B-C's
A2: Smokey's A-B-C's

The Limeliters

A3: The Crying Trees

Rod Serling

B1: Public Service Announcement
B2: Public Service Announcement

Lorne Greene

B3: Public Service Announcement
B4: Public Service Announcement

Andy Griffith

B5: Public Service Announcement
B6: Public Service Announcement
U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture USAPLATTER-201964Special Edition 7"0 

Acetates, Bootlegs, Curios

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Andy Griffith

A: Bad, Bad Business

Betty Wright

B: What Are You Going To Do With It
4 Sale USA45R 101Bootleg / Repro 7"0 

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