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Buster's All Stars - Discography

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For fuller discography see Prince Buster.
  UK  24
  Japan  1
All Records  25
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Theophilus Beckford

A: Glamour Girl

Buster's All Stars

B: Down Beat Burial
Blue Beat UKBB 25619647"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Contented Wife

Buster's All Stars

B: Jet 707
Blue Beat UKBB 26119647"39.0
The Schoolgirls

A: Never Let You Go

Buster's All Stars

B: Supercharge
Blue Beat UKBB 26319647"1 
Buster's All Stars

A: Dallas Texas

Priest Herman

B: We Are Praying
Blue Beat UKBB 26619647"0 
Derrick Morgan

A: Johnny Grave

Buster's All Stars

B: Yeah! Yeah!
Blue Beat UKBB 28319657"0 
Owen Gray

A: Daddy's Home

Buster's All Stars

B: Johnny Dark
Blue Beat UKBB 29019657"1 
Prince Buster

A: Float Like A Butterfly

Buster's All Stars

B: The Haunted Room
Blue Beat UKBB 31419657"1 
Prince Buster

A: My Girl

Buster's All Stars

B: The Fugitive
Blue Beat UKBB 32119657"07.0
King Of Montego Bay

A: Burn

Buster's All Stars

B: Independence 65
Blue Beat UKBB 32219657"18.0
Little Darlin'

A: No One

Buster's All Stars

B: Congo Revolution
Blue Beat UKBB 32519657"0 
Terry Nelson

A: Help! Nobody Wants To Know

Buster's All Stars

B: Johnny Dollar
Blue Beat UKBB 32619657"07.0
Prince Buster

A: Ambition

Buster's All Stars

B: Ryging
Blue Beat UKBB 32819657"09.0
The Spanish Boys

A: I Am Alone

Buster's All Stars

B: Vera Cruz
Blue Beat UKBB 33119657"110.0
The Khandars

A: Don't Dig A Hole For Me

Buster's All Stars

B: Skara
Blue Beat UKBB 33219657"0 
Buster's All Stars

A: Captain Burke

Stranger Cole

B: Matilda
Blue Beat UKBB 33319657"08.0
Prince Buster

A: Ten Commandments Of Man

Buster's All Stars

B: Sting Like A Bee
Blue Beat UKBB 33419657"139.3
Prince Buster

A: Respect

Buster's All Stars

B: Virginia
Blue Beat UKBB 33519667"2 
Buster's All Stars

A: Under Arrest
B: Say Boss Man
Blue Beat UKBB 33919667"18.0
Buster's All Stars

A: Cincinnatti Kid
B: Sammy Dead
Blue Beat UKBB 34219667"010.0
Buster's All Stars

A: Picket Line

Eric Morris

B: I'm The Greatest
Blue Beat UKBB 34919667"18.5
Prince Buster

A: The Prophet

Buster's All Stars

B: Lion Of Judah
Blue Beat UKBB 35919667"3 
Shirley And The Rude Boys

A: Gently Set Free

Buster's All Stars

B: Rock Steady
Blue Beat UKBB 37519677"28.0
Buster's All Stars

A: Take It Easy
B: Why Must I Cry
Blue Beat UKBB 38419677"19.0
Bad Manners

A: Christmas Time (Again)

Buster's All Stars

B: Skinhead Love Affair
Blue Beat UKBBSP 01019897"0 

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