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Billy Fury - Discography

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  UK  71
  USA  18
  New Zealand  15
  Australia  14
  Ireland  12
  Germany  11
  Belgium  9
  Spain  9
  Netherlands  7
  France  6
  Canada  5
  Hong Kong  5
  Italy  5
  Japan  5
+ More Countries (22 Total)All Records  210
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Billy Fury

A: Maybe Tomorrow
B: Gonna Type A Letter
Decca UKF 1110218 Jan 19597"79.0
Billy Fury

A: Margo
B: Don't Knock Upon My Door
Decca UKF 1112828 May 19597"29.0
Billy Fury

Maybe Tomorrow

A1: Margo
A2: Don't Knock Upon My Door
B1: Maybe Tomorrow
B2: Gonna Type A Letter
Decca UKDFE 659719 Jun 1959EP510.0
Billy Fury

A: Angel Face

Bob McFadden And Dor

B: The Mummy
Decca UKDRX 26283Sep 1959Promo Only 7"0 
Billy Fury

A: Angel Face
B: Time Has Come
Decca UKF 1115816 Sep 19597"78.0
Billy Fury

A: My Christmas Prayer
B: Last Kiss
Decca UKF 1118910 Nov 19597"49.5
Billy Fury

A: Collette
B: Baby How I Cried
Decca UKF 112009 Jan 19607"29.0
Billy Fury

A: That's Love
B: You Don't Know
Decca UKF 1123719 May 19607"29.0
Billy Fury

A: Wondrous Place
B: Alright, Goodbye
Decca UKF 1126725 Sep 19607"49.5
Billy Fury

A: A Thousand Stars
B: Push Push
Decca UKF 1131114 Dec 19607"28.8
Billy Fury

A: Don't Worry
B: Talkin' In My Sleep
Decca UKF 1133410 Mar 19617"08.0
Billy Fury

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: Cross My Heart
Decca UKF 113493 Apr 19617"59.6
Billy Fury

A: Jealousy
B: Open Your Arms
Decca UKF 113842 Sep 19617"19.0
Billy Fury

Billy Fury

A1: Halfway To Paradise
A2: Would You Stand By Me
B1: Jealousy
B2: Cross My Heart
Decca UKDFE 66941 Dec 1961EP110.0
Billy Fury

A: I'd Never Find Another You
B: Sleepless Nights
Decca UKF 114095 Dec 19617"78.7
Billy Fury

Billy Fury No.2

A1: Don't Jump
A2: I Love How You Love Me
B1: Please Don't Go
B2: If I Lose You
Decca UKDFE 669919 Jan 1962EP010.0
Billy Fury

A: Letter Full Of Tears
B: Magic Eyes
Decca UKF 1143712 Feb 19627"47.8
Billy Fury

A: Last Night Was Made For Love
B: A King For Tonight
Decca UKF 114584 Apr 19627"28.3
Billy Fury

Play It Cool

A1: Play It Cool
A2: You're Swell
B1: Let's Paint The Town
B2: The Twist Kid
Decca UKDFE 670825 May 1962EP59.5
Billy Fury

A: Once Upon A Dream
B: If I Lose You
Decca UKF 114857 Jul 19627"410.0
Billy Fury

A: Because Of Love
B: Running Around
Decca UKF 1150819 Oct 19627"18.0
Billy Fury

Billy Fury Hits

A1: Halfway To Paradise
A2: I'd Never Find Another You
B1: Last Night Was Made For Love
B2: Once Upon A Dream
Decca UKDFE 850529 Oct 1962EP010.0
Billy Fury

A: Like I've Never Been Gone
B: What Do You Think You're Doing Of
Decca UKF 115823 Feb 19637"28.8
Billy Fury And The Tornados

Billy Fury And The Tornados

A1: Nobody's Child
A2: What Did I Do
B1: I Can't Help Loving You
B2: Keep Away
Decca UKDFE 852529 Apr 1963EP19.0
Billy Fury

A: When Will You Say I Love You
B: All I Wanna Do Is Cry
Decca UKF 116553 May 19637"98.2
Billy Fury

A: In Summer
B: I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Decca UKF 117015 Jul 19637"28.5
Billy Fury

A: Somebody Else's Girl
B: Go Ahead And Ask Her
Decca UKF 1174420 Sep 19637"18.5
Billy Fury

Am I Blue

A1: Wondrous Place
A2: That's Enough
A3: Tell Me How Do You Feel
B1: Am I Blue
B2: What am I Living For
Decca UKDFE 855813 Dec 1963EP18.0
Billy Fury

A: Do You Really Love Me Too (Fool's Errand)
B: What Am I Gonna Do
Decca UKF 1179213 Dec 19637"39.2
Billy Fury

A: I Will
B: Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees)
Decca UKF 1188824 Apr 19647"49.4
Billy Fury

A: It's Only Make Believe
B: Baby What You Want Me To Do
Decca UKF 1193910 Jul 19647"38.6
Billy Fury

A: I'm Lost Without You
B: You Better Believe It Baby
Decca UKF 120481 Jan 19657"98.7
Billy Fury

A: In Thoughts Of You
B: Away From You
Decca UKF 1217818 Jun 19657"18.8
Billy Fury

A: Run To My Lovin' Arms
B: Where Do You Run
Decca UKF 122303 Sep 19657"18.0
Billy Fury And The Gamblers

Billy Fury & The Gamblers

A1: I Can Feel It
A2: Turn Your Lamp Down Low
B1: You Got Me Dizzy
B2: Saved
Decca UKDFE 864126 Nov 1965EP09.0
Billy Fury

A: I'll Never Quite Get Over You
B: I Belong To The Wind
Decca UKF 1232515 Feb 19667"110.0
Billy Fury

A: Don't Let A Little Pride (Stand In Your Way)
B: Didn't See The Real Thing Come Along
Decca UKF 124096 May 19667"47.3
Billy Fury

A: Give Me Your Word
B: She's So Far Out She's In
Decca UKF 1245929 Jul 19667"29.0
Billy Fury

A: Hurtin' Is Loving
B: Things Are Changing
Parlophone UKR 556027 Jan 19677"47.7
Billy Fury

A: Loving You
B: I'll Go Along With It
Parlophone UKR 56059 Jun 19677"28.0
Billy Fury

A: Suzanne In The Mirror
B: It Just Don't Matter Now
Parlophone UKR 563415 Sep 19677"89.4
Billy Fury

A: Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
B: Baby Do You Love Me?
Parlophone UKR 565829 Dec 19677"18.5
Billy Fury

A: Silly Boy Blue
B: One Minute Woman
Parlophone UKR 568122 Mar 19687"88.5
Billy Fury

A: Phone Box (The Monkey's In The Jam Jar)
B: Any Morning Now
Parlophone UKR 57236 Sep 19687"36.0
Billy Fury

A: Lady
B: Certain Things
Parlophone UKR 57476 Dec 19687"18.3
Billy Fury

A: I Call For My Rose
B: Bye Bye
Parlophone UKR 57884 Jul 19697"28.5
Billy Fury

A: All The Way To The U.S.A.
B: Do My Best For You
Parlophone UKR 581928 Nov 19697"38.0
Billy Fury

A: Why Are You Leaving?
B: Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)
Parlophone UKR 584522 May 19707"05.0
Billy Fury

A: Paradise Alley
B: Well Alright
Parlophone UKR 58746 Nov 19707"08.0
Billy Fury

A: Will The Real Man Please Stand Up
B: At This Stage
Fury [Billy Fury] UKFY 30112 May 19727"28.5

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