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Betty Madigan - Discography

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  Australia  2
All Records  38
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Betty Madigan

A: I Just Love You
B: You're Thoughtless
MGM USAK11601Oct 19537"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Call Me Darling
B: My Heart Is Dancing With You
MGM USAK11670Jan 19547"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Joey
B: And So I Walked Home
MGM USAK11716Mar 19547"39.0
Betty Madigan

A: Always You
B: That Was My Heart You Heard
MGM USAK11812Sep 19547"010.0
Betty Madigan

A: I Had The Funniest Feeling
B: Be A Little Darlin'
MGM USAK11903Dec 19547"0 
Betty Madigan

A: The Wheels Of Love
B: A Saluté
MGM USAK11950Mar 19557"1 
Betty Madigan

A: I Had A Heart
B: Wonderful Words
MGM USAK11988Apr 19557"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Teddy Bear
B: Please Be Kind
MGM USAK12022Jul 19557"0 
Betty Madigan

A: We're All Kids At Christmas
B: The Story Of Christmas
MGM USAK12093Nov 19557"0 
Betty Madigan

A: There Should Be Rules (Protecting Fools Who Fall In Love)
B: Strangers
MGM USAK12094Nov 19557"0 
Betty Madigan

A: To You, My Love
B: Faithful And True
MGM USAK12156Jan 19567"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Surprise
B: I Miss The Boy
MGM USAK12214Apr 19567"1 
Betty Madigan

A: A Perfect Understanding
B: Cryin'
MGM USAK12273May 19567"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Where In The World
B: The Test Of Time
MGM USAK12318Aug 19567"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Take Mine
B: Hold Me Again Love
MGM USAK12366Oct 19567"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Ev'ry Time
B: Can't You Tell
MGM USAK12416Feb 19577"0 
Betty Madigan

A: True Love Gone (Come On Home)
B: A Lovely Night
Coral USA9-61812Mar 19577"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Come Home, Joe
B: Think Of All The Nice Things He's Done
Coral USA9-61867Aug 19577"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Brigette's Song
B: The Heart Mender
Coral USA9-61882Sep 19577"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Under Your Spell
B: Tell Me How
Coral USA9-61933Jan 19587"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Dance Everyone Dance
B: My Symphony Of Love
Coral USA9-62007Jul 19587"17.0
Betty Madigan

A: Just Like Sam
B: Now A Days
Coral USA9-62065Dec 19587"0 
Betty Madigan

A: I'm Glad That Your Falling
B: Golden Memories
United Artists USAUA 246Aug 19607"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Twenty-One Years
B: Bigger And Better Things
United Artists USAUA 313May 19617"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Billy
B: Under Age
20th Century-Fox USA466Mar 19647"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Senior Year
B: If This Is Goodbye
20th Century-Fox USA503May 19647"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Life Goes On
B: Are You Really Real
MGM USAK 13532Jun 19667"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Dommage, Dommage (Too Bad, Too Bad)
B: Fortissimo
MGM USAK13616Nov 19667"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Maybe Today
B: Another Go Around
MGM USAK 13745Jun 19677"0 
Betty Madigan

A: Little White Lies
B: The Day We Said Goodbye
MGM USAK13872Jan 19687"0 

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