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Brendan Benson - Discography

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Brendan Benson

A: Folk Singer
B: Son Of A Welder
V2 UKVVR 501970722 Apr 20027"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Tiny Spark
B: Meaning To Write
V2 UKVVR 50197978 Jul 20027"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Good To Me
B: Old Fashioned
V2 UKVVR 502051728 Oct 20027"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Metarie (Fred De Faye Mix)
B: Metarie (Alpha's Dub Mix)
V2 UKVVR 502179714 Apr 20037"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Spit It Out
B: Left And Right
V2 UKVVR 503120728 Mar 20057"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Cold Hands (Warm Heart)
B: Strong Boy
V2 UKVVR 50329174 Jul 20057"0 
Brendan Benson

A: What I'm Looking For (Michael Brauer Mix)
B: Them And Me (Alternate Version)
V2 UKVVR 50304077 Nov 20057"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Feel Like Taking You Home
B: Playdown
V2 UKVVR 71268926 Aug 20097"0 
Brendan Benson

A: What Kind Of World
B: Go Deco
Lojinx UKLJX043V721 Apr 20127"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Swimming
B: Oh My Love
Lojinx UKLJX054V720 Apr 20137"0 

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