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Bonnie Lou - Discography

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  USA  26
  UK  21
  Australia  2
  Canada  2
  New Zealand  2
  Germany  1
  Netherlands  1
All Records  55
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Bonnie Lou

A: Just Out Of Reach
B: Seven Lonely Days
King USA45-119219537"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Pa-Paya Mama
B: Since You Said Goodbye
King USA45-127219537"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Hand-Me-Down Heart
B: Tennessee Wig Walk
King USA45-1237Jul 19537"4 
Bonnie Lou

A: No Heart At All
B: The Texas Polka
King USA45-1279Nov 19537"1 
Bonnie Lou

Bonnie Lou Sings

A1: Tennessee Wig-Walk
A2: Two Step-Side Step
B1: Seven Lonely Days
B2: Please Don't Laugh When I Cry
King USAKEP-3351954EP0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Don´t Stop Kissing Me Goodnight
B: The Welcome Mat
King USA45-1318Feb 19547"1 
Bonnie Lou

A: Huckleberry Pie
B: No One
King USA45-1341Apr 19547"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Two Step-Side Step
B: Please Don't Laugh When I Cry
King USA45-1373Aug 19547"1 
Bonnie Lou

A: Tennessee Mambo
B: Train Whistle Blues
King USA45-1414Dec 19547"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Drop Me A Line
B: Old Faithful And True Love
King USA45-147619557"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: The Finger Of Suspicion
B: Tweedlee Dee
King USA45-1436Feb 19557"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: A Rusty Old Halo
B: Danger! Heartbreak Ahead
King USA45-1445Mar 19557"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Dancing In My Socks
B: Daddy-O
King USA45-4835Oct 19557"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Bo Weevil
B: Chaperon
King USA45-490019567"1 
Bonnie Lou

A: Miss The Love (That I've Been Dreaming Of)
B: Barnyard Hop
King USA45-1506Jan 19567"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt
B: Little Miss Bobby Sox
King USA45-4895Feb 19567"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Lonesome Lover
B: I Turn To You
King USA45-4919Apr 19567"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: One Track Love
B: No Rock 'N Roll Tonight
King USA45-4948Jul 19567"1 
Bonnie Lou

A: I'm Available
B: Waiting In Vain
King USA45-509419577"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Teen Age Wedding
B: Runnin' Away
King USA45-5063Jun 19577"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: No One Ever Lost More
B: Have You Ever Been Lonely?
Fraternity USAF-80819587"0 
Bonnie And Rusty

A: La Dee Dah
B: Let The School Bell Ring Ding-A-Ling
King USA45-5110Jan 19587"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Friction Heat
B: Have You Ever Been Lonely
Fraternity USAF-812Jun 19587"25.0
Bonnie Lou

A: Twenty Four Hours Of Loneliness
B: Be Tender
Todd USA45-107319627"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Tennessee Wig Walk
B: Daddy-O
King USAKG 51319757"0 
Bonnie Lou

A: Tennessee Wig Walk
B: Daddy-O
Gusto USAGT4-203619797"0 

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