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Black Slate - Discography

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  UK  12
  Netherlands  4
  Belgium  2
  Germany  2
  Ireland  2
  New Zealand  2
  Australia  1
  Greece  1
  Poland  1
All Records  27
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Black Slate

A: Mixed Up Man
B: Put Your Head On My Shoulder
King George UKKG 00119767"0 
Black Slate

A: Piano Twist
B: Piano Dub
Slate UKKG 00319767"0 
Black Slate

A: Sticks Man
B: Robber Man In Dub
Slate UKKG 00419767"0 
Black Slate

A: Sticks Man
B: Boom Boom (Rasta Festival)
TCD UKTCD 00819807"0 
Black Slate

A: Amigo
B: Black Slate Rock
Ensign UKENY 425 Sep 19807"17.0
Black Slate

A: Boom Boom
B: Legalize Collie Herb
Ensign UKENY 47Nov 19807"1 
Black Slate

A: Live A Life
B: Reggae Feeling
Ensign UKENY 215Jul 19817"05.0
Black Slate

A: Look What Love Has Done
B: Dub Pon Creation
Top Ranking UKTRY 419827"0 
Black Slate

A: Rasta Reggae
B: Rasta Dub
Top Ranking UKTRY 1May 19827"0 
Black Slate

A: Sticks Man
B: Robber Man In Dub
Top Ranking UKTRY 2Jul 19827"0 
Black Slate

A: Wiser Then Before
B: Wise Dub
Sir George UKSG 01319847"0 
Black Slate

A: No Justice For The Poor (Tougher Than Tough)
B: No Justice For The Poor (Tougher Than Tough) (Dub Version)
Sierra UKFED 10May 19857"0 

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