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Billy Eckstine - Discography

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  USA  86
  UK  59
  Australia  20
  France  5
  Canada  4
  Netherlands  4
  New Zealand  3
  Sweden  2
  Germany  1
  Norway  1
  South Africa  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  187
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Billy Eckstine

A: Blue Christmas
B: The Lonely Shepherd
MGM USAK1079619507"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: I'll Know
B: I've Never Been In Love Before
MGM USAK1082519507"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: I'm So Crazy For Love
B: I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest
MGM USAK1085619507"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: I Wanna Be Loved
B: Stardust
MGM USAK10716May 19507"1 
Billy Eckstine

A: I Surrender Dear
B: Our Love
National [NYC early 1950s] USA9115-X45Jun 19507"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: I'll Be Faithful
B: Everything I Have Is Yours
MGM USAK1025919517"0 
Billy Eckstine And Woody Herman

A: I Left My Hat In Haiti

Woody Herman And Billy Eckstine

B: Here Come The Blues
MGM USAK1091619517"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Caravan
B: I'm Falling For You
MGM USAK3037419517"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Blue Moon
B: Somehow
MGM USAK3037519517"0 
Earl Hines And His Orchestra With Billy Eckstine

A: Stormy Monday Blues
B: Water Boy
RCA Victor Collector's Issue USAWPT 2919517"2 
Earl Hines And His Orchestra With Billy Eckstine

A: Jelly, Jelly
B: Skylark
RCA Victor Collector's Issue USAWPT 2919517"2 
Earl Hines And His Orchestra With Billy Eckstine

A: I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
B: Somehow
RCA Victor Collector's Issue USAWPT 2919517"1 
Billy Eckstine

A: Bring Back The Thrill
B: I Apologize
MGM USAK10903Jan 19517"1 
Billy Eckstine

A: I'm Yours To Command
B: What Will I Tell My Heart
MGM USAK10944Mar 19517"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: I'm A Fool To Want You
B: Love Me
MGM USAK10982Jun 19517"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Enchanted Land (Song Of India)
B: I've Got My Mind On You
MGM USAK11028Aug 19517"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: If I Loved You
B: We Kiss In A Shadow
MGM USAK3062819527"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: People Will Say We're In Love
B: Younger Than Springtime
MGM USAK3063119527"0 
Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan

A: I Love You

Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

B: Ev'ry Day
MGM USAK11144Jan 19527"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: A Room With A View
B: Carnival (From "The Gang's All Here")
MGM USAK11177Feb 19527"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Kiss Of Fire
B: Never Like This
MGM USAK11225Apr 19527"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Hold Me Close To You
B: If They Ask Me
MGM USAK11217Jun 19527"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Coquette
B: A Fool In Love
MGM USAK1143919537"0 
Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan

Dedicated To You

A1: Dedicated To You
A2: You're All I Need
B1: Ev'ry Day
B2: I Love You
MGM USAX10021953EP1 
Billy Eckstine

A: Until Eternity
B: Ev'rything Depends On You
MGM USAK11396Jan 19537"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: I Can Read Between The Lines
B: I Can't Be Wrong
MGM USAK11550Jul 19537"0 
Billy Eckstine With The Metronome All Stars

A: St. Louis Blues - Part I
B: St. Louis Blues - Part II
MGM USAK11573Sep 19537"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Rendezvous
B: I'm In A Mood
MGM USAK11655Dec 19537"1 
Billy Eckstine

Blues For Sale

A1: Blues For Sale
A2: It Ain't Like That No More
B1: Jelly Jelly
B2: Long Long Journey
EmArcy USAEP-1-60401954EP0 
Billy Eckstine

Mood For Love

A1: Where Are You
A2: A Cottage For Sale
B1: Time On My Hands
B2: I'm In The Mood For Love
EmArcy USAEP-1-60451954EP0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Mood Indigo
B: Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
MGM USAK1184519547"0 
Billy Eckstine


A1: Tenderly
A2: If You Could See Me Now
B1: Laura
B2: One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
MGM USAX10521954EP0 
Billy Eckstine

Favorites Volume 2

A1: Bewildered
A2: My Foolish Heart
B1: Everything I Have Is Yours
B2: Fool That I Am
MGM USAX11041954EP0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Lost In Loveliness

Billy Eckstine With The Pied Pipers

B: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
MGM USAK11694Feb 19547"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Seabreeze
B: No One But You
MGM USAK11712Mar 19547"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Careless Lips
B: A Man Doesn't Know
MGM USAK1199819557"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: More Than You Know
B: Give Me Another Chance
MGM USAK11948Mar 19557"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: September Song
B: Pass The Word Around
MGM USAK12055Aug 19557"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: You'll Get Yours
B: Lonely Avenue
MGM USAK12160Jan 19567"0 
Billy Eckstine

This Is His Life

A: The Bitter With The Sweet
B: Grapevine
RCA Victor USA47-6436Feb 19567"1 
Billy Eckstine

A: Condemned For Life (With A Rock And Roll Wife)
B: The Tennessee Rock 'N' Roll
RCA Victor USA47-6524May 19567"0 
Billy Eckstine With Hugo Winterhalter's Orchestra

A1: The Chosen Few
A2: Just Call Me Crazy

Buddy Bregman And His Orchestra

B1: Scarecrow Joe
B2: Lina
RCA Victor USA47-6693Oct 1956Promo Only 7"0 
Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

A: Passing Strangers

Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan

B: The Door Is Open
Mercury USA71122X457 May 19577"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: All Of My Life
B: Poor Little Heart
Mercury USA71161X4512 Jul 19577"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
B: If I Can Help Somebody
Mercury USA71217X4514 Oct 19577"0 
Sing The Best Of Irving Berlin Vol. 1

Sarah Vaughan And Billy Eckstine

A1: Alexander's Ragtime Band
A2: Remember

Billy Eckstine And Sarah Vaughan

B1: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
B2: You're Just In Love
Mercury USAEP-1-33611958EP0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Everything I Have Is Yours
B: I Apologize
MGM Golden Circle USAK-GC-11419587"0 
Billy Eckstine

A: Gigi
B: Trust In Me
Mercury USA71250X457 Jan 19587"1 
Billy Eckstine

A: Vertigo
B: In The Rain
Mercury USA71325X4514 Jun 19587"1 
Billy Eckstine

A: Prisoner Of Love
B: Funny
Mercury USA71372X45Oct 19587"0 

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