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David Essex - Discography

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  UK  77
  Netherlands  21
  Australia  16
  Germany  16
  USA  16
  Ireland  14
  New Zealand  6
  Spain  6
  France  5
  South Africa  3
  Canada  1
  Japan  1
  Norway  1
  Portugal  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  185
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David Essex

A: And The Tears Came Tumbling Down
B: You Can't Stop Me Loving You
Fontana UKTF 55916 Apr 19657"26.0
David Essex

A: Can't Nobody Love You
B: Baby I Don't Mind
Fontana UKTF 620Dec 19657"27.5
David Essex

A: This Little Girl Of Mine
B: Broken Hearted
Fontana UKTF 680Mar 19667"2 
David Essex

A: Thigh High
B: De Boom Lay Boom
Fontana UKTF 733Jul 19667"64.0
David Essex

A: Love Story
B: Higher Than High
Uni UKUN 50224 May 19687"0 
David Essex

A: Just For Tonight
B: Goodbye
Pye UK7N 1762125 Oct 19687"42.5
David Essex

A: That Takes Me Back
B: Lost Without Linda
Decca UKF 129356 Jun 19697"0 
David Essex

A: The Day The Earth Stood Still
B: Is It So Strange?
Decca UKF 1296726 Sep 19697"0 
David Essex

A: Special Promotion
B: Special Promotion
CBS UKCBS DJ-3-B11973Promo Only 7"2 
David Essex

A: Rock On
B: On And On
CBS UKS CBS 169327 Jul 19737"98.7
David Essex

A: Lamplight
B: We All Insane
CBS UKS CBS 19022 Nov 19737"08.7
David Essex

A: Hello It's Me
Sound For Industry UKSFI 2001974Flexi0 
David Essex

A: America
B: Dance Little Girl
CBS UKS CBS 217620 Apr 19747"17.0
David Essex

A: Gonna Make You A Star
B: Window
CBS UKS CBS 249227 Sep 19747"09.1
David Essex

A: Stardust
B: Miss Sweetness
CBS UKS CBS 282829 Nov 19747"48.7
David Essex

A: Rolling Stone
B: Coconut Ice
CBS UKS CBS 342520 Jun 19757"27.8
David Essex

A: Hold Me Close
B: Good Ol' Rock And Roll (Live Version)
CBS UKS CBS 35725 Sep 19757"39.3
David Essex

A: If I Could
B: Funfair
CBS UKS CBS 377614 Nov 19757"07.0
David Essex

A: City Lights [Shortened Version]
B: St. Amie
CBS UKS CBS 4050Mar 1976Promo Only 7"0 
David Essex

A: City Lights
B: St. Amie
CBS UKS CBS 40505 Mar 19767"07.3
David Essex

A: Coming Home
B: Won't Get Burned Again
CBS UKCBS 448617 Sep 19767"17.0
David Essex

A: Coming Home
B: Good Loving
CBS UKS CBS 4486Oct 19767"17.5
David Essex

A: Ooh Love
B: City
CBS UKS CBS 484226 Nov 19767"010.0
David Essex

A: Cool Out Tonight
B: Yesterday In L.A.
CBS UKS CBS 549519 Aug 19777"47.0
David Essex

A: Gonna Make You A Star
B: Window
CBS UKS CBS 5952Feb 19787"08.5
David Essex

A: Hold Me Close
B: Good Old Rock And Roll (Live Version)
CBS UKS CBS 5975Feb 19787"010.0
David Essex

A: Stay With Me Baby
B: Lend Me Your Comb
CBS UKS CBS 606317 Feb 19787"07.3
David Essex

A: Oh What A Circus
B: High Flying, Adored
Mercury UK6007 1854 Aug 19787"67.8
David Essex

A: Brave New World
B: Streetfight
CBS UKS CBS 67056 Oct 19787"17.3
David Essex

A: Brave New World (Long Version)
B: Brave New World (Short Version)
CBS UKS CBS 67056 Oct 1978Promo Only 7"1 
David Essex

A: Goodbye First Love
B: Won't Change Me Now
Mercury UK6007 19410 Nov 19787"05.0
David Essex

A: Imperial Wizard
B: Midnight Train
Mercury UK6007 2029 Feb 19797"37.5
David Essex

A: 20 Flights Up
B: Are You Still My True Love
Mercury UK6007 2204 May 19797"07.0
David Essex

A: World
B: I Who Am I
United Artists UKUP 60524 Aug 19797"1 
David Essex

A: Silver Dream Machine (Part 1)
B: Silver Dream Machine (Part 2)
Mercury UKBIKE 114 Mar 19807"07.3
David Essex

A: Hot Love
B: Rock And Roll Me
Mercury UKHOT 11May 19807"26.0
David Essex

A: The Race
B: Suzuki Warlord (Instrumental)
Mercury UKBIKE 2Jun 19807"0 
David Essex

A: On My Bike
B: Swim Against The Flow
Mercury UKMER 47Aug 19807"0 
David Essex

A: Heart On My Sleeve
B: I Don't Wanna Go To The Disco
Mercury UKMER 55Dec 19807"06.0
David Essex

A: Be-Bop-A-Lula
B: Secret Lover
Mercury UKMER 72Apr 19817"1 
David Essex

A: Sunshine Girl
B: Don't Leave Me This Way
Mercury UKMER 77Jun 19817"0 
David Essex

A: The Magician
B: Life Support System
Mercury UKMER 82Aug 19817"28.0
David Essex

A: Sweethearts
B: Hold On Me
Mercury UKMER 100Feb 19827"0 
David Essex

A: Me And My Girl (Night-Clubbing)
B: Sleeping With The Director
Mercury UKMER 107Jun 19827"17.1
David Essex

A: No Substitutes
B: She's My World
Mercury UKMER 118Aug 19827"1 
David Essex

A: You're In My Heart
B: Come On Little Darling
C: A Winter's Tale
D: Verity
Mercury UKESSEX 22Nov 1982Double Pack17.5
David Essex

A: A Winter's Tale
B: Verity
Mercury UKMER 127Nov 19827"37.8
David Essex

A: The Smile
B: Slave
Mercury UKESSEP 1May 1983Picture Disc0 
David Essex

A: The Smile
B: Slave
Mercury UKESSEX 1May 19837"0 
David Essex

A: Tahiti
B: Hell
Mercury UKBOUNT 1Jul 19837"56.0

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