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Bruce Ruffin - Discography

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  UK  22
  Jamaica  6
  Spain  4
  Australia  3
  Germany  3
  Netherlands  3
  Belgium  2
  Ireland  2
  USA  2
  Czechoslovakia  1
  Lebanon  1
  New Zealand  1
  Norway  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  52
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Bruce Ruffin

A: Long About Now

Lloyd Robinson

B: They Got To Move
Crab UKCRAB 3119697"0 
Bruce Rufin And The Temptations

A: Long About Now
B: Come See About Me
Song Bird UKSB 100219697"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Dry Up Your Tears

Beverly All Stars

B: One Way Street
Trojan UKTR 770419697"010.0
Bruce Ruffin

A: Bitterness Of Life
B: O-O-H Child
Summit UKSUM 850919707"06.0
Bruce Ruffin

A: I'm The One
B: Whose Gonna Be Your Man
Trojan UKTR-773719707"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Cecilia

Beverley All Stars

B: Stand Up
Trojan UKTR 777619707"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Candida
B: Are You Ready
Summit UKSUM 851619717"0 
Bruce Downer

A: Free The People

The Beverley All Stars

B: Free The People - Version
Summit UKSUM 852419717"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Rain
B: Geronimo
Trojan UKTR 781419717"88.5
Bruce Ruffin

A: Rain
B: Off Limits
Trojan UKTR-781419717"1 
Bruce Ruffin

A: One Big Happy Family
B: Heaven Child
Trojan UKTR-783219717"1 
Bruce Ruffin

A1: Songs Of Peace
B1: You Are The Best
B2: We Can Make It
Maxi Trojan UKTRM 90004 Feb 19727"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Mad About You
B: Save The People
Rhino [Reggae] UKRNO 1015 May 19727"48.0
Bruce Ruffin

A1: Are You Ready
B1: Candida
B2: Bitterness Of Life
Maxi Trojan UKTRM 90068 Sep 19727"06.0
Bruce Ruffin

A: Coming On Strong
B: Crazy People
Rhino [Reggae] UKRNO 1096 Oct 19727"48.0
Bruce Ruffin

A: Tickle Me
B: I Like Everything About You
Rhino [Reggae] UKRNO 11423 Mar 19737"16.0
Bruce Ruffin

A: In The Thick Of It
B: Walk In My Footsteps
Rhino [Reggae] UKRNO 1177 Sep 19737"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Little Boys And Little Girls
B: Footsteps
Cactus UKCT 5019747"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: I LIke Everything About You

The Bruce Ruffin Orchestra

B: I'm Depending On You
Rhino [Reggae] UKRNO 12712 Jul 19747"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Messin' Around
B: Was I Just A Fool
RCA UKPB 5251May 19807"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Get It Up For Love
B: Just Got To See It Through
RCA UKRCA 57Apr 19817"0 
Bruce Ruffin

A: Dry Up Your Tears
B: Long About Now
Beverley's UKBEVS 0047"0 

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