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Bo Diddley - Discography

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  USA  52
  UK  39
  France  7
  Canada  6
  Netherlands  6
  Germany  4
  Sweden  4
  Australia  3
  New Zealand  1
  Spain  1
  Bootleg  8
All Records  131
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Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley
B: I'm A Man
Checker USA814Mar 19557"1010.0
Bo Diddley

A: Diddley Daddy
B: She's Fine, She's Mine
Checker USA819Jun 19557"3 
Bo Diddley

A: Pretty Thing
B: Bring It To Jerome
Checker USA827Nov 19557"210.0
Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley

A1: Bo Diddley
A2: I'm A Man
B1: Willie And Lillie
B2: Bo Meets The Monster
Chess USA51251956EP0 
Bo Diddley

A: Diddy Wah Diddy
B: I Am Looking For A Woman
Checker USA832Feb 19567"5 
Bo Diddley

A: Who Do You Love?
B: I'm Bad
Checker USA842Jul 19567"2 
Bo Diddley

A: Cops And Robbers
B: Down Home Special
Checker USA850Nov 19567"1 
Bo Diddley

A: Hey! Bo-Diddley
B: Mona
Checker USA860Apr 19577"210.0
Bo Diddley

A: Say! (Boss Man)
B: Before You Accuse Me (Take A Look At Yourself)
Checker USA878Dec 19577"710.0
Bo Diddley

A: Hush Your Mouth
B: Dearest Darling
Checker USA896Jun 19587"3 
Bo Diddley

A: Willie And Lillie
B: Bo Meets The Monster
Checker USA907Oct 19587"1 
Bo Diddley

A: I'm Sorry
B: Oh Yea
Checker USA914Feb 19597"09.0
Bo Diddley

A: Crackin' Up
B: The Great Grandfather
Checker USA924May 19597"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Say Man
B: The Clock Strikes Twelve
Checker USA931Aug 19597"5 
Bo Diddley

A: Say Man, Back Again
B: She's Alright
Checker USA936Nov 19597"1 
Bo Diddley

A: Road Runner
B: My Story
Checker USA942Jan 19607"2 
Bo Diddley

A: Walkin´ And Talkin´
B: Crawdad
Checker USA951May 19607"09.0
Bo Diddley

A: Signifying Blues
B: Gun Slinger
Checker USA965Nov 19607"4 
Bo Diddley

A: Aztec
B: Not Guilty
Checker USA976Apr 19617"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Pills
B: Call Me
Checker USA985Aug 19617"3 
Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley
B: I'm A Man
Checker USA997Nov 19617"0 
Bo Diddley

A: You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
B: I Can Tell
Checker USA1019Jul 19627"249.0
Bo Diddley

A: Surfers' Love Call
B: Greatest Lover In The World
Checker USA1045May 19637"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Monkey Diddle
B: Memphis
Checker USA1058Nov 19637"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
B: Jo-Ann
Checker USA1083Jul 19647"0 
Bo Diddley And Chuck Berry

A: Chuck's Beat
B: Bo's Beat
Checker USA1089Aug 19647"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Hey, Good Lookin´
B: You Ain't Bad (As You Claim To Be)
Checker USA1098Jan 19657"0 
Bo Diddley

A: 500 Percent More Man
B: Let The Kids Dance
Checker USA1123Oct 19657"1 
Bo Diddley

A: We're Gonna Get Married
B: Do The Frog
Checker USA1142Jun 19667"0 
Bo Diddley

A: We're Gonna Get Married
Checker USA1142Jun 1966Promo Only 7"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Ooh Baby
B: Back To School
Checker USA1158Nov 19667"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Wrecking My Love Life
B: Boo-Ga-Loo Before You Go
Checker USA1168Apr 19677"1 
Bo Diddley

A: Wrecking My Love Life
Checker USA1168Apr 1967Promo Only 7"0 
Bo Diddley

A: I'm High Again
B: Another Sugar Daddy
Checker USA1200Jun 19687"0 
Bo Diddley

A: I'm A Man
B: Song Of Bo Diddley
Hip Pocket USAH.P. 33Jun 1968Flexi0 
Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley 1969
B: Soul Train
Checker USA1213Jan 19697"13 
Bo Diddley

A: I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
B: I Said Shutup Woman
Chess USACH 211719717"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley-Itis
B: Infatuation
Chess USACH 2129Jun 19727"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Husband In Law [Stereo]
B: Husband In Law [Mono]
Chess USACH 2134Nov 1972Promo Only 7"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Husband-In-Law
B: Bo-Jam
Chess USACH 2134Nov 19727"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Don't Want No Lyin' Woman
B: Make A Hit Record
Chess USACH 214219737"0 
Bo Diddley

A: Not Fade Away
B: Drag On
RCA Victor USAPB-1061819767"0 
Dale Hawkins

A: Susie-Q

Bo Diddley

B: Bo Diddley
Eric USA23919797"1 
Dave "Baby" Cortez

A: Rinky Dink

Bo Diddley

B: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
Chess USACH-12419827"1 
Bo Diddley

A: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Dave "Baby" Cortez

B: Rinky Dink
Chess USACH-9102319837"1 
Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley
B: I'm A Man
Chess USACH-9100319847"3 
Bo Diddley

A: I'm A Man
B: Say Man
Collectables USACOL 34247"2 
Bo Diddley

A: You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover
B: Who Do You Love
Collectables USACOL 34257"3 
Jimmy McCracklin

A: The Walk

Bo Diddley

B: Cops And Robbers
Collectables USACOL 34537"1 
Bo Diddley

A: Bo Diddley
B: I'm Sorry
Collectables USACOL 34557"1 

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