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Dolly Dots - Discography

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  Netherlands  30
  USA  7
  Germany  6
  UK  6
  France  2
  Japan  2
  Belgium  1
All Records  54
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Dolly Dots

A: (Tell It All About) Boys
B: Jerry
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.04819797"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Radio
B: Bang Bang
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.07419797"0 
Dolly Dots

A: (They Are) Rollerskating
B: You Don't Need Me
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.12219797"0 
Dolly Dots

A: We Believe In Love
B: Who Is That Waiting At Your Door
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.21519807"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Hela Di Ladi Lo
B: Hé Heartbreaker
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.31819807"1 
Dolly Dots

A: The Dreammachine
B: Hollywood
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.36719807"0 
Dolly Dots

A: P.S.
B: So That's Why
WEA NetherlandsWEA 18.82919817"0 
Dolly Dots

A: S.T.O.P.
B: Crazy Situation
WEA NetherlandsWEA 18.91519817"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Leila (The Queen Of Sheba)
B: Writer Please Write Me A Song
WEA NetherlandsWEAN 18.47319817"0 
Dolly Dots

A1: De Dots Speciaal Voor Jou!
A2: De Japanse Jingles
A3: Het Puikje Van De LP 'Take Six'. Read By – Erik De Zwart
Hitkrant Netherlands1982Flexi0 
Dolly Dots

A: All The Roses
B: I Want To Be With You
WEA Netherlands24.9937-719827"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Do Wah Diddy Diddy
B: Ring Ring
WEA Netherlands24.9999-719827"07.0
Dolly Dots

A: Do You Wanna Wanna
B: Keep On Doing It
WEA NetherlandsWEA 19.17119827"0 
Dolly Dots

A: She's A Liar (Special Re-mix)
B: Broke
WEA Netherlands249 464-719837"1 
Dolly Dots

A: Love Me Just A Little Bit More (Totally Hooked On You)
B: He's Sexy
WEA Netherlands24-9550-719837"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Don't Give Up
B: I Don't Wanna Loose Ya
WEA Netherlands24.9650-719837"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Money Lover (Bite The Dust)
B: Sick Of Your Games
WEA Netherlands24.9796-719837"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Trick Of The Eye
B: Trick Of The Eye (Special Version)
Ariola Netherlands106.81419847"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Give The Girl A Break
B: Tell Me Why
Ariola Netherlands106.92119847"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Tell Me Why
B: Give The Girl A Break
Ariola Netherlands107 08019847"0 
Dolly Dots

Single Book Nr. 4

A: Loverboy
SWP Netherlands1985Picture Disc0 
Dolly Dots

A: Where Were You (When I Needed You)
B: Nhema Musasa
Ariola Netherlands107.18119857"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Only The Rain
B: Loverboy
Ariola Netherlands107.6851985Special Edition 7"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Only The Rain
B: Loverboy
Ariola Netherlands107 68519857"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Unique
B: Boys Town
Ariola Netherlands107.86019857"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Dreaming Of You
B: It's Up To You
Ariola Netherlands108 05419867"0 
Dolly Dots

A: This Girl
B: To Be Heard
Ariola Netherlands108 59219867"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Hearts Beat Thunder
B: One In A Million
Ariola Netherlands108.81319867"0 
Dolly Dots

A: Make It Up To You (Special Single Version By The Dolly Dots And John Smit)
B: L.A.
Ariola Netherlands109 09319877"0 
Dolly Dots

A: What A Night
B: What A Night (Instrumental)
Ariola Netherlands109.51619877"0 

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