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Blue System - Discography

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Blue System

A: Sorry Little Sarah
B: Big Boys Don't Cry
Hansa Germany109 46919877"25.0
Blue System

A: My Bed Is Too Big
B: My Bed Is Too Big (Instr.)
Hansa Germany109 91819887"0 
Blue System

A: Under My Skin
B: Under My Skin (Dubbing)
Hansa Germany111 69919887"06.0
Blue System

A: Silent Water
B: Body Heat
Hansa Germany111 93719887"0 
Blue System

A: Love Suite (Remix '89)
B: Titanic 650604
Hansa Germany112 13819887"16.0
Blue System

A: Magic Symphony
B: Magic Symphony (Instrumental)
Hansa Germany112 66419897"06.0
Blue System

A: Magic Symphony (Remix)
B: Magic Symphony (Power Mix Edit) (Instrumental)
Hansa Germany113 37419907"16.0
Blue System

A: Love Is Such A Lonely Sword
B: Love Is Such A Lonely Sword (Instrumental)
Hansa Germany113 54319907"0 
Blue System

A: Lucifer
B: Lucifer (Instrumental)
Hansa Germany114 11519917"0 
Blue System

A: Deja Vu (Radio-Mix)
B: Deja Vu (Instrumental)
Hansa Germany114 72219917"06.0
Blue System, Dionne Warwick Und Dieter Bohlen

A: It's All Over (Radio Version)

Blue System

B: Mrs Jones
Hansa Germany114 95319917"0 
Blue System

A: Romeo And Juliet
B: Romeo And Juliet (Instrumental)
Hansa Germany115 11619927"0 
Blue System

A: History (Radio Version)
B: History (Instr.)
Hansa Germany74321 13474 719937"0 
Blue System

A: Operator (New Recorded Single Edit.)
B: Ballerina Girl
Hansa Germany74321 14791 719937"0 

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