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Bill Doggett - Discography

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  USA  92
  UK  17
  France  6
  Canada  2
  Germany  2
  Jamaica  2
  Netherlands  2
  Denmark  1
  New Zealand  1
All Records  125
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Bill Doggett

A: It's A Dream
B: The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)
King USA45-470219547"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Sweet Lorraine
B: Tailor Made
King USA45-472019547"0 
Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett His Organ And Combo Vol 3

A1: East
A2: Sweet Lorraine
B1: There's No You
B2: King Bee
King USAKEP-3261954EP0 
Bill Doggett

A: High Heels
B: Sweet Slumber
King USA45-4732Aug 19547"1 
Bill Doggett

A: Honey
B: The Nearness Of You
King USA45-4738Aug 19547"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Tara's Theme
B: Gumbo
King USA45-4759Dec 19547"1 
Bill Doggett

A: I'll Be Around
B: Wild Oats
King USA45-478419557"0 
Bill Doggett

A: You Don't Know What Love Is
B: Shove Off
King USA45-482519557"0 
Bill Doggett

A: What A Difference A Day Made
B: Stella By Starlight
King USA45-493619557"0 
Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett His Organ And Combo Vol. 2

A1: The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)
A2: Eventide
B1: And The Angels Sing
B2: Tailor Made
King USAEP-3251955EP0 
Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett His Organ And Combo Vol. 5

A1: Gumbo
A2: Tara's Theme
B1: Sweet Slumber
B2: The Nearness Of You
King USAKEP-3521955EP0 
Bill Doggett

A: Oof!
B: Street Scene
King USA479518 Apr 19557"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Quaker City
B: True Blue
King USA45-4808Jun 19557"2 
Bill Doggett

A: Honey Boy
B: Misty Moon
King USA45-4838Oct 19557"1 
Bill Doggett

Doggett Jumps

A1: Quaker City
A2: Oof!
B1: Wild Oats
B2: Shove Off
King USAEP-3881956EP1 
Bill Doggett

A1: Honky Tonk (Part 1)
A2: Honky Tonk (Part 2)
B1: Squashy
B2: Who's Who
King USAEP-3901956EP1 
Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett Vol.1

A1: Leaps And Bounds
B1: On The Sunny Side Of The Street
B2: True Blue
King USAEP-39119567"0 
Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett (Vol. 3)

A1: Slow Walk
A2: Afternoon Jump
B1: Peacock Alley
B2: Honey Boy
King USAEP-3931956EP0 
Bill Doggett

Doggett Dreams

A1: Street Scene
A2: I'll Be Around
B1: You Don't Know What Love Is
B2: Misty Moon
King USAKEP-3821956EP0 
Bill Doggett

A: In A Sentimental Mood
B: Who's Who
King USA45-4888Mar 19567"1 
Earl Bostic And Bill Doggett

A: Mean To Me
B: The Bo-Do Rock
King USA45-4930May 19567"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Honky Tonk (Part 1)
B: Honky Tonk (Part 2)
King USA45-4950Jul 19567"410.0
Earl Bostic And Bill Doggett

A: Bubbins Rock
B: Indiana
King USA45-4954Aug 19567"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Slow Walk
B: Hand In Hand
King USA45-5000Nov 19567"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Honky Tonk (Vocal)
B: Peacock Alley
King USA45-5001Dec 19567"2 
Bill Doggett

A: Ram-Bunk-Shush
B: Blue Largo
King USA45-5020Jan 19577"2 
Bill Doggett

A: Chloe
B: Number Three
King USA45-5044Apr 19577"2 
Bill Doggett

A: Ding Dong
B: Cling To Me
King USA45-5058May 19577"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Shindig
B: Hammer Head
King USA45-5070Jul 19577"1 
Bill Doggett

A: Hot Ginger
B: Soft
King USA45-5080Sep 19577"1 
Bill Doggett

A: Leaps And Bounds (Part 1)
B: Leaps And Bounds (Part 2)
King USA45-5101Dec 19577"1 
Bill Doggett

A: Hippy Dippy
B: Flying Home
King USA45-5096Jan 19587"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Blues For Handy
B: How Could You
King USA45-5130Apr 19587"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Blip Blop
B: Tanya
King USA45-5138May 19587"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Hold It
B: Birdie
King USA45-5149Sep 19587"1 
Bill Doggett

A: Rainbow Riot (Part 1)
B: Rainbow Riot (Part 2)
King USA45-5159Nov 19587"1 
Bill Doggett

A: The Madison
B: Ocean Liner
King USA45-S-520419597"1 
Bill Doggett

Hold It ! Vol. 3

A1: Boo-Da-Ba
A2: Pimento
B1: Back Door
B2: Birdie
King USAEP-4261959EP0 
Bill Doggett

High And Wide Vol. 1

A1: Monster Party
A2: Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day
B1: I'm Gonna Lock My Heart And Throw Away The Key
B2: Finishing The Unfinished
King USAEP-4421959EP0 
Bill Doggett

A: Monster Party
B: Scott's Bluff
King USA45-5176Jan 19597"1 
Bill Doggett

A: Ocean Liner
B: The Madison
King USA45-5204Apr 19597"0 
Bill Doggett

A: After Hours
B: Big City Drag
King USA45-5227Jul 19597"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Yocky Dock (Part 1)
B: Yocky Dock (Part 2)
King USA45-5256Sep 19597"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Goofy Organ
B: Zee
King USA45-5281Oct 19597"2 
Bill Doggett

A: Smokie - Part 2
B: Evening Dreams
King USA45-5310Dec 19597"1 
Bill Doggett

Back With More Bill Doggett

A1: Smoke
A2: The Slush
A3: Night Train Part I
B1: Night Train Part II
B2: Buttered Popcorn
B3: Bugle Nose
King USAKSS-7-7231960EP3 
Bill Doggett

A: Raw Turkey
B: Back Woods
King USA45-5319Feb 19607"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Smoochie
B: Big Boy
King USA45-5339Apr 19607"0 
Bill Doggett

A: The Slush
B: Buttered Popcorn
King USA45-5364Jun 19607"0 
Bill Doggett

A: Trav'lin' Light
B: A Lover's Dream
King USA45-5387Aug 19607"0 

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