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Cimarons - Discography

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  UK  44
  Jamaica  5
  Belgium  1
  France  1
  Germany  1
  Ireland  1
  New Zealand  1
  Portugal  1
  Bootleg  1
All Records  56
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The Prodigal Sons With The Cimmarons

A: Get Lost Boss

Theresa And Catherine With The Cimmarons

B: I'll Be There
Attack UKATT 802119707"0 
The Reaction With The Cimmarons

A: You, Yes You

The Cimmarons

B: Be There
Attack UKATT 802219707"0 
Tubal Caine

A: Im A Drifter

The Cimarons

B: Drifting Version
Attack UKATT 802319707"0 
Billy Jack With The Cimarons

A: Once A Man
B: Soul Mood
Big Shot UKBI 55819707"0 
The Cimmarons

A: Funky Fight
B: You Turned Me Down
Big Shot UKBI 56219707"0 

A: Funky Fight
B: You Turned Me Down
[none] UKCIM + 319707"1 

A: Credit Squeeze
B: ?
[none] UKCIM + 419707"26 
Al Barry With The Cimarons

A: Morning Sun

The Markonians And The Nyah Shuffle

B: Over And Over
Doctor Bird UKDB 150219707"28.0
Peggy And Jimmy

A: Remember Easter Monday

Carl Levey With Musical Backing By The Cimmarons

B: Pum Pum Lover
Hot Rod UKHR 10119707"0 

A: Grandfather Clock
B: Kick Me Or I'll Kick You
Hot Rod UKHR 10519707"27.0
King Horror

A: Wood In The Fire


B: The Naked City
Jackpot UKJP 71319707"0 
Pama Dice

A: Brixton Pum Pum Wrecker

The Cimmarons

B: Instrumental Of Brixton Fight
Reggae [Doctor Bird] UKREG 300219707"1 
The Cimmaron Kid With The Cimmarons

A: Bad Day At Black Rock

The Cimmarons

B: Fragile
Reggae [Doctor Bird] UKREG 300319707"0 
The Cimmerons

A: Call Me (Part One)
B: Call Me Part (Two)
Bullet UKBU 45719717"0 
The Cimmerons

A: Leave A Little Love
B: My Baby
Bullet UKBU 45819717"0 
The Cimmarons

A: Oh Mammy Blue
B: Oh Mammy Blue Version
Downtown UKDT 48619717"19.0
The Cimmarons

A: Soul For Sale
B: Bogus-ism
Spinning Wheel UKSW 10719717"08.0
The Cimmarons

A: Holy Christmas
B: Silent Night/White Christmas
Downtown UKDT 48710 Dec 19717"2 
Mike Dorane And Cimmarons

A: Penguin Funk
B: Ad-Lib
Ackee UKACK 14419727"0 
The Cimarons

A: Struggling Man
B: Struggling Man (Version)
Horse UKHOSS-181 Sep 19727"06.0
The Cimarons

A: Struggling Man

The Prophets [Reggae]

B: Return Of The Pollock
Horse UKHOSS 1822 Sep 19727"0 
The Cimarons

A: Check Out Yourself
B: Happy People
Trojan UKTR-789019737"06.0
The Cimarons

A: You Can Get It If You Really Want
B: Reggae Time
Trojan UKTR 793019747"17.0

A: Over The Rainbow
B: We Are Not The Same
Trojan UKTR 791917 May 19747"2 
The Maroons

A: Rock Your Baby
B: Rosey Dozey
Harry J UKHJ-66839 Aug 19747"18.0
The Maroons

A: Kung Fu Fighting
B: The Teacher
Harry J UKHJ 669418 Oct 19747"1 
Winston And The Zion Boys

A: I'm Leaving It Up To You

L. Gichie And The Zion Boys

B: Teach The Children
Harry J UKHJ-669315 Nov 19747"1 
Sambo Jim

A: Natty Dread
B: Collie Burning
Harry J UKHJ 67016 Dec 19747"1 
Bandit [Reggae]

A: Money Money
B: Money Money (Version)
Grounation UKGRO 202319757"0 
Soul Messengers

A: Do It (Until You're Satisfied)
B: Collie Dub
Horse UKHOSS 613 Jan 19757"1 

A: Bump Me Baby
B: Kush "Maroons"
Horse UKHOSS 7328 Mar 19757"18.0

A: Talking Blues
B: Talking Blues Instrumental
Horse UKHOSS 8018 Apr 19757"1 

A: Wicky Wacky
B: Tradition
Vulcan UKVUL 1005Nov 19757"1 

A: Tradition
B: Wicky Wacky
Vulcan UKVUL 100514 Nov 19757"3 
The Cimarons

A: Dim The Light
B: Dim The Light (Dub)
Vulcan UKVUL 10136 Aug 19767"0 
Mighty Sparrow

A: Born Free

The Cimarons

B: Over The Rainbow
Trojan UKTRO 903819787"0 

A: Harder Than The Rock
B: Harda Rock Dub
Polydor UK2058 97227 Jan 19787"0 

A: Mother Earth
B: National Bird
Polydor UK2059 04711 Aug 19787"0 

A: Willin' (Rock Against Racism)
B: Truly
Polydor UKCIMA 73 Nov 19787"1 
Cimarons Featuring The Rico Brass Section

A: Ready For Love


B: So Real
Charisma UKCB 380Feb 19817"0 
The Cimarons

A: With A Little Luck
B: Peggy Sue
I.M.P. UKIMPS 5019827"3 

A: Big Girls Don't Cry
B: How Can I Prove Myself To You
Safari UKSAFE 49Sep 19827"07.0
The Cimarons

A: Love And Affection
B: Bombs And Guns
Cimarons UKCIM 00119837"3 

A: Kick Me Or I'll Kick You
B: Grandfather Clock
Trojan UKTJLBX 330/720067"1 

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