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Connie Francis - Discography

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  USA  182
  Japan  121
  Germany  114
  Canada  95
  Italy  94
  UK  89
  Philippines  70
  Australia  69
  South Africa  63
  Spain  61
  India  56
  Mexico  51
  Netherlands  51
  Denmark  50
  France  50
  New Zealand  47
  Norway  44
  Greece  36
  Sweden  32
  Chile  29
  Ireland  25
  Peru  22
  Argentina  21
  Brazil  20
  Finland  19
  Belgium  17
  Costa Rica  17
  Hong Kong  15
  Venezuela  12
  Israel  9
  Poland  9
  Thailand  7
  Colombia  4
  Switzerland  4
  Iran  3
  Austria  2
  Malaysia  2
  Portugal  2
  Uruguay  2
  Guatemala  1
  Pakistan  1
  Turkey  1
  Yugoslavia  1
  Bootleg  20
All Records  1640
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Connie Francis

A: Cupido Tonto (Stupid Cupid)
B: Me Vas A Extranar (You're Gonna Miss Me)
MGM ArgentinaMG-45-22Sep 19607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Dios Salve A America (God Bless America)
B: Entre Mis Suenos (Among My Souvenirs)
MGM ArgentinaMG-45-27Sep 19607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Mama
B: No Olvides (Non Dimenticar)
MGM ArgentinaMG-45-37Sep 19607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Te Celo (Tango Della Gelosia) (Jealous Of You)
B: Cualquiera Es El Tonto De Alguien (Everybody's Somebody's Fool)
MGM ArgentinaMG-45-046Oct 19607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Granada
B: Besame Mucho
MGM ArgentinaMG-45-055Nov 19607"0 
Connie Francis

Connie Francis Canta En Castellano

A1: Nosotros
A2: Vaya Con Dios
B1: Te Quiero Dijiste
B2: Celos (Jalousie)
MGM ArgentinaEP-54-220Dec 1960EP0 
Connie Francis

A: Linda Muchachita
B: Nosotros
MGM ArgentinaMG-3306919627"0 
Connie Francis

A: Valentino
B: Juntos (Together)
MGM ArgentinaMG-33028Jan 19627"0 
Connie Francis

A: El Muchacho De Otra (Someone Else's Boy)
B: Nuevamente Con El Corazon Destrozado (Breaking In A Brand New Broken Heart)
MGM ArgentinaMG-33053Apr 19627"0 
Connie Francis

A: Mr. Twister
B: Baion De Anna
MGM ArgentinaMG-33057May 19627"0 
Connie Francis

Connie Francis Detras Del Amor

A1: Detras Del Amor (Follow The Boys)
A2: Esta Noche Es Mi Noche (Tonight's My Night)
B1: Intriga (Intrigue) Instumental
B2: Para Todo Corazon Joven (For Every Young Heart)
MGM Argentina91001Sep 1963EP0 
Connie Francis

A: DetrasDel Amor (Follow The Boys)
B: Llevame A La Luna (Fly Me To The Moon)
MGM Argentina9000119647"0 
Connie Francis

A: Danke Schoen (Muchas Gracias)
B: Tu Otro Amor (Your Other Love)
MGM Argentina90003Jul 19647"0 
Connie Francis

A: En Busca De Amor (Looking For Love)
B: Hagamos Una Fiesta (Let's Have A Party)
MGM Argentina90004Sep 19647"0 
Connie Francis

A: Gracias
B: La Gente
MGM Argentina90005Jan 19657"0 
Connie Francis

A: Deseando Que Fueses Tu (Wishing It Was You)
B: Eres Mio (You're Mine, Just When You're Lonely)
MGM Argentina90008Jul 19657"0 
Connie Francis

A: Amor Soy You, Amor Eres Tu (Love Is Me, Love Is You)
B: Tema De Lara De "Dr. Zhivago" (Somewhere My Love)
MGM Argentina90017Oct 19667"0 
Connie Francis

A: Samba De Verano (So Nice! Summer Samba)
B: Todo El Amor Del Mundo (All The Love In The World) (Et Si C'etait)
MGM Argentina90020Jan 19677"0 
Connie Francis

A: Por Que Decir Adios (Why Say Goodbye)
B: Adios Mi Amor (Addio Mi Amore) (Goodbye My Love)
MGM Argentina90024May 19687"0 
Connie Francis

A: Ata Una Cinta Amarilla Al Viejo Roble "La Respuesta" (Should I Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree "The Answer")
B: Pinta La Lluvia (Paint The Rain)
MISCA Argentina3.91019737"0 
Connie Francis

Connie Francis

A1: Diselo Tu
A2: Guitarra Romana
B1: Torero
B2: Por Un Beso De Amor
MGM ArgentinaEP-54-290EP0 
Connie Francis

A: Eighteen
B: Faded Orchid
MGM Australia45-MGM-5247Sep 19577"0 
Connie Francis

A: My Happiness
B: I'm Beginning To See The Light
MGM Australia45-MGM-527819587"0 
Marvin Rainwater And Connie Francis

A: The Majesty Of Love

Connie Francis And Marvin Rainwater

B: You, My Darlin', You
MGM Australia45-MGM-5249Jan 19587"0 
Connie Francis

A: Who's Sorry Now
B: You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love)
MGM Australia45-MGM-5258May 19587"0 
Connie Francis

A: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
B: Lock Up Your Heart
MGM Australia45-MGM-5260Jul 19587"0 
Connie Francis

A: Stupid Cupid
B: Carolina Moon
MGM Australia45-MGM-5264Aug 19587"09.0
Connie Francis

Who's Sorry Now

A1: Who's Sorry Now
A2: I'll Get By
B1: You Always Hurt The One You Love
B2: I Cried For You
MGM AustraliaMGM-EPO-7517Aug 1958EP1 
Connie Francis

A: If I Didn't Care
B: Toward The End Of The Day
MGM Australia45-MGM-528819597"0 
Connie Francis

A: Frankie
B: Lipstick On Your Collar
MGM Australia45-MGM-529419597"0 
Connie Francis

A: You're Gonna Miss Me
B: Plenty Good Lovin'
MGM Australia45-MGM-530119597"0 
Connie Francis

A: God Bless America
B: Among My Souvenirs
MGM Australia45-MGM-530319597"0 
Connie Francis

A: Fallin'
B: Happy Days And Lonely Nights
MGM Australia45-MGM-5273Jan 19597"0 
Connie Francis

A: In The Valley Of Love
B: You Always Hurt The One You Love
MGM Australia45-MGM-5281Apr 19597"0 
Connie Francis

The Exciting Connie Francis Volume 1. All By Myself

A1: Come Rain Or Come Shine
A2: Hallelujah I Love Him So
B1: All By Myself
B2: Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody
MGM AustraliaEPO-7523Dec 1959EP0 
Connie Francis

The Exciting Connie Francis Volume 2. Time After Time

A1: There Will Never Be Another You
A2: The Song Is Ended (But The Melody Lingers On)
B1: Time After Time
B2: How Did He Look
MGM AustraliaEPO-7524Dec 1959EP0 
Connie Francis

The Exciting Connie Francis Volume 3. That's All

A1: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
A2: That's All
B1: Blame It On My Youth
B2: Melancholy Serenade
MGM AustraliaEPO-7525Dec 1959EP0 
Connie Francis

A: Mama
B: Teddy
MGM Australia45-MGM-531219607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Everybody's Somebodys Fool
B: Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)
MGM Australia45-MGM-531719607"1 
Connie Francis

A: Robot Man
B: Come Rain Or Come Shine
MGM Australia45-MGM-532219607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Malaguena
B: My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
MGM AustraliaMGM-532419607"3 
Connie Francis

A: Senza Mamma (With No One)
B: Many Tears Ago
MGM AustraliaMGM-533219607"1 
Connie Francis

First Lady Of Record

A1: Everybody's Somebody's Fool
A2: Teddy
B1: My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
B2: Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)
MGM AustraliaMGM EPO 7421960EP1 
Connie Francis

A: Where The Boys Are
B: No One
MGM AustraliaMGM-534019617"0 
Connie Francis

A: Breakin' In A Brand-New Broken Heart
B: Someone Else's Boy
MGM AustraliaMGM-534219617"27.0
Connie Francis

A: Too Many Rules
B: Together
MGM AustraliaMGM-534419617"09.0
Connie Francis

A: Hollywood
B: (He's My) Dreamboat
MGM AustraliaMGM-534519617"0 
Connie Francis

Where The Boys Are

A1: Because Of You
A2: Young At Heart
B1: Where The Boys Are
B2: You Made Me Love You
MGM AustraliaMGM-EPO-7561961EP0 
Connie Francis

Connie Francis Favourites

A1: Together
A2: Someone Else's Boy
B1: Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart
B2: Too Many Rules
MGM AustraliaMGM EPO 7591961EP1 
Connie Francis

A: Drop It, Joe
B: Don't Break The Heart That Loves You
MGM AustraliaMGM-535119627"0 

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