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Del Shannon - Discography

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  USA  62
  UK  57
  Australia  38
  Netherlands  29
  Germany  24
  Canada  23
  New Zealand  22
  Ireland  19
  Sweden  15
  Japan  13
  France  11
  Denmark  9
  Italy  5
  Belgium  4
More Countries (32 Total)All Records  367
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Del Shannon

A: Runaway
B: Jody
London New ZealandNZL-X.632Jun 19617"0 
Del Shannon

A: Hats Off To Larry
B: Don't Gild The Lily, Lily
London New ZealandNZL-X 657Sep 19617"010.0
Del Shannon

A: Hey Little Girl
B: I Don't Care Anymore
London New ZealandNZL.71519627"0 
Del Shannon

A: Ginny In The Mirror
B: I Won't Be There
London New ZealandNZL-X 73519627"0 
Del Shannon

A: Cry Myself To Sleep
B: I'm Gonna Move On
London New ZealandNZL-X 77219627"0 
Del Shannon

A: The Swiss Maid
B: You Never Talked About Me
London New ZealandNZL-X 79719627"0 
Del Shannon

A: Two Silhouettes
B: My Wild One
London New ZealandNZL.87019637"0 
Del Shannon

A: Little Town Flirt
B: The Wamboo
London New ZealandNZL-X 81819637"1 
Del Shannon

A: Two Kind Of Teardrops
B: Kelly
London New ZealandNZL-X 85119637"2 
Del Shannon

A: That's The Way Love Is
B: Time Of The Day
Stateside New ZealandMSS.205119647"1 
Del Shannon

A: Handy Man
B: Give Her Lots Of Lovin'
Stateside New ZealandMSS 207519647"1 
Del Shannon

A: Handy Man
B: Give Her Lots Of Lovin'
London New ZealandNZL 90519647"1 
Del Shannon

A: Keep Searchin (We'll Follow The Sun)
B: Broken Promises
Stateside New ZealandMSS.208319657"0 
Del Shannon

A: Stranger In Town
B: Over You
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209519657"0 
Del Shannon

A: Break Up
B: Why Don't You Tell Him
Stateside New ZealandMSS.209719657"0 
Del Shannon

A: For A Little While
B: Hey Little Star
Liberty New ZealandLIB.5588919667"0 
Del Shannon

A: The Big Hurt
B: I Got It Bad
Liberty New ZealandLIB.55866Jun 19667"0 
Del Shannon

A: Thinkin' It Over
B: Runnin' On Back
Liberty New ZealandLYK - 221619687"0 
Del Shannon

A: Runaway
B: He Cheated
Liberty New ZealandLYK-2003Feb 19687"0 
Del Shannon

A: Oh How Happy
B: Ghost
Interfusion New ZealandK 543919747"1 
Del Shannon

A: And The Music Plays On
B: In My Arms Again
United Artists New ZealandK 571719747"0 
Del Shannon

A: Tell Her No
B: Restless
Interfusion New ZealandK 590919757"1 

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