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Cliff Richard - Discography

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  UK  226
  Germany  142
  Australia  134
  Netherlands  114
  New Zealand  76
  USA  69
  Ireland  67
  Canada  62
  Denmark  61
  Norway  36
  Italy  33
  Sweden  32
  France  24
  South Africa  21
  Spain  18
  Japan  14
  Finland  12
  India  10
  Thailand  10
  Belgium  8
  Iran  8
  Malaysia  8
  Pakistan  6
  Portugal  6
  Rhodesia  6
  Yugoslavia  6
  Greece  3
  Singapore  2
  Turkey  2
  Zimbabwe  2
  Argentina  1
  Czechoslovakia  1
  Israel  1
  Kenya  1
  Lebanon  1
  Nigeria  1
  Poland  1
  Unknown Country  1
  Bootleg  2
All Records  1228
Appears On

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The Beach Boys

A1: Darlin'

Manfred Mann

A2: Mighty Quinn

Bobby Goldsboro

B1: Honey

Cliff Richard

B2: Congratulations
M-T-R. ThailandMTR-2461968EP0 
Top Of The Week

Herman's Hermits

A1: My Sentimental Friend

Cliff Richard

A2: Big Ship

Petula Clark

B1: Look At Mine

The Marmalade

B2: Baby Make It Soon
M.T.R. ThailandMTR-3671969EP0 
Current Song Hits

Peter Cowap

A1: Safari

The Fortunes

A2: Freedom Comes, Freedom Goes

Cliff Richard

B1: Flying Machine

The Sweet

B2: Funny Funny
[none] Thailand1971EP0 
Brewer And Shipley

A1: One Toke Over The Line

Alice Cooper

A2: Eighteen

Cliff Richard

B1: Flying Machine

R. Dean Taylor

B2: Indiana Wants Me
M.T.R. ThailandMTR-53019717"0 
Danyel Gérard

A1: Butterfly

Cliff Richard

A2: Sing A Song Of Freedom


B1: She's A Lady

Rare Earth

B2: Hey Big Brother
U.B. Thailand1131972EP0 
Funny Funny - The Sweet

Rock Candy

A1: Remember

Peter Cowap

A2: Safari

Cliff Richard

B1: Flying Machine

The Sweet

B2: Funny Funny
4 Track ThailandM. 1701972EP1 
Cliff Richard

A1: Sing A Song Of Freedom

Lesley Duncan

A2: Sing Children Sing

Peter Noone

B1: Right On Mother

New World

B2: Kara, Kara
M.T.R. ThailandMTR-5561972EP0 
Cliff Richard

A1: Power To All Our Friends

Blue Mink

A2: By The Devil I Was Tempted

Abraham's Children

B1: Gypsy

Loudon Wainwright III

B2: Dead Skunk
Cash Box ThailandKS-1641973EP0 

A1: Livin' Ain´t Livin


A2: Last Child

Cliff Richard

B1: Devil Woman

Thin Lizzy

B2: The Boys Are Back In Town
Royalsound ThailandTKR 3921976EP0 
Cliff Richard

A1: Junior Cowboy

Leo Sayer

A2: When I Need You

Tom Jones

B1: Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow

John Christie

B2: Here's To Love
4 Track ThailandST-407EP0 

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