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Annette - Discography

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  USA  37
  Canada  15
  UK  9
  Australia  8
  Denmark  5
  New Zealand  4
  Germany  3
  Italy  3
  Netherlands  1
  Spain  1
  Unknown Country  1
All Records  87
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A: How Will I Know My Love
B: Don't Jump To Conclusions
Disneyland USAF-102Apr 19587"78.0

A: That Crazy Place In Outer Space
B: Gold Doubloons And Pieces Of Eight
Disneyland USAF-114Oct 19587"05.0
Annette And The Afterbeats

A: Tall Paul
B: Ma - He's Making Eyes At Me
Disneyland USAF-118Dec 19587"47.0

A: Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy
B: Love Me Forever
Buena Vista USAF-33619597"06.0

A: Jo-Jo The Dog-Faced Boy
B: Lonely Guitar
Buena Vista USAF-336Mar 19597"16.0

A: Wild Willie
B: Lonely Guitar
Buena Vista USAF-339May 19597"49.0

A: First Name Initial
B: My Heart Became Of Age
Buena Vista USAF-349Sep 19597"17.5

A: O Dio Mio
B: It Took Dreams
Buena Vista USAF-354Jan 19607"68.0

A: Train Of Love
B: Tell Me Who's The Girl
Buena Vista USAF-359Apr 19607"17.0
Annette With The Afterbeats

A: Pineapple Princess
B: Luau Cha Cha Cha
Buena Vista USAF-362Jul 19607"310.0

Annette Sings 2 Paul Anka Hits

A: Talk To Me Baby
B: I Love You Baby
Buena Vista USAF-369Oct 19607"0 

A: Dream Boy
B: Please, Please, Signore
Buena Vista USAF-374Jan 19617"0 
Annette With The Up Beats

A: Indian Giver


B: Mama, Mama Rosa (Where's The Spumoni)
Buena Vista USAF-375Apr 19617"28.0
Annette With The Afterbeats Plus Four

A: Hawaiian Love Talk
B: Blue Muu Muu
Buena Vista USAF-384Jul 19617"29.0
Annette And The Vonnair Sisters

A: Dreamin' About You
B: Strummin' Song
Buena Vista USAF-388Oct 19617"310.0

A: The Truth About Youth
B: I Can't Do The Sum
Buena Vista USAF 394Feb 19627"0 

A: That Crazy Place In Outer Space

Dany Saval And Tom Tryon

B: Seven Moons (Of Beta Lyrae)
Buena Vista USAF-392Apr 19627"2 

A: Hukilau Song
B: My Little Grass Shack
Buena Vista USAF-400May 19627"1 

A: Mr. Piano Man
B: He's My Ideal
Buena Vista USAF-405Sep 19627"0 

A: How Will I Know My Love

Jimmy Dodd

B: Annette
Disneyland USALG-758Nov 19627"4 
Walt Disney's "Son Of Flubber"

Fred MacMurray

A: Flubber Song

Fred MacMurray With Annette Funicello

B: Serendipity
Disneyland USADL-55519637"0 

A: Teenage Wedding
B: Walkin' And Talkin'
Buena Vista USAF-414Jan 19637"0 

A: Treat Him Nicely
B: Promise Me Anything
Buena Vista USABVF-427Oct 19637"2 
Annette With The Wellingtons

A: Merlin Jones

Annette With Tommy Kirk

B: The Scrambled Egghead
Buena Vista USAF-43119647"0 

A: Muscle Beach Party
B: I Dream About Frankie
Buena Vista USAF-433Mar 19647"18.0

A: Custom City
B: Rebel Rider
Buena Vista USAF 432Jun 19647"2 

A: Bikini Beach Party
B: The Clyde
Buena Vista USAF-436Aug 19647"18.0

A: The Clyde
B: The Wah Watusi
Buena Vista USAF-437Sep 19647"0 

A: Something Borrowed, Something Blue
B: How Will I Know My Love
Buena Vista USAF-438Oct 19647"0 

A: The Monkey's Uncle
B: How Will I Know My Love
Buena Vista USAF-44024 Feb 19657"149.7

A: No One Could Be Prouder
B: Boy To Love
Buena Vista USAF-442Jun 19657"1 

A: No Way To Go But Up
B: Crystal Ball
Buena Vista USAF-450Mar 19667"010.0

A: What's A Girl To Do
B: When You Get What You Want
Tower USA326Mar 19677"4 
Frankie Avalon And Annette Funicello

A: (Together We Can Make) A Merry Christmas
B: The Night Before Christmas
Pacific Star USASTRLT-56919817"0 
Annette Funicello

A: Pineapple Princess
B: O Dio Mio
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 33907"1 
Annette Funicello

A: Tall Paul

Hayley Mills

B: Let's Get Together
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 33917"1 

A: Pineapple Princess
B: Treat Him Nicely
Record Rarities USARR-1057"0 

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