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Eddie Bo - Discography

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  USA  61
  UK  3
  Canada  2
  Chile  1
All Records  67
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Little Bo And Orch.

A: Baby
B: So Glad
Ace USA50119557"3 
Eddie Bo

A: I'm So Tired
B: We Like Mambo
Ace USA51519567"3 
Eddie Bo

A: Happy Tears
B: I'm Wise
Apollo USA486-45Feb 19567"2 
Eddie Bo

A: Please Forgive Me
B: I'll Be Satisfied
Apollo USA496-45Jun 19567"0 
Eddie Bo

A: I Cry Oh
B: My Heart Was Meant For You
Apollo USA499-45Aug 19567"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Hey Bo
B: Tell Me Why
Apollo USA504-45Nov 19567"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Dearest One
B: Too Much Of A Good Thing
Apollo USA509-45Mar 19577"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Every Day And Every Night
B: Indeed I Do
Checker USA877Oct 19577"0 
Eddie Bo

A: My Dearest Darling
B: Oh-Oh
Chess USA1698Jul 19587"06.0
Eddie Bo

A: I'll Keep On Trying
B: I Love To Rock And Roll
Ace USA45-555Jan 19597"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Hey There Baby
B: I Need Someone
Ric [New Orleans] USA962Aug 19597"0 
Eddie Bo

A: You Got Your Mojo Working
B: Everybody Knows
Ric [New Orleans] USA964Dec 19597"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Tell It Like It Is
B: Every Dog Got His Day
Ric [New Orleans] USA969Apr 19607"110.0
Eddie Bo

A: Warm Daddy
B: Ain't It The Truth Now
Ric [New Orleans] USA974Sep 19607"0 
Eddie Bo

A: It Must Be Love
B: What A Fool I've Been
Ric [New Orleans] USA977Feb 19617"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Dinky Doo
B: Everybody, Everything Needs Love
Ric [New Orleans] USA981May 19617"3 
Eddie Bo

A: Dinky Doo
B: Everybody, Everything Needs Love
Capitol USA4617Aug 19617"1 
Eddie Bo

A: I Got To Know
B: Bless You Darling
Ric [New Orleans] USA985Dec 19617"0 
Eddie Bo

A: You're With Me
B: You're The Only One
Rip [New Orleans] USA15619627"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Woman
B: Temptation
Rip [New Orleans] USA15919627"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Baby I'm Wise
B: Roamin - Titis
Ric [New Orleans] USA98919627"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Mo-Jo
B: Let's Limbo
Rip [New Orleans] USAno #19627"2 
Eddie Bo

A: Check Mr. Pop-Eye
B: Now Let's Pop-Eye
Swan USA4099Jan 19627"2 
Eddie Bo

A: Check Mr. Popeye (Part I)
B: Now Let's Popeye (Part II)
Ric [New Orleans] USA987Jan 19627"2 
Eddie Bo

A: You're The Only One
B: You're With Me
Chess USA1833Sep 19627"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Hold Me
B: I Found A Little Girl
At Last USA100619637"0 
Eddie Bo

A: You Are Going To Be Somebody's Fool Too
B: A Heap See (But A Few Know)
Nola USA70419637"2 
Eddie Bo

A: Tee Na Na Na Nay
B: Twinkle Toes
At Last USA1005Mar 19637"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Reassure Me
B: Shake, Rock And Soul
Cinderella USA1203Oct 19637"28.0
Eddie Bo

A: Just Like A Monkey
B: Have Mercy On Me
Cinderella USA1205Dec 19637"2 
Eddie Bo With The Barons

A: Gotta Have More
B: Come To Me
Blue Jay [New Orleans] USA15419647"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Fare Thee Well
B: Let's Let It Roll
Arrow [New Orleans] USA71119647"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Fare Thee Well
B: Let´s Let It Roll
Chess USA1900Jun 19647"2 
Eddie Bo

A: The River Of Tears
B: Fight It
Blue Jay [New Orleans] USA15519657"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Danger
B: Fee-Fie-Jum-Bo-Li
Blue Jay [New Orleans] USA15619657"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Our Love (Will Never Falter)
B: Lucky In Love
Blue Jay [New Orleans] USA15719657"2 
Eddie Bo

A: What You Gonna Do
B: Fallin' In Love Again
Seven B USA700219667"1 
Eddie Bo

A: From This Day On
B: Let Our Love Begin
Seven B USA700519667"1 
Eddie Bo

A: Just Friends
B: Fence Of Love
Seven B USA700819677"08.0
Eddie Bo

A: Solid Foundation
B: S.G.B.
Seven B USA701519677"1 
Eddie Bo

A: All I Ask Of You
B: Skate It Out
Seven B USA7011May 19677"2 
Eddie Bo And Inez Cheatham

A: Lover And A Friend
B: If I Had To Do It Over
Seven B USA701719687"110.0
Eddie Bo And Inez Cheatham

A: Lover And A Friend
B: If I Had To Do It Over
Capitol USA2150Apr 19687"110.0
Eddie Bo

A: Love Has Been Good
B: That Certain Someone
Scram USA11619697"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Hook And Sling - Part II
B: Hook And Sling - Part I
Scram USA117Aug 19697"510.0
Eddie Bo

A: If It's Good To You (It's Good For You) Part I
B: If It's Good To You (It's Good For You) Part II
Scram USA119Oct 19697"19.0
Eddie Bo And The Soul Finders

A: We're Doing It (Thang) Pt. I
B: We're Doing It (Thang) Pt. II
Bo-Sound USA500519707"5 
Eddie Bo

A: Check Your Bucket, Pt. I
B: Check Your Bucket, Pt. II
Bo-Sound USA555119707"110.0
Eddie Bo

A: Check Your Bucket Part I
B: Check Your Bucket Part II
Bo-Sound USABO-5551Sep 19717"0 
Eddie Bo

A: Don't Stop !!
B: Steppers Step
Bo-Sound USA19777"0 

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