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Earl Grant - Discography

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  USA  53
  Australia  16
  UK  12
  Germany  11
  Canada  7
  New Zealand  6
  Spain  2
  Belgium  1
  Hong Kong  1
  Italy  1
  Japan  1
  Norway  1
  South Africa  1
All Records  113
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Earl Grant

A: Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams
B: My Consolation
Decca USA9-30150Dec 19567"0 
Earl Grant

A: Thanks For You
B: Through The Eyes Of A Girl And Boy
Decca USA9-30244Mar 19577"1 
Earl Grant

A: Fever
B: Malaguena
Decca USA9-30475Oct 19577"0 
Earl Grant

The Versatile Earl Grant

A1: The Nearness Of You
A2: Dream
B1: Fever
B2: Send For Me
Decca USAED 25911958EP0 
Earl Grant

A: Honky Tonk
B: The Next Time You See Me
Decca USA9-30561Jan 19587"0 
Earl Grant

A: Kathy-O
B: Ol' Man River
Decca USA9-30640Apr 19587"1 
Earl Grant

A: (At) The End (Of A Rainbow)
B: Hunky Dunky Doo
Decca USA9-30719Aug 19587"5 
Earl Grant

A: Swingin' Christmas
B: Christmas Card
Decca USA9-3102219597"0 
Earl Grant

A1: (At) The End (Of A Rainbow)
A2: Hello, Young Lovers
B1: I'm Just A Lucky So And So
B2: Alright, Okay You Win
Decca USAED 726391959EP0 
Earl Grant

A: Evening Rain
B: Evening Rain
Decca USA9-30819Jan 19597"110.0
Earl Grant

A: Imitation Of Life
B: Last Night (I Went Out Of My Mind)
Decca USA9-30856Mar 19597"4 
Earl Grant

A: Don't Point Your Finger At Somebody Else
B: Wish
Decca USA9-30908Jun 19597"0 
Earl Grant

A: Not One Minute More
B: All For The Best
Decca USA9-30983Sep 19597"1 
Earl Grant

A: It's Magic
B: Not One Minute More
Decca USA7-3820119607"0 
Earl Grant

A: Unforgettable
B: My Dream Is Yours
Decca USA7-3820219607"0 
Earl Grant

A: Teach Me Tonight
B: Fascination
Decca USA7-3820319607"0 
Earl Grant

A: Try A Little Tenderness
B: Evening Rain
Decca USA7-3820419607"0 
Earl Grant

A: The Folks Who Live On The Hill
B: No Other Love
Decca USA7-3820519607"0 
Earl Grant

The Magic Of Earl Grant

A: It's Magic
B: Not One Minute More
C: Unforgettable
D: My Dream Is Yours
E: Teach Me Tonight
F: Fascination
G: Try A Little Tenderness
H: Evening Rain
I: The Folks Who Live On The Hill
J: No Other Love
Decca USADL 740441960Box Set 7"0 
Earl Grant

A: House Of Bamboo
B: Two Loves Have I
Decca USA9-31044Jan 19607"1 
Earl Grant

A: Building Castles
B: Dreamy
Decca USA9-31110Jun 19607"1 
Earl Grant

A: Sermonette
B: My Foolish Heart
Decca USA3126319617"0 
Earl Grant

A: Quando La Luna
B: You Thrill Me
Decca USA31203Jan 19617"1 
Earl Grant

A: Ebb Tide
B: Next Time
Decca USA31222Feb 19617"0 
Earl Grant

A: Tender Is The Night
B: Honey
Decca USA31328Oct 19617"0 
Earl Grant

A: Deep Purple
B: Ebb Tide
Decca USA2552619627"0 
Earl Grant

A: Beyond The Reef
B: Swingin' Gently
Decca USA2556019627"0 
Earl Grant

A: Sweet Sixteen Bars
B: Learnin' The Blues
Decca USA25574Aug 19627"3 
Earl Grant

A: More
B: Sukiyaki
Decca USA2560719637"0 
Andy Williams, Tony Bennett, Earl Grant, Vic Damone

A: Tender Is The Night
[none] USATF 19631963Special Edition 7"1 
Earl Grant

A: I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise
B: Caravan
Decca USA25601May 19637"2 
Earl Grant

A: Black Coffee
B: I'm Just A Lucky So And So
Decca USA2562619647"0 
Earl Grant

A: Just One More Time
B: Satin Doll
Decca USA2563819647"0 
Earl Grant

A: Lean Baby
B: After Hours
Decca USA7-342811964Special Edition 7"0 
Earl Grant

A: (At) The End (Of A Rainbow)
B: Ol' Man River
Decca USA256477 Sep 19647"010.0
Earl Grant

A: Meditation (Meditacao)
B: Without A Song
Decca USA2565919657"0 
Earl Grant

A: After Hours
B: Stand By Me
Decca USA2567419657"0 
Earl Grant

A: Blue Velvet
B: The Sweetest Sounds
Decca USA2569719667"0 
Earl Grant

A: The Lonesome Road
B: When I Grow Too Old To Dream
Decca USA2570419667"0 
Earl Grant

A: I'll Drown In My Tears
B: I Can't Stop Loving You
Decca USA31902Jan 19667"0 
Earl Grant

A: Silver Bells
B: Jingle Bells
Decca USA25703Dec 19667"0 
Earl Grant

A: I'm In The Mood For Love
B: Without A Song
Decca USA2572119677"010.0
Earl Grant

A: Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time)
B: I Miss You So
Decca USA2573019677"0 
Earl Grant

A: Hide Nor Hair
B: I Love You Yes I Do
Decca USA32093Feb 19677"49.0
Earl Grant

A: My Foolish Heart
B: One Note Samba
Decca USA2573719687"0 
Earl Grant

A: In Motion
B: Bewitched
Decca USA2574319687"1 
Earl Grant

A: If I Only Had Time (Je N'Aurai Pas Le Temps)
B: It Was A Very Good Year
Decca USA32443Feb 19697"1 
Earl Grant

A: The Importance Of The Rose
B: I Wonder
Decca USA732499May 19697"2 
Earl Grant

A: Elizabethan Reggae (Elizabethan Serenade)
B: Grant's Pass
Decca USA32667Apr 19707"1 
Earl Grant

A: Hide Nor Hair
B: I Love You Yes I Do
MCA USA3209319737"0 

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