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Bobby Stevens - Discography

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Bobby Stevens was a pseudonym of Ray Pilgrim
  UK  31
  Belgium  7
  Finland  3
  New Zealand  2
  Australia  1
  Netherlands  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  46
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Bobby Stevens

A: Fall In Love With You
B: Wild One
Embassy UKWB 390Apr 19607"34.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Clementine
B: Stuck On You
Embassy UKWB 392Apr 19607"58.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Cradle Of Love
B: Heart Of A Teenage Girl
Embassy UKWB 397May 19607"210.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Shakin' All Over
B: Angela Jones
Embassy UKWB 404Jul 19607"28.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
B: A Mess Of Blues
Embassy UKWB 412Aug 19607"28.0
Bobby Stevens

A: I Love You
B: Strawberry Fair
Embassy UKWB 427Dec 19607"0 
Bobby Stevens

A: Lively
B: Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop)
Embassy UKWB 428Dec 19607"08.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Counting Teardrops (Instead Of Sheep)
B: Sway (Quien Sera)
Embassy UKWB 430Jan 19617"28.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Rubber Ball
B: You're Sixteen
Embassy UKWB 435Feb 19617"2 
Bobby Stevens

A: Who Am I?
B: Wooden Heart
Embassy UKWB 438Mar 19617"38.0
Don Duke

A: Theme For A Dream

Don Duke And Bobby Stevens

B: Are You Sure
Embassy UKWB 439Mar 19617"2 
Bobby Stevens

A: Blue Moon

Don Duke And Bobby Stevens

B: Warpaint
Embassy UKWB 447Apr 19617"2 
Don Duke And Bobby Stevens

A: More Than I Can Say
B: Hello Mary Lou
Embassy UKWB 452May 19617"59.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Mother-In-Law
B: But I Do
Embassy UKWB 453May 19617"17.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: A Girl Like You
Embassy UKWB 456Jun 19617"210.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Johnny Remember Me
B: Time
Embassy UKWB 460Jul 19617"29.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Michael, Row The Boat
B: Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)
Embassy UKWB 464Sep 19617"1 
Bobby Stevens

A: His Latest Flame (Marie's The Name)
B: Big Bad John
Embassy UKWB 480Nov 19617"210.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Take Good Care Of My Baby

Gordon Peters Quartet

B: Take Five
Embassy UKWB 482Nov 19617"110.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Multiplication
B: The Young Ones
Embassy UKWB 490Jan 19627"2 
Bobby Stevens

A: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
B: The Language Of Love
Embassy UKWB 491Jan 19627"310.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Forget-Me-Not
B: Lonesome
Embassy UKWB 493Jan 19627"15.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Peppermint Twist

Bobby Stevens And Redd Wayne

B: Crying In The Rain
Embassy UKWB 495Jan 19627"310.0
Bobby Stevens

A: Wimoweh
B: Can't Help Falling In Love
Embassy UKWB 497Feb 19627"39.5
Bobby Stevens

A: Never Goodbye

Kay Barry

B: Speak To Me Pretty
Embassy UKWB 501Mar 19627"4 
Bobby Stevens

A: Good Luck Charm
B: I'm Looking Out Of The Window
Embassy UKWB 505May 19627"18.0
Bobby Stevens And Kay Barry

A: Come Outside

Redd Wayne And Bobby Stevens

B: Ginny Come Lately
Embassy UKWB 510May 19627"118.5
Bobby Stevens

A: I Remember You
B: Follow That Dream
Embassy UKWB 514Jul 19627"19.0
Don Duke

A: The Folk Singer

Bobby Stevens

B: How Do You Do It
Embassy UKWB 560Mar 19637"010.0

Appears On

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Rikki Henderson

A1: Let's Twist Again

Paul Rich

A2: The Twist

Bobby Stevens

B1: Peppermint Twist

Paul Rich

B2: Rock-A-Hula Baby
Embassy UKWEP 10651962EP08.0
Liverpool Beat

The Typhoons

A1: She Loves You
A2: From Me To You
A3: Please Please Me

Mike Redway

B1: Do You Want To Know A Secret

Ray Pilgrim

B2: I Like It

Bobby Stevens

B3: How Do You Do It
Embassy UKWEP 11041963EP09.0

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