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Benny Spellman - Discography

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  UK  3
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All Records  22
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Benny Spellman

A: Life Is Too Short
B: Ammerette
Minit USA606Jan 19607"1 
Benny Spellman

A: Darling, No Matter Where
B: I Didn't Know
Minit USA613Jul 19607"0 
Benny (Mother-In-Law) Spellman

A: That´s All I Ask Of You
B: Roll On Big Wheel
Ace USA630Jul 19617"3 
Benny Spellman

A: Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
B: Fortune Teller
Minit USA644Mar 19627"49.0
Benny Spellman

A: Every Now And Then
B: I´m In Love
Minit USA652Aug 19627"1 
Benny Spellman

A: Stickin' Whicha' Baby
B: You Got To Get It
Minit USA659Dec 19627"0 
Benny Spellman

A: Talk About Love
B: Ammerette
Minit USA664Apr 19637"0 
Benny Spellman

A: Walk On Don´t Cry
B: Please Mr. Genie
Watch USA633219647"0 
Benny Spellman

A: Slow Down Baby (Don't Drive Too Fast)
B: Someday They'll Understand
Watch USA633619647"1 
Benny Spellman

A: No Don't Stop
B: T'aint It The Truth
Alon USA901819657"1 
Benny Spellman

A: Spirit Of Loneliness
B: Must Be Love
Alon USA902719657"5 
Benny Spellman

A: I Feel Good
B: The Word Game
Alon USA9024May 19657"1 
Benny Spellman

A: The Word Game
B: I Feel Good
Atlantic USA45-2291Jun 19657"2 
Benny Spellman

A: It's For You
B: This Is For You My Love
Alon USA903119667"0 
Benny Spellman

A: Sinner Girl
B: If You Love Her
Sansu USA462Mar 19677"1 
Benny Spellman

A: Foolish Man
B: Don't Give Up Love
Mor Soul USAMO-007 / MO-00819687"1 
Benny Spellman

A: Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
B: Fortune Teller
Imperial Golden Series USA0407"1 
Benny Spellman

A: Fortune Teller
B: Lipstick Traces
Bandy USA14927"7 

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