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Don Fardon - Discography

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Original vocalist for The Sorrows.
  Germany  21
  UK  20
  USA  9
  Australia  7
  Italy  4
  Netherlands  4
  France  3
  Canada  1
  Iran  1
  Israel  1
  New Zealand  1
  Sweden  1
  USSR  1
All Records  74
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Don Fardon

A: The Letter
B: Daytripper
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300125Oct 19677"09.0
Don Fardon

A: Treat Her Right
B: Goodbye
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300157Mar 19687"09.0
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee)
B: Dreaming Room
Hit-Ton GermanyHT 300221Oct 19687"09.0
Don Fardon

A: Take A Heart
B: We Can Make It Together
Vogue GermanyDV 14817Dec 19687"07.0
Don Fardon

A: Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
B: Sunshine Woman
Vogue GermanyDV 14852Mar 19697"17.0
Don Fardon

A: Running Bear
B: I Need Somebody
Vogue GermanyDV 14860Apr 19697"06.0
Don Fardon

A: I'm Alive
B: Keep On Loving Me
Young Blood GermanyDV 14923Aug 19697"0 
Don Fardon

A: Nice Loving You
B: Live Live
Young Blood GermanyDV 14972Dec 19697"0 
Don Fardon

A: Belfast Boy
B: Echoes Of The Cheers
Young Blood GermanyDV 11035Apr 19707"0 
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation
B: Hudson Bay
Young Blood GermanyDV 11133Oct 19707"1 
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation
B: Dreaming Room
Vogue GermanyDV 11133Oct 19707"09.0
Don Fardon

A: Girl
B: Sandiego
Young Blood GermanyDV 11179Mar 19717"0 
Don Fardon

A: Follow Your Drum
B: Get Away John
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 487Nov 19717"0 
Don Fardon

A: Belfast Boy
B: Devils Well
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 515May 19727"0 
Don Fardon

A: Delta Queen
B: Home-Town Baby
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 558Jan 19737"1 
Don Fardon

A: Superwoman
B: Miami Sunset
Young Blood GermanyDL 25 582May 19737"1 
Don Fardon

A: Don't Do That
B: Riverboat
Young Blood International Germany6.11 505 (AC)Aug 19747"0 
Don Fardon

A: Indian Reservation
B: I Need Somebody
Bellaphon GermanyBF 18293Jan 19757"0 
Don Fardon

A: Lola
B: 6:10 Phoenix Gone
Young Blood International GermanyBF 18380Oct 19757"0 
Don Fardon

Oldies But Goldies

A: Indian Reservation
B: Gimme Gimme Good Loving
Decca Germany6.12 15119777"0 
Oldies - Original Stars

The Marmalade

A: Ob La Di Ob La Da

Don Fardon

B: Indian Reservation
Bellaphon Germany100 07 357Sep 19857"0 

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