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Duane Eddy - Discography

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The King Of Twang was born in New York, USA in 1938 and rode the rock 'n' roll wave with co-writer Lee Hazlewood racking up five years worth of hit singles from 1958 to 1963.
  USA  66
  UK  61
  Australia  48
  Germany  44
  Canada  33
  New Zealand  30
  Netherlands  17
  Ireland  14
  Sweden  9
  Denmark  7
  Italy  7
  Japan  6
  France  4
  Belgium  2
All Records  348
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Duane Eddy And His Twangy Guitar

A: Rebel-Rouser
B: Stalkin'
London UKHL 8669Aug 19587"89.0
Duane Eddy His 'Twangy' Guitar And The Rebels

A: Ramrod
B: The Walker
London UKHL 8723Oct 19587"18.5
Duane Eddy His 'Twangy' Guitar And The Rebels

A: Cannonball
B: Mason Dixon Lion
London UKHL 8764Dec 19587"58.0
Duane Eddy

A: Forty Miles Of Bad Road

The Browns

B: The Three Bells
London / RCA UKMST 3588 / K2WB 05461959Promo Only 7"4 
Duane Eddy

Rebel Rouser

A1: Rebel-Rouser
A2: Stalkin'
B1: Ramrod
B2: The Walker
London UKRE 1175Jan 1959EP6 
Duane Eddy

A: The Lonely One
B: Detour
London UKHLW 8821Mar 19597"09.5
Duane Eddy

A: Peter Gunn
B: Yep!
London UKHLW 8879Jun 19597"38.8
Duane Eddy


A1: Yep!
A2: Three-30-Blues
B1: The Lonesome Road
B2: Loving You
London UKREW 1217Jun 1959EP1 
Duane Eddy

The Lonely One

A1: The Lonely One
A2: Cannon Ball
B1: Mason Dixon Lion
B2: Detour
London UKREW 1216Jul 1959EP2 
Duane Eddy

A: Forty Miles Of Bad Road
B: The Quiet Three
London UKHLW 8929Aug 19597"78.2
Duane Eddy

A: Some Kind-A Earthquake
B: First Love, First Tears
London UKHLW 9007Dec 19597"77.0
Duane Eddy

A: Bonnie Came Back
B: Movin' 'n' Groovin'
London UKHLW 9050Feb 19607"38.0
Duane Eddy

A: Shazam!
B: The Secret Seven
London UKHLW 9104Apr 19607"48.3
Duane Eddy

A: Because They're Young
B: Rebel Walk
London UKHLW 9162Jul 19607"58.8
Duane Eddy

A: Kommotion
B: Theme For Moon Children
London UKHLW 9225Nov 19607"68.0
Duane Eddy

Because They're Young

A1: Because They're Young
A2: Easy
B1: Shazam!
B2: Rebel Walk
London UKREW 1252Nov 1960EP4 
Duane Eddy


A1: Up And Down
A2: Lost Island
B1: You Are My Sunshine
B2: Blueberry Hill
London UKREW 1257Nov 1960EP4 
Duane Eddy

A: Pepe
B: Lost Friend
London UKHLW 9257Jan 19617"38.7
Duane Eddy

A: Theme From Dixie
B: The Battle
London UKHLW 9324Apr 19617"98.0
Duane Eddy

A: Ring Of Fire
B: Gidget Goes Hawaiian
London UKHLW 9370Jun 19617"38.0
Duane Eddy


A1: Pepe
A2: Night Train To Memphis
B1: Kommotion
B2: Trambone
London UKREW 1287Jun 1961EP010.0
Duane Eddy

A: Drivin' Home
B: My Blue Heaven
London UKHLW 9406Sep 19617"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Caravan (Part 1)
B: Caravan (Part 2)
Parlophone UKR 482622 Sep 19617"56.0
Duane Eddy

A: The Avenger
B: Londonderry Air
London UKHLW 9477Dec 19617"38.0
Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy Plays Movie Themes

A1: Ring Of Fire
A2: Bobbie
B1: Gidget Goes Hawaiian
B2: Theme From Dixie
London UKRE-W 1303Dec 1961EP0 
Duane Eddy

A: Deep In The Heart Of Texas
B: Saints And Sinners
RCA UKRCA 128811 May 19627"19.0
Duane Eddy

A: Ballad Of Paladin
B: The Wild Westerner
RCA UKRCA 1300Aug 19627"38.3
Duane Eddy

Twangy No2

A1: Forty Miles Of Bad Road
A2: Drivin' Home
B1: The Avenger
B2: Liza Jane
London UKREW 1341Oct 1962EP2 
Duane Eddy And The Rebelettes

A: (Dance With The) Guitar Man
B: Stretchin' Out
RCA UKRCA 1316Nov 19627"07.3
Duane Eddy

Mr. Twang

A1: Limbo Rock
A2: Wild Watusi
B1: Nashville Stomp
B2: Spanish Twist
RCA UKRCX 71291963EP0 
Duane Eddy And The Rebelettes

A: Boss Guitar

Duane Eddy

B: The Desert Rat
RCA UKRCA 1329Feb 19637"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar
B: Joshin'
RCA UKRCA 1344May 19637"1 
Duane Eddy

A: Your Baby's Gone Surfin'
B: Shuckin'
RCA UKRCA 1357Aug 19637"09.0
Duane Eddy

A Country Twang

A1: Please Help Me I'm Falling
A2: Fireball Mail
B1: Satisfied Mind
B2: Wildwood Flower
RCA UKRCX 7115Sep 1963EP1 
Duane Eddy

A: Guitar'd And Feathered
B: My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His Guitar All Night Long
RCA UKRCA 1369Nov 19637"0 
Duane Eddy

Twangin' Up A Small Storm

A1: Guitar Child
A2: Giddy Goose
B1: Walk Right In
B2: He's So Fine
B3: Beach Bound
RCA UKRCX 71461964EP0 
Duane Eddy

A: The Son Of Rebel Rouser
B: The Story Of Three Loves
RCA UKRCA 1389Mar 19647"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Guitar Star
B: The Iguana
RCA UKRCA 1425Nov 19647"0 
Duane Eddy


A1: Cottonmouth
A2: Busted
B1: Puddin'
B2: If You've Seen One You've Seen 'Em All
Colpix UKPXE 3041965EP0 
Duane Eddy And The Rebels

A: Trash
B: South Phoenix
Colpix UKPX 779Aug 19657"0 
Duane Eddy

A: House Of The Rising Sun
B: Don't Think Twice It's All Right
Colpix UKPX 7883 Dec 19657"1 
Duane Eddy

A: Daydream
B: This Guitar Was Made For Twangin'
Reprise UKRS.2050419667"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Monsoon
B: Roarin'
Reprise UKRS 20557Feb 19677"28.5
Duane Eddy

A: Peter Gunn
B: Rebel Rouser
London UKHLW 101913 May 19687"19.0
Duane Eddy

A: Niki Hoeky
B: Velvet Nights (Theme From 'Elvira Madigan')
Reprise UKRS.2069031 May 19687"3 
Duane Eddy And The Rebelettes

A: (Dance With The) Guitar Man

Sam Cooke

B: Another Saturday Night
RCA UKRCA 17017 Jun 19687"0 
Duane Eddy

A: Break My Mind
B: Lovingbird
CBS UK396224 Jan 19697"28.0
Duane Eddy And The Rebelettes

A: Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar

Duane Eddy

B: Blue Montana Sky
GTO UKGT 1121 Feb 19757"38.7
Duane Eddy

A: The Man With The Gold Guitar
B: Mark Of Zorro
GTO UKGT 256 Jun 19757"2 
Duane Eddy

A: Love Confusion
B: Love Is A Warm Emotion
Target UKTGT 10124 Oct 19757"39.0

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