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Denise LaSalle - Discography

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  USA  28
  UK  9
  Netherlands  7
  Australia  1
  Canada  1
  Germany  1
All Records  47
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Denise La Salle

A: A Love Reputation
B: One Little Thing
Tarpon USAT-660319677"28.0
Denise LaSalle

A: A Love Reputation
B: One Little Thing
Chess USA2005May 19677"19.0
Denise La Salle

A: Count Down (and Fly Me To The Moon)
B: A Promise Is A Promise
Chess USA2058Sep 19687"18.0
Denise LaSalle

A: Too Late To Check Your Trap
B: The Right Track
Parka USA230119707"18.0
Denise LaSalle

A: Too Late To Check Your Trap
B: Heartbreaker Of The Year
Crajon USA4820119707"1 
Denise LaSalle

A: Trapped By A Thing Called Love
B: Keep It Coming
Westbound USAW 182Jul 19717"89.0
Denise LaSalle

A: Now Run And Tell That
B: The Deeper I Go (The Better It Gets)
Westbound USAW-201Jan 19727"16.0
Denise La Salle

A: Man Sized Job
B: I'm Over You
Westbound USAW 206Sep 19727"0 
Denise La Salle

A: What It Takes To Get A Good Woman (That's What It's Gonna Take To Keep Her)
B: Making A Good Thing Better
Westbound USAW-215Apr 19737"0 
Denise La Salle

A: Don't Nobody Live Here (By The Name Of Fool)
B: Good Goody Getter
Westbound USAW 221Dec 19737"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: Get Up Off My Mind
B: The Best Thing I Ever Had
Westbound USAW 223May 19747"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: Here I Am Again
B: Hung Up, Strung Out
Westbound USAWT-500819757"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: My Brand On You
B: Any Time Is The Right Time
20th Century / Westbound USAWT-5004Mar 19757"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: Married, But Not To Each Other
B: Who's The Fool
Westbound USAWT-5019Mar 19767"09.0
Denise La Salle

A: Hellfire Loving
B: I Get What I Want
ABC USAABC-12225Dec 19767"0 
Denise La Salle

A: Freedom To Express Yourself
B: Second Breath
ABC USAABC-12238Mar 19777"1 
Denise La Salle

A: Love Me Right
B: Fool Me Good
ABC USAAB-12312Nov 19777"1 
Denise La Salle

A: Workin' Overtime [Mono]
B: Workin' Overtime [Stereo]
ABC USAAB-124191978Promo Only 7"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: Workin' Overtime
B: No Matter What They Say
ABC USAAB-1241919787"0 
Denise La Salle

A: One Life To Live
B: Before You Take It To The Streets
ABC USAAB-12353Apr 19787"0 
Denise La Salle

A: Think About It
B: Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
MCA USAMCA 4104019797"1 
Denise La Salle

A: P.A.R.T.Y. (Where It Is)
B: Under The Influence
ABC USAAB-12443Jan 19797"0 
Denise La Salle

A: I'm So Hot
B: A Miracle, You And Me
MCA USAMCA-4122219807"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: Down Home Blues
B: Down Home Blues - X Rated
Malaco USAMAL 209519837"0 
Denise LaSalle And Latimore

A: Right Place, Right Time
B: He's Not Available
Malaco USAMAL 209819847"1 
Denise LaSalle

A: My Tu-Tu
B: Give Me Yo' Most Strongest Whiskey
Malaco USAMAL 2112May 19857"010.0
Dorothy Moore

A: Misty Blue

Denise LaSalle

B: My Tu Tu
Collectables USACOL 35937"0 
Denise LaSalle

A: Down Home Blues
B: Down Home Blues (X-Rated)
Collectables / Back To Back Hit Series USACOL 35957"0 

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