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Anita Bryant - Discography

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  USA  41
  UK  14
  Canada  10
  Australia  8
  New Zealand  3
  Germany  2
  Italy  1
  Japan  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  81
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Anita Bryant

A: Till There Was You
B: Little George (Got The Hiccoughs)
Carlton USA512May 19597"29.0
Anita Bryant

A: Six Boys And Seven Girls
B: The Blessings Of Love
Carlton USA518Sep 19597"07.0
Anita Bryant

A: Promise Me A Rose
B: Do-Re-Mi
Carlton USA523Dec 1959Special Edition 7"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Promise Me A Rose (A Slight Detail)
B: Do-Re-Mi
Carlton USA523Dec 19597"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Paper Roses
B: Mixed Emotions
Carlton USA528Mar 19607"0 
Anita Bryant

A: In My Little Corner Of The World
B: Anyone Would Love You
Carlton USA530Jun 19607"1 
Anita Bryant

A: One Of The Lucky Ones
B: Love Look Away
Carlton USA535Sep 19607"1 
Anita Bryant

A: Hello Young Lovers
B: Mr. Wonderful
Carlton USAST-118-2Sep 19607"1 
Anita Bryant

A: Promise Me A Rose (A Slight Detail)
B: Blessings Of Love
Carlton USAST-118-4Sep 19607"1 
Anita Bryant

A: Wonderland By Night
B: Pictures
Carlton USA537Nov 19607"0 
Anita Bryant

A: A Texan And A Girl From Mexico
B: He's Not Good Enough For You
Carlton USA538Jan 19617"110.0
Anita Bryant

A: I Can't Do It By Myself
B: An Angel Cried
Carlton USA547Apr 19617"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Lonesome For You, Mama
B: A Place Called Happiness
Carlton USA553Jun 19617"0 
Anita Bryant

A: The Wedding (La Novia)
B: Seven Kinds Of Lonesome
Columbia USA4-421481 Sep 19617"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Cold Cold Winter
B: Step By Step, Little By Little
Columbia USA4-4225722 Dec 19617"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Free
B: One More Time With Billy
Columbia USA4-4243811 May 19627"18.0
Anita Bryant

A: Moonlight Melody
B: I'm Not A Child Anymore
Columbia USA4-4251527 Jul 19627"0 
Anita Bryant

A: A' Sleeping At The Foot Of The Bed
B: Wishing It Was You
Columbia USA4-426299 Nov 19627"1 
Anita Bryant

A: Our Winter Love
B: Honest John
Columbia USA4-427398 Mar 19637"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Will I Cry In September
B: A Wound Time Can't Erase
Columbia USA4-4280328 May 19637"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Hey, Good Lookin'
B: Bonaparte's Retreat
Columbia USA4-4284720 Aug 19637"18.0
Anita Bryant

A: Till There Was You
B: (Not Known)
Oldies 45 USAOL 86Jan 19647"0 
Anita Bryant

A: In My Little Corner Of The World
B: Babe In The Woods
Oldies 45 USAOL 88Jan 19647"0 
Anita Bryant

A: The World Of Lonely People
B: It's Better To Cry Today
Columbia USA4-4303721 Apr 19647"0 
Anita Bryant

A: The World Of Lonely People
B: The World Of Lonely People
Columbia USA4-4303721 Apr 1964Promo Only 7"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Welcome, Welcome Home
B: Laughing On The Outside
Columbia USA4-431064 Aug 19647"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Tell Me
B: I Don't Understand
Columbia USA4-4320511 Jan 19657"0 
Anita Bryant

A: My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me Again
B: Just Say Auf Wiedersehn
Columbia USA4-4343625 Oct 19657"3 
Anita Bryant

A: Another Year, Another Love, Another Heartache
B: Everything In The Garden
Columbia USA4-4349410 Jan 19667"0 
Anita Bryant

A: The Star-Spangled Banner
B: Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Columbia USA4-4392828 Nov 19667"24.0
Anita Bryant

A: Tomorrow Belongs To Me
B: Sticks And Stones
Columbia USA4-4406727 Mar 19677"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Love Is (Everything You Are)
B: Man In A Raincoat
Columbia USA4-4419313 Jun 19677"08.0
Anita Bryant

A: Little Love Words
B: Some Sunday In The Middle Of The Week
Columbia USA4-4424725 Jul 19677"0 
Anita Bryant

A: The Happy Time
B: I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
Columbia USA4-443243 Oct 19677"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Do You Hear What I Hear?
B: Away In A Manger
Columbia USA4-443416 Nov 19677"3 
Anita Bryant

A: Blue Summer
B: Silver And Blue
Columbia USA4-4456911 Jun 19687"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Let The Heartaches Begin
B: Sister Sarah
Columbia USA4-4465417 Sep 19687"0 
Anita Bryant

A: Paper Roses
B: In My Little Corner Of The World
Eric USA18019707"0 
Anita Bryant

A: The Orange Bird Song
B: Orange Song
Disneyland USALG-82319717"0 
Anita Bryant

A: He Touched Me
B: Bring Back The Springtime
Word USAWS-72119717"0 
Anita Bryant

Anita Bryant's TV Special Album

A: Gospel Medley
B: Nostalgia Medley
Anita Bryant Ministries USAABM 1-41319807"210.0

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