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Connie Francis - Discography

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  USA  113
  Germany  97
  UK  88
  Australia  48
  New Zealand  40
  Japan  38
  Netherlands  38
  Denmark  34
  Italy  29
  Canada  28
  Spain  20
  Norway  18
  France  15
  Sweden  10
  Israel  8
  Brazil  5
  Finland  5
  India  5
  South Africa  5
  Hong Kong  4
  Thailand  4
  Belgium  3
  Ireland  3
  Iran  2
  Yugoslavia  2
  Chile  1
  Greece  1
  Mexico  1
  Pakistan  1
  Philippines  1
  Portugal  1
  Bootleg  2
All Records  670
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Connie Francis

A: Eighteen
B: Faded Orchid
MGM Australia45-MGM-524719577"0 
Marvin Rainwater And Connie Francis

A: The Majesty Of Love

Connie Francis And Marvin Rainwater

B: You, My Darlin', You
MGM Australia45-MGM-524919587"0 
Connie Francis

A: Who's Sorry Now
B: You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love)
MGM Australia45-MGM-525819587"0 
Connie Francis

A: I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
B: Lock Up Your Heart
MGM Australia45-MGM-526019587"0 
Connie Francis

A: Stupid Cupid
B: Carolina Moon
MGM Australia45-MGM-526419587"09.0
Connie Francis

A: Fallin'
B: Happy Days And Lonely Nights
MGM Australia45-MGM-527319587"0 
Connie Francis

A: My Happiness
B: I'm Beginning To See The Light
MGM Australia45-MGM-527819587"0 
Connie Francis

Who's Sorry Now

A1: Who's Sorry Now
A2: I'll Get By
B1: You Always Hurt The One You Love
B2: I Cried For You
MGM AustraliaMGM-EPO-7517Aug 1958EP0 
Connie Francis

A: In The Valley Of Love
B: You Always Hurt The One You Love
MGM Australia45-MGM-528119597"0 
Connie Francis

A: If I Didn't Care
B: Toward The End Of The Day
MGM Australia45-MGM-528819597"0 
Connie Francis

A: Frankie
B: Lipstick On Your Collar
MGM Australia45-MGM-529419597"0 
Connie Francis

A: You're Gonna Miss Me
B: Plenty Good Lovin'
MGM Australia45-MGM-530119597"0 
Connie Francis

A: God Bless America
B: Among My Souvenirs
MGM Australia45-MGM-530319597"0 
Connie Francis

A: Mama
B: Teddy
MGM Australia45-MGM-531219607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Everybody's Somebodys Fool
B: Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)
MGM Australia45-MGM-531719607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Robot Man
B: Come Rain Or Come Shine
MGM Australia45-MGM-532219607"0 
Connie Francis

A: Malaguena
B: My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
MGM AustraliaMGM-532419607"3 
Connie Francis

A: Senza Mamma (With No One)
B: Many Tears Ago
MGM AustraliaMGM-533219607"0 
Connie Francis

First Lady Of Record

A1: Everybody´s Somebody´s Fool
A2: Teddy
B1: My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own
B2: Jealous Of You (Tango Della Gelosia)
MGM AustraliaMGM EPO 7421960EP0 
Connie Francis

A: Where The Boys Are
B: No One
MGM AustraliaMGM-534019617"0 
Connie Francis

A: Breakin' In A Brand-New Broken Heart
B: Someone Else's Boy
MGM AustraliaMGM-534219617"27.0
Connie Francis

A: Too Many Rules
B: Together
MGM AustraliaMGM-534419617"09.0
Connie Francis

A: Hollywood
B: (He's My) Dreamboat
MGM AustraliaMGM-534519617"0 
Connie Francis

A: When The Boy In Your Arms (Is The Boy In Your Heart)
B: Baby's First Christmas
MGM AustraliaMGM-534919617"0 
Connie Francis

Where The Boys Are

A1: Because Of You
A2: Young At Heart
B1: Where The Boys Are
B2: You Made Me Love You
MGM AustraliaMGM-EPO-7561961EP0 
Connie Francis

Connie Francis Favourites

A1: Together
A2: Someone Else's Boy
B1: Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart
B2: Too Many Rules
MGM AustraliaMGM EPO 7591961EP0 
Connie Francis

A: Drop It, Joe
B: Don't Break The Heart That Loves You
MGM AustraliaMGM-535119627"0 
Connie Francis

A: Gonna Git That Man
B: Second-Hand Love
MGM AustraliaMGM-535219627"0 
Connie Francis

A: Never On Sunday
B: Tammy
MGM AustraliaMGM-535619627"0 
Connie Francis

A: The Biggest Sin Of All
B: Vacation
MGM AustraliaMGM-535819627"0 
Connie Francis

A: I Was Such A Fool (To Fall In Love With You)
B: He Thinks I Still Care
MGM AustraliaMGM-536119627"0 
Connie Francis

A: I'm Gonna' Be Warm This Winter
B: Al Di La
MGM AustraliaMGM-536619637"09.0
Connie Francis

A: Follow The Boys
B: Waiting For Billy
MGM AustraliaMGM-536919637"1 
Connie Francis

A: Whatever Happened To Rosemarie
B: Your Other Love
MGM AustraliaMGM-537919637"0 
Connie Francis

Connies American Hits

A1: I´m Gonna Be Warm This Winter
A2: If My Pillow Could Talk
B1: Vacation
B2: Lipstick On Your Collar
MGM AustraliaMGM EPO 75261963EP1 
Connie Francis

A: In The Summer Of His Years
B: My Buddy
MGM AustraliaMGM-538319647"0 
Connie Francis

A: Blue Winter
B: You Know You Don't Want Me (So Why Don't You Leave Me Alone)
MGM AustraliaMGM-538819647"0 
Connie Francis

A: Be Anything (But Be Mine)
B: Tommy
MGM AustraliaMGM-539319647"0 
Connie Francis

A: Looking For Love
B: This Is My Happiest Moment
MGM AustraliaMGM-539819647"0 
Connie Francis

A: Whose Heart Are You Breaking Tonight?
B: Come On Jerry
MGM AustraliaMGM-540719657"0 
Connie Francis

A: Jealous Heart
B: Can I Rely On You
MGM AustraliaMGM-542219667"0 
Connie Francis

A: Love Is Me, Love Is You
B: I'd Let You Break My Heart All Over Again
MGM AustraliaMGM-542619667"0 
Connie Francis

A: Somewhere, My Love
B: Dance My Trouble Away (Zorba´s Dance)
MGM AustraliaMGM-543619667"0 
Connie Francis

A: So Nice (Summer Samba)
B: All The Love In The World (Et Si C'Etait)
MGM AustraliaMGM-543819667"0 
Connie Francis

A: Spanish Nights And You
B: Games That Lovers Play
MGM AustraliaMGM-544019667"0 
Connie Francis

A: The Wedding Cake
B: Over Hill Underground
MGM AustraliaMGM-4519697"0 
Connie Francis

A: The Answer (Should I Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree?)
B: Paint The Rain
GSF AustraliaGSF-1025419737"0 
Connie Francis

Star Trax

A1: Vacation
A2: Stupid Cupid
B1: Where The Boys Are
B2: Who's Sorry Now
Polydor Australia2229 234Nov 1980EP0 
Connie Francis

A: Valentino

Conny Francis

B: It Would Be Worth It
MGM Belgium45-MGM 106019607"1 
Connie Francis

A: Jamais (Your Love)
B: Lili Marlene
MGM BelgiumMGM-SPF 109219617"7 

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