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David Bowie - Discography

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  UK  150
  USA  96
  Germany  61
  Netherlands  52
  Australia  46
  Japan  43
  Ireland  40
  Canada  32
  France  31
  New Zealand  27
  Spain  17
  Italy  14
  Belgium  11
  Portugal  8
  South Africa  6
  Brazil  3
  Norway  3
  Argentina  2
  Poland  2
  Rhodesia  2
  Bolivia  1
  Chile  1
  Denmark  1
  Ecuador  1
  Greece  1
  Guatemala  1
  Hong Kong  1
  Mexico  1
  Philippines  1
  Unknown Country  1
  Uruguay  1
  Yugoslavia  1
  Zimbabwe  1
  Bootleg  3
All Records  662
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Queen And David Bowie

A: Bajo Presion (Under Pressure)


B: Hermano Del Alma (Soul Brother)
EMI Argentina180919817"0 
David Bowie

A: Dia Tras Dia (Day In Day Out)


A: Incommunicado (Incommunicado)
EMI ArgentinaDIF 4691987Promo Only 7"0 
David Bowie

A: Space Oddity
B: Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
Philips AustraliaBF-45219697"3 
David Bowie

A: Holy Holy
B: Black Country Rock
Mercury Australia6052 04919717"1 
David Bowie

A: Changes
B: Andy Warhol
RCA Victor Australia10203219727"4 
David Bowie

A: Starman
B: Suffragette City
RCA Victor Australia10214219727"0 
David Bowie

A: John, I'm Only Dancing
B: Hang On To Yourself
RCA Victor Australia10218519727"0 
David Bowie

A: The Jean Genie
B: Ziggy Stardust
RCA Victor Australia10222119727"1 
David Bowie

A: Space Oddity
B: The Man Who Sold The World
RCA Victor Australia10223519737"19.5
David Bowie

A: Sorrow
B: Amsterdam
RCA Victor Australia10238319737"1 
David Bowie

A: Rebel Rebel
B: Queen Bitch
RCA Victor Australia10241719737"0 
David Bowie

A: The Laughing Gnome
B: The Gospel According To Tony Day
Deram AustraliaDMA-103518 Nov 19737"5 

A: Diamond Dogs
B: Holy Holy
RCA Victor Australia10246219747"0 

A: Knock On Wood
B: Panic In Detroit
RCA Victor Australia10252219747"0 
David Bowie

David Bowie

A1: Rebel Rebel
A2: Queen Bitch
B1: Sorrow
B2: Amsterdam
RCA Victor Australia20610Nov 1974EP1110.0
David Bowie

A: The Young Americans
B: Suffragette City
RCA Victor Australia102584Apr 19757"0 
David Bowie

A: Fame
B: Right
RCA Victor Australia102639Aug 19757"0 
David Bowie

A: Golden Years
B: Can You Hear Me
RCA Victor Australia102708Dec 19757"09.0
David Bowie

A: Suffragette City
B: Stay
RCA Victor Australia102813Jul 19767"0 
David Bowie

A: Sound And Vision
B: A New Career In A New Town
RCA Victor Australia10288319777"1 
David Bowie

A: Be My Wife
B: Speed Of Life
RCA Victor Australia10293719777"0 
David Bowie

A: Heroes
B: V – 2 Schneider
RCA Victor Australia103019Nov 19777"0 
David Bowie

A: Boys Keep Swinging
B: Fantastic Voyage
RCA Victor Australia103371Jun 19797"0 
David Bowie

A: D.J.
B: Repetition
RCA Victor Australia103420Aug 19797"08.0
David Bowie

A: John I'm Only Dancing 1972
B: Joe The Lion
RCA Victor Australia103520Feb 19807"0 
David Bowie

A1: Heroes (English Version)
A2: Heroes (French Version)
B1: Helden (German Version)
B2: V-2 Schneider
RCA Victor Australia20629Feb 1980EP0 
David Bowie

A: Ashes To Ashes
B: Move On
RCA Victor Australia103671Aug 19807"09.0
David Bowie

A: Fashion
B: Scream Like A Baby
RCA Victor Australia103709Dec 19807"0 
Queen/David Bowie

A: Under Pressure


B: Soul Brother
Elektra AustraliaE 47235Oct 19817"2 
David Bowie

A: Wild Is The Wind
B: Golden Years
RCA Victor Australia103924Dec 19817"0 
David Bowie

A: Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
B: Paul's Theme (Jogging Chase)
MCA AustraliaBSR 52024May 19827"19.0
David Bowie And Bing Crosby

A: Peace On Earth / Little Drummer Boy

David Bowie

B: Fantastic Voyage
RCA Victor Australia104076Dec 19827"0 
David Bowie

A: Let's Dance
B: Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
EMI America AustraliaAMI-958Mar 19837"0 
David Bowie

A: China Girl (Edited Version)
B: Shake It
EMI America AustraliaAMI-999Jun 19837"0 
David Bowie

A: Modern Love
B: Modern Love (Live Version)
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1101Sep 19837"1 
David Bowie

A: Without You
B: Criminal World
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1225Mar 19847"1 
David Bowie

A: Blue Jean
B: Dancing With The Big Boys
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1345Sep 19847"0 
David Bowie

A: Tonight
B: Tumble And Twirl
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1392Nov 19847"0 
David Bowie / Pat Metheny Group

A: This Is Not America

Pat Metheny Group

B: This Is Not America (Instrumental)
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1442Feb 19857"0 
David Bowie

A: Loving The Alien (Remix)
B: Don't Look Down (Remix)
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1484Jun 19857"0 
David Bowie And Mick Jagger

A: Dancing In The Street (Clearmountain Mix)
B: Dancing In The Street (Instrumental)
EMI America AustraliaAMI-1574Sep 19857"0 
David Bowie

A: Absolute Beginners
B: Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix)
Virgin AustraliaVS-838Mar 19867"0 
David Bowie

A: Underground (Edited Version)
B: Underground
EMI America AustraliaAMI 1775Jul 19867"0 
David Bowie

A: Bang Bang
B: Glass Spider
EMI America AustraliaRPS 251987Promo Only 7"0 
David Bowie

A: Day-In Day-Out
B: Julie
EMI America AustraliaAMI 1918Mar 19877"0 
David Bowie

A: Time Will Crawl (Single Version)
B: Girls (Single Edit)
EMI America AustraliaAMI 1971Jun 19877"0 
David Bowie

A: Never Let Me Down
B: '87 And Cry
EMI America AustraliaAMI 1987Aug 19877"0 
David Bowie

A: Fame 90 (Gass Mix)

David Bowie Featuring Queen Latifah

B: Fame 90 (Queen Latifah's Rap Version)
EMI USA AustraliaUS 2378May 19907"0 
David Bowie

A: Space Oddity
B: Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
Philips Belgium704 201Dec 19697"2 
David Bowie

A: Golden Years
B: Can You Hear Me
RCA Victor BelgiumYBPB 0-415Nov 19757"1 

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