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Delroy Wilson - Discography

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  UK  110
  Jamaica  106
  USA  16
  Canada  2
  Germany  1
  Netherlands  1
All Records  236
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Delroy Wilson

A: Lion Of Judah
B: Joe Liges
R & B UKJB 10819637"3 
Delroy Wilson

A: Prince Pharoah
B: Don't Believe Him
R & B UKJB 12819637"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Squeeze Your Toe (Come Down From Your Palms And Pray)

Dimples And Delroy

B: Sugar Pie
R & B UKJB 13219637"08.0
Delroy Wilson

A: I Shall Not Remove
B: Naughty People
Island UKWI 09719637"2 
Delroy Wilson

A: Back-Biter
B: One-Two-Three
Island UKWI 10319637"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: You Bend My Love
B: Can't You See
Island UKWI 11619637"4 
Paulette And Delroy

A: Little Lover
B: Lovin' Baby
Island UKWI 12019637"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Spit In The Sky
B: Voodoo Man
Black Swan UKWI 40519637"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Lover Mouth
B: Every Mouth Must Be Fed
R & B UKJB 14819647"0 
Cynthia And Archie

A: Every Beat

Delroy Wilson

B: Sammy Dead
R & B UKJB 16819647"0 

A: Goodbye
B: Treat Me Right
Black Swan UKW1 42019647"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Pick Up The Pieces
B: Oppession
Island UKWI 20516 Jul 19657"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Give Me A Chance
B: Impossible
Doctor Bird UKDB 102219667"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Dancing Mood

Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

B: More And More
Island UKWI 301319667"2 
Delroy Wilson

A: Riding For A Fall
B: Got To Change Your Ways
Island UKWI 30331 Apr 19677"2 
Delroy Wilson

A: Ungrateful Baby

Roy Richards

B: Hopeful Village Ska
Island UKWI 3037May 19677"4 
Soul Brothers [Jamaica]

A: Hi-Life

Delroy Wilson

B: Close To Me
Island UKWI 3039May 19677"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Get Ready

Roy Richards

B: Port O Jam
Island UKWI 3050Jun 19677"5 
Delroy Wilson

A: Won't You Come Home Baby

Peter And Hortense

B: I've Been Lonely
Studio 1 UKSO 200914 Jul 19677"0 
The Termites

A: Sign Up

Delroy Wilson

B: Troubled Man
Coxsone UKCS 7008Sep 19677"17.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Never Conqueor
B: Run For You Life
Studio 1 UKSO 2019Oct 19677"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: Put Yourself In My Place
B: It Hurts
High Note UKHS 01119687"19.0
The Uniques [Jamaica]

A: Lessons Of Love

Delroy Wilson

B: Till I Die
Island UKWI 310719687"19.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Once Upon A Time
B: I Want To Love You
Island UKWI 312719687"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: I Am Not A King

Soul Vendors

B: Take Me
Studio 1 UKSO 2031Jan 19687"1 
Delroy Wilson

A: This Heart Of Mine

Glen Adams

B: Grab A Girl
Island UKWI 3099Mar 19687"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Rain From The Skies
B: How Can I Love Someone
Studio 1 UKSO 2046Jun 19687"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: True Believer

Marshall Williams

B: College Girl
Coxsone UKCS 70642 Aug 19687"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Feel Good All Over
B: I Like The Way You Walk
Studio 1 UKSO 205716 Aug 19687"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Sad Mood

Stranger Cole

B: Give It To Me
Camel UKCA 1519697"1 
Ken Parker

A: Sad Mood

Delroy Wilson

B: This Old Heart Of Mine
Camel UKCA 151969Promo Only 7"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: I'm The One Who Loves You

The Afrotones

B: If I'm In A Corner
High Note UKHS 01519697"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Good To Me
B: What Do You Want Me To Do
High Note UKHS 02819697"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Easy Snappin

Webber Sisters

B: Come On
Studio 1 UKSO 2074Feb 19697"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: I've Tried My Best
B: Your Number One
High Note UKHS 0228 Aug 19697"0 
Lizzy And Dennis

A: Happy Go Lucky Girl

Bobby And Dave

B: Sammy
Ackee UKACK 11419707"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Show Me The Way

Beverley All Stars

B: The Monster
Trojan UKTR 774019707"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Gave You My Love

Beverley All Stars

B: Love Version
Trojan UKTR 776919707"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Drink Wine Everybody

Joe White

B: Someone To Call My Own
Unity UKUN 55919707"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Be My Wife

Joe Higgs

B: Hit Me Back Baby
Camel UKCA 6919717"1 
Stranger Cole

A: Crying

Delroy And Dennis

B: It Must Come
Camel UKCA 7219717"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Better Must Come

Bunny Lee All Stars

B: Version
Jackpot UKJP 76319717"08.0
Delroy Wilson

A: Cool Operator
B: I'm Yours
Jackpot UKJP 76919717"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Try Again

The Aggravators

B: Try Again - Version
Jackpot UKJP 77019717"0 
Dennis Alcapone

A: Tell It Like It Is

Delroy Wilson

B: Come Along
Jackpot UKJP-77619717"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: I Am Trying

Collins All Stars

B: Trying Version
Smash UKSMA 231719717"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Satisfaction

Alton Ellis And Delroy Wilson

B: Satisfied Version
Smash UKSMA-231819717"0 
Alton Ellis

A: A Little Loving

Delroy Wilson

B: Loving Version
Smash UKSMA 231919717"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: What It Was

Lloyd Clarke

B: Chicken Thief
Smash UKSMA 232319717"0 
Delroy Wilson

A: Just Because Of You
B: I Love You Madly
Banana UKBA 3332 Apr 19717"49.0

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