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Bob Luman - Discography

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  USA  69
  Canada  25
  UK  21
  Australia  7
  Germany  4
  New Zealand  4
  France  3
  Netherlands  3
  Norway  2
  Israel  1
  South Africa  1
  Spain  1
  Unknown Country  1
  Bootleg  3
All Records  145
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Bob Luman

A: All Night Long
B: Red Cadillac And A Black Mustache
Imperial USAX831122 Jul 19577"18.0
Bob Luman

A: Whenever You´re Ready
B: Red Hot
Imperial USAX8313Oct 19577"610.0
Bob Luman

A: Make Up Your Mind, Baby
B: Your Love
Imperial USAX8315Jan 19587"1 
Bob Luman

A: I Know My Baby Cares
B: Try Me
Capitol USAF-3972May 19587"0 
Bob Luman

A: Precious
B: Svengali
Capitol USAF4059Sep 19587"0 
Bob Luman

A: My Baby Walks All Over Me
B: Class of ´59
Warner Bros. USA5081Jul 19597"6 
Bob Luman

A: Dreamy Doll
B: Buttercup
Warner Bros. USA5105Oct 19597"0 
Bob Luman

A: Let's Think About Living
B: You've Got Everything
Warner Bros. USA5172Aug 19607"29.0
Bob Luman

A: Red Cadillac And Black Mustache
B: All Night Long
Imperial USAX5705Oct 19607"0 
Bob Luman

A: Why, Why, Bye, Bye
B: Oh, Lonesome Me
Warner Bros. USA5184Nov 19607"3 
Bob Luman

A: The Great Snow Man
B: The Pig Latin Song
Warner Bros. USA5204Mar 19617"39.0
Bob Luman

A: You've Turned Down The Lights
B: Private Eye
Warner Bros. USA5233Aug 19617"1 
Bob Luman

+2 Oldies Series

A1: Boston Rocker
A2: Let's Think About Livin' (1:29 Edit)
B1: Old Friends
B2: Bad, Bad Day (1:18 Edit)
Warner Bros. USA550610 Oct 1961EP110.0
Bob Luman

A: Louisiana Man
B: Rocks Of Reno
Warner Bros. USA5255Jan 19627"0 
Bob Luman

A: Big River Rose
B: Belonging To You
Warner Bros. USA5272Apr 19627"0 
Bob Luman

A: The Fool
B: Hey Joe
Warner Bros. USA5299Aug 19627"18.0
Bob Luman

A: You're Everything
B: Envy
Warner Bros. USA5321Nov 19627"0 
Bob Luman

A: Interstate Forty
B: You're Welcome
Hickory USA45-1201Feb 19637"2 
Bob Luman

A: Can't Take The Country From The Boy
B: I'm Gonna Write A Song About You
Hickory USA45-1219Jun 19637"0 
Sue Thompson And Bob Luman

A: Too Hot To Dance

Bob Luman And Sue Thompson

B: I Like Your Kind Of Love
Hickory USA45-1221Aug 19637"1 
Bob Luman

A: The File
B: Bigger Men Than I (Have Cried)
Hickory USA45-1238Jan 19647"3 
Bob Luman

A: (Empty Walls) A Lonely Room
B: Run On Home Baby Brother
Hickory USA45-1266Jun 19647"0 
Bob Luman

A: Old George Dickel
B: Fire Engine Red
Hickory USA45-1277Sep 19647"0 
Bob Luman

A: Love Worked A Miracle
B: I Love You Because
Hickory USA45-1333Sep 19657"0 
Bob Luman

A: Five Miles From Home (Soon I'll See Mary)
B: (I Get So) Sentimental
Hickory USA45-1355Dec 19657"0 
Bob Luman

A: Poor Boy Blues
B: (Can't Get You) Off My Mind
Hickory USA45-1382Apr 19667"0 
Bob Luman

A: Come On And Sing
B: It's A Sin
Hickory USA45-K-1410Sep 19667"0 
Bob Luman

A: Hardly Anymore
B: Freedom Of Living
Hickory USA45-K-1430Jan 19677"0 
Bob Luman

A: If You Don't Love Me (Then Why Don't You Leave Me Alone)
B: Throwin' Kisses
Hickory USA45-K-1460May 19677"06.0
Bob Luman

A: Running Scared
B: The Best Years Of My Wife
Hickory USA45-K-1481Nov 19677"0 
Bob Luman

A: Ain't Got Time To Be Unhappy
B: I Can't Remember To Forget
Epic USA5-103125 Apr 19687"1 
Bob Luman

A: I Like Trains
B: World Of Unhappiness
Epic USA5-10381Jul 19687"0 
Bob Luman

A: Woman Without Love
B: I'm In This Town For Good
Epic USA5-104168 Nov 19687"0 
Bob Luman

A: Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy
B: Big, Big World
Epic USA5-1043910 Jan 19697"0 
Bob Luman

A: Every Day I Have To Cry Some
B: Livin' In A House Full Of Love
Epic USA5-1048023 May 19697"0 
Bob Luman

A: It's All Over (But The Shouting)
B: Bad, Bad Day
Hickory USA45-K-1536Jun 19697"1 
Bob Luman

A: The Gun
B: Cleanin' Up The Streets Of Memphis
Epic USA5-1053510 Oct 19697"0 
Bob Luman

A: Still Loving You
B: Meet Mr. Mud
Hickory USA45-K-1564Apr 19707"0 
Bob Luman

A: Honky Tonk Man
B: I Ain't Built That Way
Epic USA5-106313 Jun 19707"0 
Bob Luman

A: I Got A Woman
B: One Hundred Songs On The Jukebox
Epic USA5-107559 Jun 19717"0 
Bob Luman

A: A Chain Don't Take To Me
B: Don't Let Love Pass You By
Epic USA5-1078615 Sep 19717"1 
Bob Luman

A: When You Say Love
B: Have A Little Faith
Epic USA5-108235 Jan 19727"0 
Bob Luman

A: It Takes You [Mono]
B: It Takes You [Stereo]
Epic USA5-10869May 1972Promo Only 7"0 
Bob Luman

A: It Takes You
B: Let's Think About Livin'
Epic USA5-10869May 19727"0 
Bob Luman

A: Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
B: Love Ought To Be A Happy Thing
Epic USA5-109052 Aug 19727"1 
Bob Luman

A: Neither One Of Us
B: Anything But Lonesome
Epic USA5-109435 Jan 19737"0 
Bob Luman

A: A Good Love Is Like A Good Song
B: Have You Ever Said "I Love You" To A Lady
Epic USA5-10994May 19737"0 
Bob Luman

A: Still Loving You
B: I'm Gonna Write A Song
Epic USA5-1103912 Sep 19737"0 
Bob Luman

A: Still Loving You [Mono]
B: Still Loving You [Stereo]
Epic USA5-1103912 Sep 1973Promo Only 7"1 
Bob Luman With Mac Curtis` Band

A: Stranger Than Fiction
B: You're The Cause Of It All
Rollin' Rock USA45-02819747"1 

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