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Chuck Jackson - Discography

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  USA  79
  UK  31
  Canada  22
  France  13
  Australia  5
  Netherlands  5
  New Zealand  3
  Jamaica  2
  Germany  1
  Philippines  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  163
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Kripp Johnson And Chuck Jackson

A: Woke Up This Morning
B: Willette
Dot USA45-15673Nov 19577"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Willete
B: A Little Man Cried
Petite USA50219597"1 
Charles Jackson [Chuck Jackson]

A: I'm Yours
B: Hula Lula
Clock USAC. 1022Apr 19607"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Don't Want To Cry
B: Just Once
Wand USA106Jan 19617"29.0
Chuck Jackson

A: (It Never Happens) In Real Life
B: The Same Old Story
Wand USA108Mar 19617"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Mr. Pride
B: Hula Lula
Beltone USA45-1005Mar 19617"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: Never Let Me Go
B: Baby I Want To Marry You
Atco USA45-6197Jun 19617"9 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Wake Up Crying
B: Everybody Needs Love
Wand USA110Aug 19617"010.0
Chuck Jackson

A: The Breaking Point
B: My Willow Tree
Wand USA115Oct 19617"010.0
Chuck Jackson

A: What You Gonna' Say
B: Angel Of Angels
Wand USA119Jan 19627"3 
Chuck Jackson

A: Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)
B: The Prophet
Wand USA122Mar 19627"410.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Come On And Love Me
B: Ooh Baby
Amy USA849Jun 19627"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Keep Forgettin'
B: Who's Gonna Pick Up The Pieces
Wand USA126Jul 19627"310.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Getting Ready For The Heartbreak
B: In Between Tears
Wand USA128Oct 19627"09.0
Chuck Jackson

A: I'm Yours
B: Hula Lula
Amy USA868Nov 19627"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Tell Him I'm Not Home
B: Lonely Am I
Wand USA132Dec 19627"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Tell Him I'm Not Home
B: Tell Him I'm Not Home
Wand USA132Jan 1963Promo Only 7"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Will Never Turn My Back On You
B: Tears Of Joy
Wand USA138May 19637"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Big New York
B: Any Other Way
Wand USA141Sep 19637"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Hand It Over
B: Look Over Your Shoulder
Wand USA149Feb 19647"39.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Beg Me
B: For All Time
Wand USA154Apr 19647"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Beg Me
B: This Broken Heart (That You Gave Me)
Wand USA154May 19647"49.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Somebody New
B: Stand By Me
Wand USAW 161 Sep 19647"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Since I Don't Have You
B: Hand It Over
Wand USA169Oct 19647"210.0
Chuck Jackson

A: I Need You
B: Soul Brother's Twist
Wand USA179Mar 19657"3 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: Something You Got
B: Baby Take Me
Wand USA181Apr 19657"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: If I Didn't Love You
B: Just A Little Bit Of Your Soul
Wand USA188Jul 19657"0 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: Can't Let You Out Of My Sight
B: Don't Go
Wand USA191Jul 19657"0 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: I Need You So
B: 'Cause We're In Love
Wand USA198Oct 19657"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
B: Yah
Wand USAWND 1105Nov 19657"36.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Never Let Me Go
B: Come On And Love Me
Alcar USANO. 21019667"0 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: I'm Satisfied
B: Please Don't Hurt Me
Wand USAWND 1109Jan 19667"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: All In My Mind
B: And That's Saying A Lot
Wand USAWND 1119May 19667"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: These Chains Of Love (Are Breaking Me Down)

The Chuck Jackson Orchestra

B: Theme To The Blues
Wand USAWND 1129Jul 19667"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: I've Got To Be Strong
B: Where Did She Stay
Wand USAWND 1142Oct 19667"0 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: Hold On, I'm Coming
B: Never Had It So Good
Wand USAWND 1148Jan 19677"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Need You There (To See Me Through)
B: Every Man Needs A Down Home Girl
Wand USAWND 1151Mar 19677"0 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: Daddy's Home
B: Don't Go
Wand USAWND 1155Apr 19677"28.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Hound Dog
B: Love Me Tender
Wand USAWND 1159Jun 19677"1 
Chuck Jackson And Maxine Brown

A: C. C. Rider
B: Tennessee Waltz
Wand USAWND 1162Jul 19677"16.0
Chuck Jackson

A: Shame On Me
B: Candy
Wand USAWND 1166Sep 19677"3 
Chuck Jackson

A: (You Can't Let The Boy Overpower) The Man In You
B: Girls, Girls, Girls
Motown USAM-111831 Jan 19687"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Are You Lonely For Me
B: Your Wonderful Love
Motown USAM 114412 Mar 19697"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: Honey Come Back
B: What Am I Gonna Do Without You
Motown USAM-11528 Aug 19697"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: Baby I'll Get It
B: The Day My World Stood Still
V.I.P. USAV.I.P. 2505224 Nov 19697"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Let Somebody Love Me
B: Two Feet From Happiness
V.I.P. USAV.I.P. 250567 May 19707"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Pet Names
B: Is There Anything Love Can't Do
V.I.P. USAV.I.P. 2505912 Jan 19717"06.0
Chuck Jackson And The Dell-Vikings

A: Cold Feet
B: A Little Man Cried
Bim Bam Boom USA11119727"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: The Man And The Woman (The Boy And The Girl)
B: I Forgot To Tell You
Dakar USADK 451219727"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Only Get This Feeling [Stereo]
B: I Only Get This Feeling [Mono]
ABC USAABC-11368May 1973Promo Only 7"0 

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