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Dominic Behan - Discography

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Dominic Behan

Finnegan's Wake

A1: Mrs. McGrath
A2: Finnegan's Wake
B1: Bonny Boy
B2: Master McGrath
Collector Records UKJEI 11959EP1 
Dominic Behan


A1: Dicey Riley
A2: Kelvin Lass
A3: McCafferty
B1: Bucket Of Mountain Dew
B2: Van Diemen's Land
B3: Wearing Of The Green
Collector Records UKJEI 21959EP0 
Dominic Behan

Songs Of The Streets

A1: Limerick Rake
A2: The Boston Burglar
B1: Get Me Down My Petticoat
B2: Charlady's Ball
B3: Rocks Of Baun
Collector Records UKJEI 31959EP1 
Dominic Behan

A: The Captain And The King
Decca UKF 11147Jul 1959Promo Only 7"0 
Dominic Behan

A: The Bells Of Hell (Go Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling)
B: The Captains And The Kings
Decca UKF 11147Jul 19597"0 
Dominic Behan

A: The Bells Of Hell
Decca UKF-11147Jul 1959Promo Only 7"3 
Dominic Behan

Mrs Hooligan's Xmas Cake

A1: Buaicailin Donn
A2: Brian O'Linn
B1: The Ballad Of Perse O'Reilly
B2: Botheration
B3: Mrs Hooligan's Christmas Cake
Collector Records UKJEI 41960EP0 
Patrick O'Malley

A: Shall My Soul Pass Thro' Old Ireland
B: Rody Macorly
Beltona UKBE 2731Jun 19617"6 
Patrick O'Malley

A: The Wearing Of The Green
B: The Soldier's Song (Irish National Anthem)
Beltona UKBE 2732Jun 19617"2 
Diarmuid O'Neill

A: Irish Soldier Boy
B: Tipperary Far Away
Beltona UKBE 2734Jun 19617"0 
Diarmuid O'Neill

A: Erin Divided
B: My Old Fenian Gun
Beltona UKBE 2735Jun 19617"2 
Diarmuid O'Neill

A: Foggy Dew
B: Barry's Column
Beltona UKBE 2736Jun 19617"2 
Dominic Behan

Peelers And Prisoners

A1: The Old Triangle
A2: The Smashing Of The Van
B1: The Peelers And The Goat
B2: The Mountjoy Hotel
Topic UKTOP 851963EP1 
Dominic Behan

A: The Patriot Game
B: Erin Go Brath
Topic UKSTOP 11519647"3 
Dominic Behan

Dominic Takes The Floor

A1: The Blind Man He Could See
A2: Love Is Pleasing
B1: Zoological Gardens
B2: A Sailor Courted A Farmer's Daughter
Topic UKTOP 1011964EP0 
Dominic Behan

A: Liverpool Lou
B: Love Is Where You'll Find It
Piccadilly UK7N 35172Mar 19647"29.0
Dominic Behan

A: When I'm Twenty
B: No Love, No More
Piccadilly UK7N 3519814 Aug 19647"0 
Dominic Behan

A1: Liverpool Lou
A2: Summer Is A Coming
B1: Love Is Teasing
B2: Master McGrath
Piccadilly UKNEP 34040Apr 1965EP1 
Dominic Behan

A: Arkle
B: Lonely Days
Piccadilly UK7N 3523816 Apr 19657"0 
Dominic Behan

A: Wormwood Scrubs
B: Rifles Of The I.R.A.
Major Minor UKMM 5759 Aug 19687"2 

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