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Cowboy Copas - Discography

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  USA  50
  UK  14
  Australia  3
  Netherlands  3
  Canada  1
  Denmark  1
  Germany  1
  New Zealand  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  75
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Cowboy Copas

A: From The Manger To The Cross
B: King Of Kings
King USA45-90419517"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: The Strange Little Girl

Cowboy Copas And Kathy Copas

B: You'll Never Ever See Me Cry
King USA45-951Mar 19517"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
B: Because Of You
King USA45-1000Nov 19517"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: Purple Robe
B: Some Fine Morning
King USA45-1139Oct 19527"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Love Me Now
B: Feelin' Low
King USA45-1151Dec 19527"0 
Cowboy Copas

Cowboy Copas Singing His Favorite Songs

A1: Tennessee Waltz
A2: Kentucky Waltz
B1: Filipino Baby
B2: Signed, Sealed And Delivered
King USAEP-2131953EP2 
Cowboy Copas

A: Doll Of Clay
B: If Wishes Were Horses
King USA45-1166Feb 19537"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: A Wreath On The Door Of My Heart
B: I Can't Go On
King USA45-1200Apr 19537"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: Will You Forget
B: Look What I Got
King USA45-1253Jul 19537"0 
Cowboy Copas

Cowboy Copas Sings His Favorite Songs Vol. 2

A1: Don't Let The Deal Go Down
A2: I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland
B1: I've Grown So Used To You
B2: An Old Man's Story
King USAEP-3191954EP0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Why Should I Want Her
B: When I Lost You
King USA45-1407Nov 19547"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Hello Darling
B: The Talking Mule
King USA45-1424Jan 19557"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Ashamed Of Myself
B: Pledging My Love
King USA45-14568 Mar 19557"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Tragic Romance
B: Listen To My Heart
King USA45-148611 Jul 19557"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Blue Yesterday
B: Tell Me More
King USA45-1507Sep 19557"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Any Old Time
B: Don't Shake Hands With The Devil
King USA45-4865Dec 19557"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Blue Kimona
B: Breeze
Dot USA45-15668Nov 19577"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: A World That's Real
B: You're Looking For An Angel
Dot USA45-15847Sep 19587"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Mom And Dad's Affair
B: Black Cloud Risin'
Starday USA45-47619597"2 
Cowboy Copas

Singing His Biggest Hits

A1: Alabam
A2: Mom And Dad's Affair
B1: South Pacific Shore
B2: I Can
Starday USASEP-1461960EP0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Alabam
B: I Can
Starday USA45-501Jun 19607"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: Settin' Flat On Ready
B: Midnight In Heaven
Starday USA45-528Nov 19607"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: (I'm A) Stranger In My Home
B: Old Faithful And True Love
King USA45-5437Dec 19607"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: It's A Shame
B: You Walked Right Out Of My Dreams
King USA45-547919617"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Flat Top
B: True Love (Is The Greatest Thing)
Starday USA45-542Mar 19617"2 
Cowboy Copas

A: Sunny Tennessee

Cowboy Copas And Cathey Copas

B: Dreaming
Starday USA45-552Jun 19617"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: New Filipino Baby
B: Signed, Sealed And Delivered
Starday USA45-559Aug 19617"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: Sal
B: A Thousand Miles Of Ocean
Starday USA45-573Dec 19617"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: I Built A Fence Around My Heart
B: My Blues Are Gone
King USA45-563819627"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Seven Seas From You

Cowboy Copas And Cathy Copas

B: There'll Come A Time Someday
Starday USA585Mar 19627"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: The Ballad Of Frank Clement (The Living Legend Of Tennessee)

Moon Mullican

B: Good Times Gonna Roll Again (In Sunny Tennessee)
Dixie [Starday] USA594Apr 19627"4 
Cowboy Copas

A: Sold The Farm
B: Table In The Corner
Starday USA595Jun 19627"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Bury Me Face Down
B: Heart On The Run
Starday USA606Oct 19627"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: The Road Of Broken Hearts
B: Breeze
King USA45-573419637"1 
Cowboy Copas

A: Goodbye Kisses
B: The Gypsy Girl
Starday USA621Mar 19637"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Louisian
B: Break Away, Break Away
Starday USA641Sep 19637"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Autobiography
B: The Rainbow And The Rose
Starday USA658Dec 19637"0 
Roy Acuff, Minnie Pearl, Wayne Raney, Jimmie Skinner And T. Tommy Also Featuring Johnny Cash, Cowboy Copas, Lester Flatt And Earl Scruggs, Hylo Brown

A: Containing A Special Personal Message From

Roy Acuff, Guy Willis, Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith, Johnny Bond And T. Tommy Also Featuring Johnny Horton, George Jones, Moon Mullican, Buck Owens

B: Containing A Special Personal Message From
Golden Classics USACMRCA 14 Mar 1964Promo Only 7"2 
Cowboy Copas

A: Pretty Diamonds
B: An Old Man's Glory
Starday USA685Aug 19647"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
B: Black Eyed Susie
Starday USA70819657"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Blue Kimona
B: Waltzing With Sin
Starday USA72919657"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Signed, Sealed And Delivered
B: Hillbilly Heaven
Starday USA45-80067"0 
Cowboy Copas

A: Alabam
B: Flipino Baby
Starday USA45-80297"2 
Cowboy Copas

A: Alabam
B: Goodbye Kisses
Starday USA70007"0 

Appears On

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All-Time Hillbilly Hits

The Carlisles

A1: Rainbow At Midnight

Jimmie Osborne

A2: Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus

Nelson King

B1: Deck Of Cards

Cowboy Copas

B2: Tragic Romance
King USAEP-2551954EP0 
Gospel Songs By All Star Artists

Wally Fowler

A1: Turn Your Radio On

The Sunshine Boys

A2: A Package Of Love (The Mail Order Song)

Margie Singleton

A3: On The Cross

Cowboy Copas

B1: The Wings Of The Great Speckled Bird

Frankie Miller [USA]

B2: Trust The Saviour

The Lewis Family

B3: Sunshine Land
Starday USASEP-1271959EP1 
Gospel Songs By All Star Artists

The Sunshine Boys

A1: A Satisfied Mind

Marshall Pack

A2: A Smile

Wally Fowler And Oak Ridge Quartet

A3: Little Talk With Jesus

Acorn Sisters

B1: At The Lighthouse

Cowboy Copas

B2: The Purple Robe

Frankie Miller [USA]

B3: Who Do You Think
Starday USA45-SEP-1421960EP0 
Gospel Songs By All Star Artists

George Jones

A1: Farther Along

Carl Story

A2: What A Wonderful Saviour

Blue Sky Boys

A3: What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul

Cowboy Copas

B1: From The Manger To The Cross

The Stoneman Family

B2: In The Sweet By And By

Brother Oswald

B3: Lonesome Valley
Starday USASEP-2161962EP0 
Bluegrass Hits By All Star Artists

Hylo Brown

A1: The Ballad Of Jed Clampett

The Country Gentlemen

A2: Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow

Red Allen [bluegrass]

A3: Thinking Tonight

Cowboy Copas

B1: Wreck On The Highway

The Stanley Brothers

B2: Ralph's Banjo Special

The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

B3: Precious Jewel
Starday USASEP 2291963EP0 
Country Hit Parade

Cowboy Copas

A1: Sunny Tennessee

Justin Tubb

A2: One For You, One For Me
A3: Conscience I'm Guilty

Cowboy Copas

B1: Signed, Sealed And Delivered

Lonzo And Oscar

B2: Country Music Time

Red Sovine

B3: Why Baby Why
Dixie USADEP-306EP0 

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