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Don Rondo - Discography

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  USA  31
  UK  12
  Australia  7
  Canada  6
  New Zealand  3
  Denmark  1
  Germany  1
  Sweden  1
All Records  62
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Don Rondo

A: Evening Star
B: Beyond The Mighty River
Decca USA9-29738Dec 19557"0 
Don Rondo

A: Two Different Worlds
B: He Made You Mine
Jubilee USA45-5256Sep 19567"0 
Don Rondo

A: Don't
B: The Love I Never Had
Jubilee USA45-5270Feb 19577"0 
Don Rondo

A: Evening Star
B: I Offer You My Heart
Decca USA9-30248Mar 19577"0 
Don Rondo

A: To Belong
B: On Forgotten Street
Jubilee USA45-5282Apr 19577"0 
Don Rondo

A: White Silver Sands
B: Stars Fell On Alabama
Jubilee USA45-5288Jun 19577"2 
Don Rondo

A: Forsaking All Others
B: There's Only You
Jubilee USA45-5297Sep 19577"3 
Don Rondo

A: In Chi Chi Chihuahua
B: Wanderin' Heart
Jubilee USA45-5305Nov 19577"0 
Don Rondo

A: Made For Each Other
B: What A Shame
Jubilee USA45-5313Jan 19587"0 
Don Rondo

A: Blonde Bombshell
B: There Goes My Heart Again
Jubilee USA45-5319Feb 19587"02.0
Don Rondo

A: School Dance
B: I've Got Bells On My Heart
Jubilee USA45-5320Mar 19587"0 
Don Rondo

A: Dormi, Dormi, Dormi (Sleep, Sleep, Sleep)
B: Her Hair Was Yellow
Jubilee USA5325Apr 19587"0 
Don Rondo

A: I Could Be A Mountain
B: The Great Adventure
Jubilee USA45-5341Oct 19587"4 
Don Rondo

A: Charmaine
B: Diane
Jubilee USA45-9002Oct 1958Special Edition 7"1 
Don Rondo

A: Dolores
B: Margie
Jubilee USA45-9009Nov 1958Special Edition 7"1 
Don Rondo

A: Song From "The Geisha Boy"
B: Gretna Green
Jubilee USA45-5354Dec 19587"1 
Don Rondo

A: My Foolish Heart
B: Leave Your Troubles On My Lips
Jubilee USA45-5364Feb 19597"0 
Don Rondo

A: Cuckoo Girl
B: You're On My Mind Again
Jubilee USA45-5372Apr 19597"1 
Don Rondo

A: Batch Of Love
B: Quiet Girl
Roulette USAR-4202Oct 19597"18.0
Don Rondo

A: Wall-to-Wall Tears
B: The Golden Rule
Roulette USAR-4216Dec 19597"0 
Don Rondo

A: Because Of You
B: Alone In The World
Jubilee USA45-5381Jan 19607"0 
Don Rondo

A: Friends
B: A Hoot An' A Holler
Carlton USA531Jul 19607"0 
Don Rondo

A: The King Of Holiday Island
B: Wanderlust
Carlton USA536Oct 19607"1 
Don Rondo

A: You'll Never Walk Alone
B: They Were You
Carlton USA551May 19617"0 
Don Rondo

A: Malibu
B: So Did I
Atlantic USA45-2194Jun 19637"1 
Don Rondo

A: No Tears, No Regrets (After The Ball)
B: A Woman Is A Many Thing
Tuba USA130219657"0 
Don Rondo

A: Till The World Knows You're Mine
B: Is There Room In Your Tomorrow?
United Artists USAUA 50111Dec 19667"0 
Don Rondo

A: Oh Why My Love
B: Let's Live For Today
United Artists USAUA 50191Jul 19677"0 
Don Rondo

A: Two Different Worlds
B: White Silver Sands
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 601619727"2 
Don Rondo

A: Two Different Worlds
B: White Silver Sands
Trip USATR-1057"0 

Appears On

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Bing Crosby (With Grace Kelly)

A1: True Love

Teresa Brewer

A2: Mutual Admiration Society

Don Rondo

B1: Two Different Worlds

Frankie Vaughan

B2: Garden Of Eden
Royale USA45131956EP2 

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