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Dickie Valentine - Discography

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  UK  53
  New Zealand  6
  Australia  5
  USA  4
  Germany  1
All Records  69
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Dickie Valentine

A: Endless
B: I Could Have Told You
Decca UKF 10346Oct 19547"0 
Dickie Valentine With The Stargazers

A: The Finger Of Suspicion

Dickie Valentine

B: Who's Afraid (Not I, Not I, Not I)
Decca UKF 10394Oct 19547"78.0
Dickie Valentine

A: Mister Sandman
B: Runaround
Decca UKF 10415Dec 19547"38.7
Dickie Valentine

Swing Along With Dickie Valentine

A1: Rosita
A2: Endless
B1: My Arms, My Heart, My Love
B2: Runaround
Decca UKDFE 62361955EP0 
Dickie Valentine

A: A Blossom Fell
B: I Want You All To Myself
Decca UKF 10430Jan 19557"07.0
Dickie Valentine

A: Ma Chere Amie
B: Lucky Waltz
Decca UKF 10484Mar 19557"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: I Wonder
B: You Too Can Be A Dreamer
Decca UKF 10493Apr 19557"27.0
Dickie Valentine

A: Lazy Gondolier
B: Hello Mrs. Jones (Is Mary There?)
Decca UKF 105172 May 19557"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: No Such Luck
B: The Engagement Waltz
Decca UKF 10549Jul 19557"07.0
Presenting Dickie Valentine

Dickie Valentine With The Stargazers

A1: The Finger Of Suspicion

Dickie Valentine

A2: A Blossom Fell
B1: Mister Sandman
B2: I Wonder
Decca UKDFE 6279Aug 1955EP0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Christmas Alphabet
B: Where Are You Tonight?
Decca UKF 10628Oct 19557"58.2
Dickie Valentine

A: The Old Pi-anna Rag
B: First Love
Decca UKF 1064521 Nov 19557"1 
Dickie Valentine

"Only For You"

A1: The Clown Who Cried
A2: Only For You
B1: Me And My True Love
B2: Many Loves Are Penny Loves
Decca UKDFE 63631956EP0 
Dickie Valentine And The Keynotes

A: Dreams Can Tell A Lie

Dickie Valentine

B: Song Of The Trees
Decca UKF 106672 Jan 19567"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: The Best Way To Hold A Girl
B: The Voice
Decca UKF 10714Mar 19567"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: My Impossible Castle
B: When You Came Along
Decca UKF 10753Jun 19567"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Day Dreams
B: Give Me A Carriage With Eight White Horses
Decca UKF 10766Jul 19567"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Christmas Island
B: The Hand Of Friendship
Decca UKF 10798Oct 19567"38.0
Dickie Valentine

Dickie Valentine's Rock 'N' Roll Party

A: Christmas Rock 'N' Roll : Mountain Greenery : A Woman In Love
B: When Mexico Gave Up The Rhumba : Just Walking In The Rain : Christmas Rock 'N' Roll
Decca UKF 10820Dec 19567"3 
Dickie Valentine

Dickie Goes Dixie

A1: I Can't Give You Anything But Love
A2: Beautiful Eyes
B1: It Had To Be You
B2: The Red Robin March
Decca UKDFE 64271957EP0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Chapel Of The Roses
Decca UKF 10874Apr 1957Promo Only 7"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Chapel Of The Roses
B: My Empty Arms
Decca UKF 10874Apr 19577"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Puttin' On The Style
B: Three Sides To Every Story
Decca UKF10906Jun 19577"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Long Before I Knew You
B: Just In Time
Decca UKF 10949Nov 19577"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Snowbound For Christmas
B: Convicted
Decca UKF 10950Nov 19577"0 
Dickie Valentine

Dickie Valentine Standards

A1: Blue
A2: Somebody Loves Me
B1: East Of The Sun
B2: The One I Love
Decca UKDFE 6429Jan 1958EP5 
Dickie Valentine

A: King Of Dixieland
B: Love Me Again
Decca UKF 11005Apr 19587"18.0
Dickie Valentine

A: In My Life
Decca UKDRX 24496May 1958Promo Only 7"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: In My Life
B: Come To My Arms
Decca UKF 11020May 19587"1 
Dickie Valentine

A: An Old Fashioned Song
B: Take Me In Your Arms
Decca UKF 11066Oct 19587"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Venus
B: Where? (In The Old Home Town)
Pye Nixa UK7N 15192Feb 19597"26.5
Dickie Valentine

A: My Favourite Song
B: A Teenager In Love
Pye Nixa UK7N 15202Jun 19597"3 
Dickie Valentine

A: One More Sunrise (Morgen)
B: You Touch My Hand
Pye Nixa UK7N 15221Sep 19597"1 
Dickie Valentine

A: Standing On The Corner
B: Roundabout
Pye UK7N 152551 Apr 19607"2 
Dickie Valentine

Dickie Valentine's Hit Parade

A1: One More Sunrise
A2: My Favourite Song
B1: Venus
B2: Where (In The Old Home Town)
Pye UKNEP 241201 Apr 1960EP1 
Dickie Valentine

A: Once, Only Once
B: A Fool That I Am
Pye UK7N 15294Sep 19607"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: How Unlucky Can You Be
B: Hold Me In Your Arms (Eternally)
Pye UK7N 15336Mar 19617"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Climb Ev'ry Mountain
B: Sometimes I'm Happy
Pye UK7N. 15366Jul 19617"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Shalom
B: I'll Never Love Again
Pye UK7N 15381Nov 19617"19.0
Dickie Valentine

Dickie Valentine Swings

A1: All The Things You Are
A2: I Wanna Be Around
A3: Cock-Eyed Optimist
A4: Once In A While
B1: I Can't Get Started
B2: Day In Day Out
B3: There Will Never Be Another You
Pop Parade UKBPC 7141963EP0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Lost Dreams And Lonely Tears
B: Comes Another Day Another Love
Philips UK326583 BFApr 19637"1 
Dickie Valentine

A: Free Me
B: Build Yourself A Dream
Philips UKBF 1307Feb 19647"58.0
Dickie Valentine

A: It's Better To Have Loved
B: Wanted
Philips UKBF 139222 Jan 19657"1 
Dickie Valentine

A: My World
B: In Times Like These
Philips UKBF 1447Nov 19657"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Melina
B: Love
Philips UKBF 1595Jul 19677"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Mona Lisa
B: Wait For Me
Philips UKBF 166817 May 19687"1 
Dickie Valentine

A: Primrose Jill
B: A Fool Of A Man
Polydor UK56372Jan 19707"0 
Dickie Valentine

A: Red River Rose
Decca UKDRX24328Promo Only 7"0 

Appears On

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Star Parade

Edmundo Ros And His Orchestra with The Johnston Brothers

A1: Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Dickie Valentine

A2: Many Times

The Stargazers

B1: I See The Moon

Joan Regan with The Squadronaires

B2: Ricochet
Decca UKDFE 6147Jun 1955EP09.0
All Star Hit Parade

Dickie Valentine

A1: Out Of Town

Joan Regan

A2: My September Love

Winifred Atwell

A3: Theme From The Threepenny Opera

Dave King

B1: No Other Love

Lita Roza

B2: A Tear Fell

David Whitfield

B3: It's Almost Tomorrow
Decca UKF 10752Jun 19567"2 

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