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Dean Martin - Discography

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  USA  130
  UK  126
  Netherlands  61
  Australia  51
  Germany  45
  New Zealand  43
  Canada  29
  France  26
  Japan  13
  South Africa  11
  Norway  10
  Italy  4
  Denmark  3
  Greece  3
  Ireland  3
  Spain  3
  Belgium  2
  Brazil  2
  Finland  2
  India  1
  Mexico  1
  Rhodesia  1
  Turkey  1
  Yugoslavia  1
All Records  572
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Dean Martin

Artists And Models

A1: Innamorata
A2: The Lucky Song
B1: You Look So Familiar
B2: When You Pretend
Capitol AustraliaEAP-001Jun 1956EP0 
Dean Martin

Sunny Italy

A1: That's Amore
A2: Oh, Marie
B1: Come Back To Sorrento
B2: Luna Mezzo Mare
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1-481Dec 1956EP1 
Dean Martin

Hollywood Or Bust

A1: Hollywood Or Bust
A2: Let's Be Friendly
B1: It Looks Like Love
B2: A Day In The Country
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1-806Jun 1957EP0 
Dean Martin

A: Beau James
B: Write To Me From Naples
Capitol Australia45-CP-1232Sep 19577"1 
Dean Martin

A: Return To Me
B: Forgetting You
Capitol Australia45-CP-1300Jun 19587"2 
Dean Martin

A: Angel Baby
B: I'll Gladly Make The Same Mistake Again
Capitol Australia45-CP-1317Aug 19587"0 
Dean Martin

A: Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)
B: Outta My Mind
Capitol Australia45-CP-1332Sep 19587"0 
Dean Martin

A: Rio Bravo
B: My Rifle, My Pony And Me
Capitol Australia45-CP-137419597"1 
Dean Martin

A: On An Evening In Roma (Sott'er Celo De Roma)
B: You Can't Love 'Em All
Capitol Australia45-CP-137819597"1 
Dean Martin

A: Once Upon A Time (It Happened)
B: The Magician
Capitol Australia45-CP-1357Jan 19597"0 
Dean Martin

A: It Takes So Long (To Say Goodbye)
B: You Were Made For Love
Capitol Australia45-CP-1365Apr 19597"0 
Dean Martin

A: Who Was That Lady?
B: Love Me, My Love
Capitol Australia45-CP-140719607"0 
Dean Martin

A: Tik - A - Tee, Tik - A - Tay
B: Just Close Your Eyes
Reprise AustraliaR-2005819627"0 
Dean Martin

A: Baby - O
B: Dame Su Amor
Reprise AustraliaR-20,08219627"0 
Frank Sinatra And Sammy Davis, Jr.

A: Me And My Shadow

Dean Martin And Sammy Davis, Jr.

B: Sam's Song
Reprise AustraliaR-20,12819637"0 
Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby And Dean Martin

A: The Oldest Established (Permanent Floating Crap Game In New York)
B: Fugue For Tinhorns
Reprise AustraliaR-2021719637"0 
Dean Martin

A: Everybody Loves Somebody
B: A Little Voice
Reprise Australia028119647"1 
Dean Martin

A: The Door Is Still Open To My Heart
B: Every Minute Every Hour
Reprise Australia030719647"0 
Dean Martin

A: You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
B: You'll Always Be The One I Love
Reprise Australia033319657"0 
Dean Martin

A: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
B: I'll Be Seeing You
Reprise Australia034419657"0 
Dean Martin

A: (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
B: Born To Lose
Reprise Australia036919657"0 
Dean Martin

A: Houston
B: Bumming Around
Reprise Australia039319657"0 
Dean Martin

A: I Will
B: You're The Reason I'm In Love
Reprise Australia041519657"0 
Dean Martin

You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You

A1: You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You
A2: My Heart Is An Open Book
B1: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
B2: Send Me Some Lovin'
Reprise AustraliaED 6146-11965EP0 
Dean Martin

A: Come Running Back
B: Bouquet Of Roses
Reprise Australia046619667"0 
Dean Martin

The Early Hits Of Dean Martin

A1: That's Amore (That's Love)
A2: Volare
B1: Return To Me
B2: Memories Are Made Of This
Capitol AustraliaEAP-1-207951966EP0 
Dean Martin

Everybody Loves Somebody

A1: Everybody Loves Somebody
A2: Shutters And Boards
B1: Corrine Corrina
B2: Things
Reprise AustraliaED 6130-21966EP0 
Dean Martin

A1: We'll Sing In The Sunshine
A2: The Door Is Still Open (To My Heart)
B1: I'm Gonna Change Everything
B2: The Middle Of The Night Is My Cryin' Time
Reprise AustraliaED 6140-11966EP0 
Dean Martin

(Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You

A1: (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
A2: King Of The Road
B1: Walk On By
B2: The Birds And The Bees
Reprise AustraliaED 6170-41966EP0 
Dean Martin

Somewhere There's A Someone

A1: Somewhere There's A Someone
A2: Second Hand Rose (Second Hand Heart)
B1: That Old Clock On The Wall
B2: Candy Kisses
Reprise AustraliaED 6201-21966EP1 
Dean Martin

Christmas With Dean Martin

A1: White Christmas
A2: Silent Night
B1: I'll Be Home For Christmas
B2: Jingle Bells
Reprise AustraliaED 6222-11966EP210.0
Dean Martin

A: (Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In
B: I'm Not The Marrying Kind (Matt Helm's Theme)
Reprise Australia053819677"0 
Dean Martin

A: Lay Some Happiness On Me
B: Think About Me
Reprise Australia057119677"0 
Dean Martin

A: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B: Welcome To My World
Reprise Australia060119677"0 
Dean Martin

A: Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me
B: I Can't Help Remembering You
Reprise Australia060819677"09.0
Dean Martin

A: In The Misty Moonlight
B: Wallpaper Roses
Reprise Australia064019677"0 
Dean Martin

Dean Martin Hits Again

A1: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
A2: I'll Be Seeing You
B1: I'll Hold You In My Heart('Til I Can Hold You In My Arms)
B2: Wedding Bells
Reprise AustraliaED 6146-61967EP0 
Dean Martin

Dean Martin Sings

A1: My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
A2: I Don't Think You Love Me Anymore
B1: Red Roses For A Blue Lady
B2: Born To Lose
Reprise AustraliaED 6170-51967EP0 
Dean Martin

A: You've Still Got A Place In My Heart
B: Old Yellow Line
Reprise Australia067219687"0 
Dean Martin

A: April Again
B: That Old Time Feelin'
Reprise Australia076119687"0 
Dean Martin

A: Not Enough Indians
B: Rainbows Are Back In Style
Reprise Australia078019687"0 
Dean Martin

Happiness Is Dean Martin

A1: Lay Some Happiness On Me
A2: I'm Not The Marrying Kind (Matt Helm's Theme)
B1: (Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In
B2: Nobody's Baby Again
Reprise AustraliaED 6242-11968EP0 
Dean Martin

Little Ole Wine Drinker, Me

A1: Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
A2: The Green, Green Grass Of Home
B1: Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)
B2: Wallpaper Roses
Reprise AustraliaED-6250-31968EP0 
Dean Martin

A: Gentle On My Mind
B: That's When I See The Blues (In Your Pretty Brown Eyes)
Reprise Australia08129 Jun 19697"0 
Dean Martin

Not Enough Indians

A1: Not Enough Indians
A2: By The Time I Get To Phoenix
B1: Honey
B2: Gentle On My Mind
Reprise AustraliaEPRS 63301970EP0 
Dean Martin

A: My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
B: Here We Go Again
Reprise Australia0934Aug 19707"0 
Dean Martin

(Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In

A1: (Open Up The Door) Let The Good Times In
A2: In The Chapel In The Moonlight
B1: (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
B2: Somewhere There's A Someone
Reprise AustraliaEPR-2151971EP0 
Dean Martin


A1: Everybody Loves Somebody
A2: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
B1: Send Me The Pillow You Dream On
B2: Red Roses For A Blue Lady
Reprise AustraliaEPR-2501972EP0 
Dean Martin

A: Get On With Your Livin'
B: Smile
Reprise AustraliaR 116619737"0 
Dean Martin

A: My First Country Song
B: Hangin' Around
Warner Bros. Australia7-29584Aug 19837"0 

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